Demons and Kickass Female lead! | White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Spoilers ahead, review with caution!


 -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line.

People with the purest souls are capable of the greatest evils.”

I can I just talk about this cover for a second because it makes this seem like some Twilight spinoff! Why can’t the most badass series have badass covers to go with them? *if you don’t believe me go check the vampire academy covers, and you’ll see my point This is my first book by Jennifer and every reviewer I’ve ever read as loved her books, which is why it took me so long to pick one up. I hate when people overhyped things for me because I hate myself for hating the book, movie, or author that they have overhyped. I figure I would read Obsidian first because it’s the most talked about but I can’t find this book anywhere and when I did find it, it wasn’t available to get.

So one day I was looking for books to check out and this one along with prequel was available. My favorite type of genre to read is book with anything supernatural *you can thank the tv show Supernatural, Mortal Instruments, and Buffy the vampire slayer for that. At first *because of the cover I didn’t want to read it, but when I found out I found out this book had demons, these people called Wardens, and that Layla, the main character, can suck peoples souls by kissing them. That might sound creepy to others but to me that sounds awesome!

This book starts out with Layla at work and she is chasing with this guy named Zayne. Then I start thinking that it’s one of those books, when the girl spends the whole time just talking about how much she loves this guy and how she could never be with him because she will take his soul, which I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at. *if a story starts out like that then chance are it will stay that way But I kept reading and it got better. Layla soon became awesome female lead and was taking monsters down, almost like Buffy *i said almost guys it wasn’t that great Layla and I do have something in common.

Stacey groaned, “I can’t believe Mr. Leto wouldn’t let us do our classic report on Twilight. It is a classic.”

I laughed, momentarily forgetting about the job I had to do. “Twilight is not a my classic, Stacey.”

My favorite character is Roth which leaves a clue about what happens next. LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!!!!! *nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I hate love triangles. They make the whole story bad with a lot of fighting, dragging people along, and the typical bad boy and good guy war. I have only like one love triangle and that is love triangle is between Will, Jem, and Tessa from the infernal devices. In this love triangle, I’m voting for Roth, not Zayne. Roth is the hot demon, who Layla teams up and the only guys she can kiss. Roth was awesome and a demon! A great female lead and awesome supernatural guy who fight monster. That’s great romance!

“At some point, Roth had gotten hold of my cell and replaced Zayne’s name with Stony and listed his own number under Sexy Beast. What a tool!”

I didn’t like Zayne because I couldn’t tell what side he was on. He was bad and then he was good then he was bad again. And he was annoying too. The only thing I like about him was that he drove a impala *thanks again Supernatural! The story had a weird pace though. It would slow down and then go fast before going slow again, but it pull through in the end. Through the not really need love triangle, to Layla taking her brother’s souland finding put she’s Lilith’s daughter, to Zayne not making his mind about what side he’s on, it became a great and made me excited for the next book!


*again with the covers make them better!

I recommend this for anyone who loves supernatural as much as me or just wants a good story. I hope you guys enjoy this review. Like, comment, and follow my amount for reviews and other crazy nonsense.

You know you love fiction,


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