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The Bold Type Season Two Review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the second season of the Bold Type!



If you don’t know I watched the Bold Type when the first season last year and I have a whole review for it here. I really loved the first season and I was so excited for season two because the first season was just so amazing. I enjoyed the first couple episodes but then there were so a couple episodes that I didn’t care for. So while I did enjoy this season there were a couple episodes that I didn’t care for and I didn’t think were good and they were just bad. Some episode were good but then they didn’t have an amazing storyline for some of the characters. I have a lot of mixed feelings on this because when I first finished it I really liked but now the more I think about it I can’t help but wonder if I really liked it because I have so many problems with it. Man it’s like the Last Jedi all over again.

Let’s start with what I liked. The only storyline I really liked was Sutton’s storyline. It wasn’t the best but compared to Jane’s and Kat’s it was the only one I liked. Her storyline was basically her dealing with her and Richard’s break up and working as fashion assistant where she is being slut shamed and she is scared that people are to judge her because of their relationship. She sort gets in this toxic friendship with this girl but then she gets out of it because she realizes that girl its a true friend and she needs to go and really be there for Jane and Kat. She really shines this season and I felt like she was the best part of it. I loved her going to Paris and her reconnecting with her mom because as it mentioned through out the first season her mother wasn’t great but they reconnect after her mom tells her that she is trying her hardest to get better. It was so sweet.

Then her with Oliver. I waited all season for them to talk because they didn’t talk a lot this season but then in the finale she and him finally talked about everything. She told him about Richard and their relationship and how she was scared about people judging her because of their relationship and Oliver is just like ‘that was smart but you deserve to be with the person you love’ and he was like you need to go tell Richard how you feel. Okay so in my first review I said that I didn’t love Sutton and Richard. I mean they were okay but like I was looking forward for Sutton and Alex to get together which didn’t happen. I started watching this show with my mom and she loves Richard and Sutton and so I started shipping them. So Sutton is about to go to Paris and tell Richard how she feels and then Richard shows up and they get together and I was so happy! Sutton deserved happiness after everything this season.

Another thing I liked was Adena and Sutton teaming up in the Body Positivity episode. You know what that episode was just amazing in general but like this was one of my favorite things. So Kat gets Sutton to hire Adena for a photoshoot and it doesn’t really work at first but then Adena talks to Sutton and is just like ‘yes we are very different but we have similar in some ways’ and she is just like I don’t want to get in the way of your and Kat’s friendship. They do this amazing body positive shoot where they don’t do photoshop on any of the pictures and it was so good! I loved this episode. There also a moment where this higher up woman was like ‘We shouldn’t have these fat models up there’ and then Jacqueline just writes an article and tells the woman ‘Like fit and fat are different things and no is not better then the other’ something like that. Either way this episode was amazing. Another great episode was then one where Jane was nominated for an award and it talked again but rape and being a woman in the work place which was again amazing and I thought it did a great job talking about the subject.

We are going to talk about the negatives now. The first one was Kat and Adena’s storyline which was not good. It had a great start but after a while it just went down hill slowly. So Kat gets jealous of other woman with Adena which I wanted so much and then Kat starts having thought about other women which isn’t wrong but everyone in the fandom acted like the world was coming to an end. Then Kat kisses someone else while Gay Jesus is playing in the background and then they open their relationship. There is this weird scene where Kat has sex with a girl who wants Kat to dominate her and it was just super awkward to watch. I know that people like that in sex but the way that it was shot and filmed and written was just bad. Then Kat stops sleeping with other girls and expects Adena to be happy but it turns out that Adena was having a hard time with their relationship and she wanted place which was so bad because she used the fact that her girlfriend was inexperienced against her which wasn’t cool. Also Adena was like a season regular but she wasn’t really here and same can be said with Alex.

And the last thing we are going to talk about is Jane’s storyline which I didn’t care for at all. I liked Jane in the first season because I could really relate to her but this season we started off good but we went down so hard. It all started with the episode that dealt with gun control where Jane is just super judge mental to Sutton over the fact that she has gun. Now I’m not saying gun control is bad or anything but Sutton had the gun locked up and it wasn’t loaded and Jane had no right to be so mean to her the way she was. She kept talk to Sutton like she was stupid even though she wasn’t. She is just really judgmental and I didn’t like it. Another thing I didn’t like about Jane’s storyline was the forming love triangle between her, Doctor Ben, and Pinstripe which I did not give two shits about. I liked Pinstripe the first season but there was something about him this season that I didn’t like. Jane kept telling him that she had a boyfriend and he wouldn’t back off and I didn’t like it.

