Top 5 Book to movie adaption that never happen

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a top 5 thing *if you couldn’t tell by the title. 

So for this I have picked 5 book that were going to be turned into a movie or tv show but that didn’t happen. For something to be on this list, it can’t be a rumor that it’s going to turn into one. It has to be confirmed or started on to be on this list.


5. Fallen by Lauren Kate


I’ve never read this book and I think I’ll ever get around to it. *it’s been said that it’s really crappy. Like the fact that movie will probably never happen because it was said that they were making along time ago. No trailers, no new stills. All we have is this still.


Why do I have a feeling from this still and the name of the book that it’s just Twilight but with angels? I hate Twilight. I don’t really know if this movie will really happen but I think everyone has lost hope of it ever happening. Well her dress is really pretty through. *the guy on the left looks really like a cliche bad boy and his hair makes me laugh.

4. City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


Okay so if you didn’t already know this but the Mortal Instruments first book, City of Bones, was made into a movie. It had Lily Collins was the short, demon-killing redhead that is Clary Fray.


The movie made the fan’s excitement drop down to knowing there would probably never be another movie. The movie wasn’t great but City of Ashes movie still was confirmed and was set it premiere in 2014. The movie never happen through but it instead the Mortal Instruments fans were given news that there would be a tv show based on the book series called the Shadowhunters. Now let’s just see that turns out.

3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver


I just read this series, and I can why it could be a movie. But they decide to make into a tv show. *i think it was going to be a tv show first but then they decide to turn into a movie. I’m not sure so this may not be right Then after casting everyone, it was told that it was becoming a movie.

A trailer was released but the movie never came out or maybe it did and no booknerd knows about it. The trailer looks nothing like the book even through and the cast Julian who doesn’t appear until the second book. But Emma Roberts looks pretty through.

2. The Selection by Kiera Cass 


The Selection is a very good and it’s very popular so yeah it was going to become a movie or tv shows. So CW took the opportunity to make it into a tv show. A teaser trailer was released and the pilot failed. Also IMDb says that two movies were made in 2012 and 2013 but there aren’t any trailers and it wasn’t that good.

But this it was announce that they were going to turn this book series into a movie. Hopefully this time it will succeed.

1. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan


So I just got into this series and I was wondering why it wasn’t a movie or tv show? So I found out that there was a tv pilot by FX. This didn’t work through because the pilot was made after the 6 page prologue and aired at 1:00 in the morning. It also had Billy Zane in it. You can watch the pilot below.

And the guy at me school who recommend this series told me that there going to be movies but that never happened. There 14 books through so that be a lot of seasons or movies.

So I hope you guys enjoy this. Sorry I haven’t post a review I’ve been working on this and I haven’t read any books where I think I should share my opinion. Hopefully I will have another top 10 or review out soon.

You know you love fiction,


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