So while this season wasn’t amazing there were still something that I enjoyed. Not a lot but somethings. I will be looking forward to the next season because I think that it could still be good and enjoyable. I’m hoping that everything will get better next season and they will learn from their mistakes because they could be really good. Have you guys watched this show? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Life is Strange: Episode Five | Gameplay

Greetings Earthlings! And welcome to GamePlay!!!! *explosion! …. everything is cooler in my mind Today we are doing Life is Strange: Episode Five!


So I just finished Polarized and GODDAMN I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY! If you don’t know I have been doing a gameplay from every episode of Life is Strange and I have done for Episode OneEpisode Two, Episode Three, and Episode Four so check those out if you want. But check them out because I have a lot of fun writing them. I talked about how this episode was going to an emotional roller coster and it was because SO MUCH HAPPENED AND I DON’T KNOW I FEEL ABOUT IT! The last episode end with Chloe getting shot and Max getting drugging by Mr. Jefferson. So a lot happened and more stuff happened in this episode because shit. Okay so we start with Max waking up in the Dark Room and Victoria is there. It took me a while before I figure out what I needed to do because I got Max’s foot out and then brought the car over but I didn’t really see that you had to focus on the picture so it took me a minute.

Then I went back in time where Jefferson was being a creep and taking pictures of Max. My whole family was in the room while I was playing this scene and they kept yelling that it was really really creepy because he is so fucking creepy in this episode and I hated it! After that we return to present times and there is another picture on the table which I still don’t understand how that worked but either way I went back in time. Okay there is so much going back in time in this episode and it is kind of ridiculous. I know it is important to the story but Max going back in time hasn’t done any good for you why you continue to do it! She does and she and Jefferson talk and it turns out that Jefferson was like Nathan mentor of sorts in like a serial killer way. Nathan did kill Rachel but it was an accident because he gave her too big of a dose and she died. Either way Nathan wasn’t the big bad that the first couple episodes made him out to be.

After that whole thing Jefferson I get him to put Max’s journal in front and I time travel again. So that I enter the contest and I tell David about everything with Jefferson. Then I win the contest thing and I go to San Fransisco. Everything is going good but Max keeps getting nosebleeds because time travel is fucking everything up and then Chloe calls and the storm is happening and she is gonna die. So Max goes back in time again *i know she time travels a lot and rips up her picture for the contest and then Max is back in Jefferson’s creepy ass room. She doesn’t understand why she is back there and I’m like ‘Girl how can you do not understand!’. Also we learn that creepy as Jefferson has killed Victoria because he is just an asshole. Jefferson is gonna drug Max but then David comes in and saves me and then I tell him that Chloe is dead and he kills Jefferson. Maybe that was a bad decision but like Jefferson was like a total creepy so like I don’t feel bad. Max decides to go back in time again by using the picture that Warren and her took in the last episode. So everything is going to shit and Max still doesn’t understand that going back in time has some affects.

She goes through the town that is being destroy and I save some people because I’m amazing and wonderful. Then I go and get the picture from Warren and then you know I decided to kiss him because the boy just does so much for Max and he deserves this. He needed that because you know he was gonna die so I gave him that. Plus I like him. He is a good guy. After that Max goes back in time (again) and tells Chloe everything that has happened over the last of hours and it only took two times to get her to believe everything I was saying! So I basically mastered this game! If I replay it then I would master it. Kind of. I wouldn’t fail through. That’s the point. After that Max wakes up and she and Chloe are hiking a mountain in the rain *because that’s a smart idea and then my least favorite part kind of happened because Max passes out and the rest of the game is a weird ass dream sequence. First we are in a class room but it is different and then you walk out of the classroom and it’s a scene from the first episode but completely backwards and it freaked me out.

Then after that there is this thing where you are in a hallway and there is a lot Jeffersons walking around and you can’t get caught and it was so hard! It took a million different times to get it right and then you are in the school and that was pretty easy because I just walked right through it and then there was like a thing in a junk yard which was hard as fuck and once again took a million years. After that I basically just walk through a memory thing where Max remembers all the moments she has with Chloe and it is really sweet. So after that Max wakes up and finally realize the fact that going back in time over and over again is why all this shit is happening and I can’t believe it took five episodes for her to realize that. Then I get the final decision of the game which is I have to decide where I want to kill Chloe or kill the town. And I screamed this came onto the scream because I couldn’t believe what was happening. I spent the whole goddamn game trying to save Chloe and now the game was telling that all of the decision that I made didn’t really matter because this was the only that did. I ended up saving Chloe because I had spent the whole game saving her and I wasn’t going to let that go to waste and then the game ends with the town dying.

Despite all the time travel and weird dream sequences I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t like my favorite thing ever and I enjoyed the other ones more but it was still really really good. With the ending I think that maybe I should have chosen the town because I don’t know. I think that either way the ending is bittersweet. I might replay and see what happens with I do other stuff or if I pick the town over Chloe. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Chloe and Max kiss because I thought that I would but I didn’t. Overall Life is Strange is a great game and I’m excited for what comes next with season two and everything. It is a game that I would very much recommend to everyone. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing Teen Titans!


I love this show. Let’s just get out of the way. Because I will be saying that over and over again through out this review so get used to it. If you don’t know this is an animated show based off the Teen Titans comic that run from 2003 to 2006 before getting canceled and the terrible remake called Teen Titans Go was created in like 2013. I’m going to be talking about all five seasons and I was going to reviews of each of them but I do not have the time to do that right now so we are just going to do one whole review. I first found Teen Titans because of Teen Titans Go and I watched that for a while but then I found the episode where Raven and Starfire switch bodies and I could never watch Teen Titans Go ever go. I started watching reruns of the original show and I love it so much!

The movie Teen Titans Go to the Movies came out and then it was revealed in a post credit scene that the Original Show might be coming back and I’m so excited! I don’t know if it does come but I hope it does for reasons that I will talk about later in the non spoiler section. I love this show I know that I’ve said that like any different times but like I do. It’s one of my favorite shows because the characters, the story, the plot, it is just so amazing and this is something that is called a kid show! This show has a better storyline then Arrow, a popular DC show that has four seasons and is marketed for adults. Now unfortunately I don’t think that you can find this show anywhere for free. Dailymotion has it but the ads are awful and you can watch it on Amazon but you have to pay for it which sucks because more people need to watch this show. I think that’s it for my non spoiler section because there is so much I want to talk about. Bye!


So this show is just amazing. Like where do I start? Should I start with the characters? Let’s start with the characters. So I love them all. The best thing about this show is that every character has their own arc and with every season you get to see that character grow and it is so amazing. Robin is the leader and oh my gosh if it were any other show I would hate him but this show handles him so well because he falls down the cliche leader type. But the way that the writers handled him they did so much an amazing job that I didn’t hate him. I love him. So I have basically decided along with the fandom that Robin is Dicky Grayson even though the creator of the show will not admit that he is Dick Grayson but there are so many hints that he is Dick Grayson. Like the fact that we travel to future when Starfire is forward in time twenty years and he is Night Wing. Also this is something my dad said when I explained this to him and he said ‘If he is alive and not with Batman then he is Dick Grayson’. I thought I would share that.

Robin’s arc is in season one and it is amazing! Basically you see him as a leader and he sort drives himself crazy trying to figure who is Slade and what does he want and then he realizes that he has his friends and he loves them. Slade and Robin’s whole thing is just one of the best things I have ever seen. I just love how obsessed you see Robin becomes over Slade and Slade is just like ‘Ha Ha you’ll never get me’. The whole thing where Slade is just like ‘I could become a father to you’ and Robin just goes ‘i already have a father’ and then we look up and bats are flying around and it gives me the chills! Something that I saw on tumblr was this post which was talking about how batman was a bad dad because like when Robin become Slade’s apprentice and he robs Wayne Enterprise and Batman does nothing. Literally he is not being a good dad to his boy.

I love seeing how much this boy comes about his friends and how all he wants to do is good and that’s it. I love him and Starfire so much like they are the cutest couple ever and i love them. I love their first meeting where she kisses him and he is like ‘what’ but like boy is blushing. He cares so much about her and he respects her so much. Their relationship kind of reminds of Steve and Diana’s relationship in Wonder Woman because they are both different and strong but their difference make them stronger together. Like there is an episode where Starfire disappears in a bizarre and Robin is all worried and Raven is like ‘She can take care of herself’ and Robin just goes ‘That doesn’t mean I can’t worry’. I love them so much and they are just so cute. Seeing them kiss in Trouble in Tokyo was so satisfying. Let’s talk about my sweet baby Starfire who I want to protect with my life. She is a badass bitch who is also a cinnamon roll who just wants to do what is right and cares about everyone and everything and sees the good in everyone AND WOULD THROW UP SHE READ THIS RACIST SHIT YOU GUYS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT!!

Sorry just had to get that off my chest. Like seriously though did you guys see Troq? A episode that had Starfire getting called a racist name? No one of the Titans would be okay with that and they would beat you up. Let’s be real. What I am focusing on is how good the actress is and how she portrays the character so i can’t judge her before the show comes out so I’m just gonna wait. Now she looks pretty cool in the promo so I have some hope that she will be a great Starfire. But Starfire is one of my favorite characters and I love how kind she is and how amazing she is and how fucking strong she is. Starfire is amazing and I love her. She just wants what is best for the world and for her friends and if you think about it we don’t get a lot of heroes like this. A lot of the heroes we get are the morally grey / gritty and angsty heroes and that just adds onto what makes her so amazing. I wish that she had her season arc because the movie is considered her arc which I wouldn’t really agree. The movie is more like her and Robin getting together and sort of closing off everything.

We will talk about the movie and the cliffhanger later. Let’s talk about Raven my girl who I am scared to see in the tv show because wow. Raven in this is a stronger girl who has to control her emotions so that she can control her powers and she has a lot doing on in her past and in her mind but we love her. Live action Raven doesn’t really seem to be like this. She seems like cliche girl discovers powers and has to get her ass saved a million times until she doesn’t need anyone anymore and that is not Raven I’m here for. I could be wrong because I’ve only seen the 30 sec promo but I didn’t love her in that. I didn’t love Raven at first. Like I didn’t hate her but like I didn’t love her with all my heart. Now a days I would use myself as a shield to protect her because she is just amazing and wonderful. I love her so much. She is just a badass bitch and deserves the fucking world. I couldn’t watch the end of the world episodes because they were just so intense and I couldn’t handle it.

Raven’s story and past and character on paper can seem like cliche but the way that this show handles it makes her different from the cliche. I don’t think it is just with Raven on that. I think everyone with this show sounds cliche on paper but they aren’t and that is one of my favorite things about this show. Raven is an amazing character and I love her. I think one of my favorite episodes is the one where she and Starfire switch bodies because in the beginning they are both so different that like Raven doesn’t think they could be friends and then they switch bodies and so much development happens and it is just amazing. They work together and it is just so great. I love any episode with development in this show because it is done so well and AHHH! Another one of my favorite episodes is the one where Beastboy and Cyborg enter her mind and it is just so much fun because of the relationship we see grow between everyone and we get to see her dad for like the first time and it is a great episode.

Let’s talk about Beastboy and Cyborg who annoy the shit out of me in Teen Titans Go but I love them so much in this show. These two are main humor of this show and I love them. They are so funny. Once again this show does characters so well that if it were any other show I might hate these two which is really depressing. Even though these two are the main comedic elements there are a couple episodes that go into the characters and they can be deep and meaningful. The episode where Cyborg goes uncover is a good episode because it just takes him out of his element and it is so amazing. Beastboy and Cyborg are amazing characters and Cyborg deserved better in the Justice League film. Everyone deserved all of their own development in that movie. I have a lot problems with that movie.

If you don’t know and I just found this out, this show was suppose to end on season four but cartoon network renewed it which surprised everyone. So season five happened and they introduced more mysteries for us to look into and then cartoon network canceled it with no warning. AND WE WERE ALL UPSET BECAUSE INSTEAD OF ENDING ON EPISODE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT TO END ON THEY DECIDED TO END IT ON AN EPISODE WITH A CLIFFHANGER THAT WAS NEVER EXPLAINED!!! AND I’M STILL UPSET ABOUT IT!!!! Like who the fuck decided that this was a good idea? People who cancel shows on cliffhangers are terrible people. Like I know you care about ratings but please just give us like a special or something that tells us what happens! PLEASE! Instead of giving us any closer we got a movie where Robin and Starfire get together which was really nice and then we got Teen Titans Go. Which is trash. But we are not here to talk about that we are here to talk about the fact that after years of yelling and complaining to cartoon network people we were heard because if you saw Teen Titans Go to the movies then you saw the mid credit scene which had the real teen titans show up and say that they have found away back.







Look I want a six season and want Robin and Starfire to be a couple and I want to know what the hell is going on with Terra. I would love for this show to become back! This show is just amazing and I love it so much. I love the characters and the story lines and the whole thing in general! I really hope that this show comes back for another season because I really need answers and plus I want to see this characters again. I love everyone and I love Robin and Starfire they are just the cutest couple. If you have watched this show what did you think? I hope you like it as much as I do. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir Review | Season 2 EP 6: Robostus

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the fifth episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir season two!


Welcome back Miraculous Review! If you don’t know I’m reviewing every episode of Miraculous sesame two that have been released in America. I will have a review up at the end of every month. I have a whole review for part one of season two here. I did a review for the first episode of season two here, the second episode here, the third episode here, the fourth episode here, and the fifth episode here. I also did two review for the first season which you can read here and here and I did a theory post here. Basically I have a lot of reviews for Miraculous and I might stop linking them soon because that takes so long to say and type and change and I’m so lazy!

This is the sixth episode which is a very interesting episode because of the person that gets akamized because they aren’t a person. Max has this robot and after the teacher’s take him away from Max, he gets upset and gets akamized. In this season there is no fucking limit on who Hawkmoth goes after. So the robots go after all the humans and I’m pretty sure there was a Stephen King movie with the same plot but this is more enjoyable  even though I have never seen that movie. But I like Miraculous Ladybug and we exactly learn some stuff in this episode mainly things that have been on our minds since the first episode. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what that is right now because it is a spoiler but when I get into the spoiler section I will go more into that. While this isn’t a character motivated episode it adds more to the story which I think is very important. I would give this episode an +A. That’s it for my nonspoilery section! If you haven’t watched this episode yet then leave and then come back. BYE!


Okay now we are going to more into this episode so once again you haven’t watched it then you have to leave because I have a lot to say. I’m going to go into some theories for this episode and for the rest of the show. Like I said we learn that robots can be akamized which kind of makes sense I guess. I think that for you to get akamized you just have to any sort of emotions which is a pretty interesting thing. Like I said in one of my posts Hawkmoth has akamized everyone in Marinette’s class so he has to go after some new people now and he went after a robot. He goes after a even weird thing later but no spoilers for that episode.

I said this before this is a story episode and the other ones besides from The Collector have been character episodes. We don’t get a lot of story but it is more then we have gotten because with this season we are slowly moving forward. The robot that gets akamized is talking about a wish the whole episode and we learn that if you get both of the miraculouses then you can make a wish. Hawkmoth uses this to manipulate Robostus but this ends up back firing because he goes against HawkMoth and turns his fucking lair against him and we watch all these bombs go off and his staff is secretly a sword and so much stuff happens. Now that I’m thinking about Robostus is like a really good villain in this episode like he knew what he wanted and he was willing to go against Hawkmoth which is something that I don’t know if we’ve seemed that before.

The relationship between Max and Robostus is like the relationship you’ll see in some movies in books where one is like ‘I’m doing this for you’ and the other person is like ‘I don’t want to see people getting hurt’ and I really liked that. In most shows or movies Robots are just like if a human hurts them then they have to destroy humans but he is doing this because he wants to be human and going after Chat Noir and Ladybug is the only way to do that. I felt like it was really interesting original in some ways and I loved it. Also there was this one scene where like Kim saw the robot and was like ‘He’s changed since I last saw him’ and my heart was full! Like I just love them. I don’t care if they are just friends or if they get together *they probably won’t I love their relationship. This is a friendship I choice to stan. Another weird fact was that when it was revealed about the wish thing I couldn’t help but think like is Hawkmoth gonna have to get his ears pierced so that he can wear the earrings. I told my sisters this and she cringed.

Back to the wish thing Marinette talks to Master Fu and discovers that the wish can’t happen because it’s the same with everything wishing something away just cause more trouble in the world. After this episode all of the fandom just started guessing that Gabriel is going to wish that Adrien goes away and his mother is going to come back and to be honest I really see that happening because Gabriel is a shitty father. We’ve talked about this and he doesn’t deserve the fucking sun beam that is his son. I’m so scared about what is going to happen with Adrien this season because of everything going on with his fucking family and like whatever happens with mama Agreste it is not going to be pretty and I’m scared that he is going to work with his dad and AHHHHHHH!

SO any ways I think that’s it for my review for this episode. If you would like for me to review the next ones then let me know. Also I have not seen the rest of season two and please don’t leave spoilers in the comments or on my social media thank you very much. I will be watching the rest of season two when it airs and you should to. Have you guys seen season two yet? If you have what did you think? You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Life is Strange: Episode Four | Gameplay

Greetings Earthlings! And welcome to GamePlay!!!! *explosion! …. everything is cooler in my mind Today we are doing Life is Strange: Episode Four!


Hey friends! So it has been a while since I did a Life is Strange post. The last time I think I did one was at the end of last year because I finished playing episode three on Halloween because I don’t have a life. And then I moved and other funs stuff and the playstation keeps moving around my house and someone is playing so I finally got some time to myself and I was able to play episode four! Which unlike the last one a lot of stuff happened. The last episode was mainly like character stuff but this time the story was really intense and moving forward. I think it is because I’m almost done with the game so that means shit is going to go done in Episode Five which I knew already because it is the final episode and everything just keeps getting worse. Also I finally got the pictures this time around because I finally learned by lesson!

So if you don’t remember what happened last time at the end of Episode Three Max decides to go back in time and fix everything with Chloe’s dad and she returns to a future  where Chloe is in a wheelchair and her parents are alive but they are having a lot of money problems because of her health. Max and Chloe are hanging out and then Chloe tells Max that she in a lot of pain and I knew where this was going because I’ve seen it happen on TV before. She asks Max to put her to sleep and I wanted to scream ‘HAVE YOU SEEN ME PLAY THIS GAME? I CAN NOT BE TRUSTED TO DO THIS!’ and I like tried to play it like I don’t know if I can do this but then she was like I’m in pain and then I only got two choices and I didn’t want to do it so I just decided to do it because if I pick don’t do it then I know that it’s the wrong choice because all I do is make the wrong choice in this game.

After that happened Max went back and changed the past again so that everything was back to normal. We have to go through the house and there is a bird that I saved because if I learned anything from Until Dawn ALWAYS SAVE THE ANIMALS! Also it the end of playing Episode Four I remembered that there was a page that shows you all of the choices you make and it tells that percentage that comes from your decision and I made almost all of them right! I think. It is so hard to tell in this game. I feel like everything is gonna figure itself out in the next chapter because shit is gonna go done! I found a bunch of stuff about Chloe’s stepdad and Nathan then you go and meet Kate who is okay! Because remember I saved her! Because I did something right in this! WHOA! Okay so after I talk to Kate I go to school and I didn’t really know what to do so I just talked to a lot of people until I was able to move on which took ever and I don’t really like talking to randos because I just want to do other stuff. This will probably come to bite me in the ass but like I don’t care.

I left Warren a note on his locker and I feel bad because I know in the end Max will probably in end up with Chloe so I’m just leading him on but I just want everyone to have a good time! Anyway I go into Nathan’s room and then I leave and then Nathan shows up and Warren picks a fight with him and I stopped it because boy doesn’t need to become a murder okay? He is too nice! Then we go to see Frank who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I accidentally pressed the wrong button and almost shot me. So while this scene was going down I was making tea for me and my sister and then the top of the honey container came off and honey got everywhere so I was busy trying to clean that up which was a nightmare. Then I turn my head to see Chloe shooting Frank and his dog!   Luckily I turned back time and I fixed everything because I’m amazing at life! For now anyways. Frank and I become friends and it’s all good.

After that we head back to Chloe’s room and I have to figure out these clues and it was very hard because you can’t read any of the pieces of paper so I was kind of just clicking stuff and hoping that it worked and Max would always remind that I’m doing things wrong. It was hard and boring and I didn’t like it. So after that we go to a barn that is owned by Nathan’s family and we discover some creepy shit there let me tell you. So I find this trap door and it is basically a torture lab. Reality and there are files of girls from Max’s class and then we find Rachel and she is dead. We find her body and it is a really hard scene because Chloe is all upset and she is screaming that she loved Rachel which I knew because she spend a lot of time talking about her. It’s just very very sad. Also this episode had a lot of cut scenes and they all seemed to last forever! I would have been fine with cut scenes but I just wanted to see where the story was going.

We then go to the party that everyone is going to which is being held by all the rich kids who I guess I was supposed to talk to so that I could go in and talk Victoria but I ended up just doing my own thing which was pushing the lane thing out of the way and people got mad but I ended up just rewinding time and I got to the VIP. I warned Victoria that Nathan is shady and she believed because I’m amazing! So we then go back to Junkyard because Nathan wasn’t there and Chloe really wants to beat him up. And then the ending happens! Max gets injected with something and then Chloe gets shot and I tried to rewind but I couldn’t. It wouldn’t work! Why wouldn’t it work! And then Max looks and see her teacher! WHAT! I KNEW HE WAS GONNA BE SHADY!

And that was Life is Strange Episode Four. A lot happened and shit is 100% going down in the next episode which I’m very exciting to play. But I’m also very very scared. The next post will probably just be me screaming. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Top 10 Favorite Shows! | 2018 Summer Edition

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing a top 10 of all my favorite shows of spring of 2018! I did one for winter in February which you can read here. I also did one from spring in like May because timing sucks on this blog which you can read here. This is coming out in August so it’s on time! Yay! I watched some new stuff and I rewatched some stuff because why not? Let’s began!



This is an honorable mention because I was doing school work while my sister watched it and I was sort of just watching it with her but like not paying that much attention. This show has come to end but the spin off shows are happening and I’m going to watch those  too. The final was crazy like so much happened and I got sad at some points. This show definitely has like a Percy Jackson vibe and I really enjoyed it.

Rules of Engagement


I’m on Season Two of this show and it’s really good but I’ve kind of stopped watching it because my sister is in town and she has been showing us all sort of stuff so I’ve taken a break but I really liked this show. I mean it’s not great because it is like 2000s humor but it’s a fun show.

Will & Grace


I would put this on my top 10 but I have the other show on this list so this one is coming on the honorable mentions. Beside I didn’t really enjoy the last couple seasons mainly just because I didn’t love Grace’s husband and they were fighting so much and I was like ‘WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS!’. This show is a lot of fun and I think it is really funny and I like the characters.

#10 Clock & Dagger


Out of all the Marvel shows that aren’t on Netflix this is probably my favorite one. I mean I didn’t love the Gifted or the Runaways and I don’t love this one but I enjoy it more then the others. Olivia Hot is good in this show and I really enjoy Aubrey Joseph is amazing. His character and his storyline is probably my favorite. Basically this show follows a girl named Tandy and a boy named Ty who are both somehow connected and there is a lot of mystery as they try to figure out their powers and trying to bring justice to Tandy’s dad and Ty’s brother who died many years before. It is a every interesting show and I really enjoyed it.

#9 On My Block


I watched this show because of my sister. She watched it and was like you guys have to watch it and so we watched it and this show is amazing. I would really recommend you guys check it out because I love it. I don’t love Monte and Cesar because they can be really really cliche and annoying at times and I’m like can we focus on the funnier characters please. I love Ruby and Jamal and Olivia. The final of this show just broke me. I watched it like right after Infinity War and I already cried some and that was a bad idea because stuff happens!

#8 Jane the Virgin


This was on my list last summer so that’s cool. This season was just so much drama and other stuff and I loved it so much. So much happens and AHH! Once again I was spoiled for many events that take place in this season but when I was watching this show there was still like impacted on me because I couldn’t handle it. This show follows Jane who wanted to wait until she was married to have sex and she accidentally gets artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant. It is basically a satire of telenovas while also being a telenova and it is amazing. It sounds stupid but I really enjoy watching this show because it knows how to make laugh and cry at the same time.

#7 Sherlock


If you don’t know I’ve been in a Sherlock kick lately because I read all of the canon works and I have fallen in love with the Charlotte Holmes series so I decided that it would be fun to watch Sherlock and figure out how I feel about this show after season four. If you don’t know Sherlock is a modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes and it is very good and a lot of people love it. I have reviewed season one and season two and season three will be out next week as I’m still writing that at the moment. It has been fun rewatching the show mainly season two which was my favorite season. I’m still unsure how I feel about it because season four was just…. a lot of things.

#6 Alexa and Katie


I started this show because I needed something to watch and I watched the trailer for this show and it seemed like it was going to be really cute. This show follows best friends Alexa and Katie and Alexa has cancer. The two girls are about to start high school and they are balance keeping it a secret that Alexa has cancer while trying to do everything that they want to do. It is a really cute and adorable show that I enjoyed more then I thought I would because I didn’t know if it was going to be stupid but I had so much fun. I can’t wait for the next season because these girls are adorable.

#5 The Bold Type

the bold type

The Bold Type is here again. Season two is currently airing. Right now there is only one episode left before the finale but when this gets posted the finale will probably be out. This season has kind of be a lot of mixed feelings for me because the first couple episodes were just great but then I didn’t love the episode where Jane has some issues with religion and the gun control one. Other then those episodes this season has been pretty good. I’ve really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for more.

#4 Teen Titans


So I don’t know if you heard but there is a chance that Teen Titans (the original) is returning because if you saw Teen Titans Go to the Movies then you saw the cut scene at the end which showed the original squad. All of this got me excited and so I began looking for someplace to watch the episodes online. I’ve just been watching season one online and I’ve been having the best time because this show is just so amazing and soo good! If you don’t know Teen Titans was a animated show about Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg as they fight crime. It aired in 2003 to 2006 before getting canceled and it might come back and I’m ready!

#3 Will and Grace (2017)


See I told you that this would be on this list. I started watching this right after I finished the original show and it is so much fun. I feel like I can relate to this show a little bit more because it take place in modern times and talks about real issues that I’m more familiar with. If you don’t know this is a reboot of the original show Will & Grace which follows Will and Grace who find themselves living together. It is really funny and amazing and I can’t wait to watch season two whenever that is coming out because I can’t wait.

#2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine


I’ve already watched this show but my family decided to rewatch it because this show is amazing and wonderful and I love it. This is a comedy about people who work at a police  precinct and it is amazing. You probably saw everyone talking about this show on twitter or tumblr because it was canceled for about two seconds before NBC picked it back up and everyone was so happy! I love this show so much!

#1 Lucifer


This show was again canceled before being picked up again so you probably have heard about it. I started watching this show because my mom started and she kept telling my sisters and I to watch so we did and I enjoyed this show so much! This show is about the devil who comes to LA as Lucifer Morningstar and he ends up solving crimes for LAPD and I love it. It is so good and Tom Ellis as Lucifer is amazing. I love him so much and I love that they keep the fact that Lucifer is pansexual into the show. It is amazing! I haven’t seen the third season because stupid hulu has taken it off their site but when Netflix adds it I will watch it!

And that is my favorite shows of Summer 2018! Do you guys agree with what I’ve said? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If not you really should. I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 list! Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!

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If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russo review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russo!


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

“For as long as I could remember, I had been apologizing for existing, for trying to be who I was, to live the life I was meant to lead.”

You probably have heard of this book or seen it in stores so you probably know what it’s about if you don’t then I’ll tell you. This book follows a girl named Amanda previously Andrew and she moves to a new town with her dad after she is bullied badly and oh my gosh this book was amazing and I would highly recommend it! I knew that this book would probably come with an emotional punch because of the synopsis and because i was told that there was going to be an outing scene but I was ready to read it or that is what i just told myself. Through out the whole book I was trying to figure it out who was going to tell everyone Amanda’s secret and it keep changing and in the end I was crushed by who it is. I figured out it was going to be them but when it happened it still crushed me because in the beginning I thought that this person was going to be good but then they had to go and do that.

I really loved the relationship in this book well I love all the relationships in this book. I didn’t think I would because in the beginning I thought they were going to be really cliche but then the more I got into the book the more I grew to really care about everyone and everything and I loved this book! The whole thing with her friend being the one to out her and seeing everyone’s reaction just broke me. After with her dad was just so heart breaking because you see that he kids so much about her.

I loved this book. It is going to be one of my favorites this year because I loved it. There is just so much and the relationships are so wonderful. I need Meredith Russo to write more books because this one was just so great. Have you give read this book? If you have what did you think? I hope you liked it as much as I did. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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