Perfect in Every way! | Binge by Tyler Oakley Review

Hello Everyone! Today I’m reviewing Bing by Tyler Oakley!!!!!! *whoaaa!!! This my opinion so if you don’t like what I have to say then leave.

Caution: Spoilers for Binge if you haven’t read because it’s about to get real.


Rating: + A: Perfect book with get characters and fantastic plot line.

For the people that don’t know who Tyler Oakley he’s a youtuber and chances are you’ve seen gifs or pictures of him somewhere in the world.


*insert picture to get wheels in the brain turing

He’s this guy and he’s awesome. One of my favorite all time favorite youtubers and creator of the only podcast I listen. I think I’ve talked about what I think about youtubers getting book deals and how most of the times I don’t like them… *cough Girl Online cough* and when they do have a book I wait until reviews come out and said if it’s worth getting. But I couldn’t help myself. When Tyler announced that he was publishing a book, I broke my book buying rules *when you love reading as much as me than you need book buying rules and preorder this book.

IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Guys I cried three times reading this book. It was sooo good! It was a thousand times better than I expected it to be because I thought this would be another youtube book made to make money but it wasn’t. It was amazing and everyone, even if you aren’t that big fan of Tyler Oakley, should read this book.

It has all the Geeky Galaxy Good Book requirements:

  • Have good humor
  • Have a good story *or this case stories
  • Gives you the feeling that you are going to reread this book over and over again
  • Was so good you read it in less than 2 weeks
  • A great protagonist

We were told that this book would reveal more secrets things that we didn’t know and other untold stories and that’s what we got. Cute stories like the T-moblie story or funny list about Disney Princes or stories that will leave you crying. *I going to give you some advice both you go on. See the end of that sentence that says stories that will leave you crying. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!! I finished the book a couple of hours ago and I haven’t recover yet. I’m not talking just feels, I’m talking full on Clockwork Princess and Deathy Hallows types of crying.

First time I cried reading this book was Tyler talking about his eating disorder.

But an eating disorder isn’t about how thin you are, it’s about how you feel in your own skin.”

I had already know, like any other die-hard fan, that he had gone through an eating disorder but I didn’t know the whole story. When I got to the chapter I thought, cool I’ll learn what he was going through. I did learn it but I didn’t think it was cool anymore, more along the lines of heartbreaking. When I get like this when reading, my whole body shakes and I tried and find a pillow. When I don’t have a pillow I use the book, I own this book on my kindle so I was basically was trying to crawled into my couch.

Second time I cried was when he was talking him and coming out.

Coming out is a process, and no LGBTQ+ person is ever don doing it”

I knew this was coming too but the emotion in this chapter hit me like a car. The chapter was beautiful and heartbreaking but it was great. Tyler talks about telling everyone and going through the whole. Because I’m that much of mess, I started tearing up *that’s an understatement. Then I got to the part where he started talking about his dad and the waterworks started *more than they already 

I just always think the fact that parents will turn on their kids or believe that it’s just a phase is just sad. But if it’s hard to read about, chances it’s hard going through it.

Three time was when he talks about Justin. I’m not putting a quote because this story was just to emotional. I had never heard anything about this story before so when it came along I felt so emotion. I cried more than I cried anywhere else in this book. But hey i’m not saying that this is just a really sad book, I also laughed ALOT! The stories were so emotion filled with laugher, sadness, and happiness, and that’s what makes this story different from any other book by a youtuber.

But it wasn’t all heartbreaking. The humor in this book was just great and like anything Tyler Oakley will have you laughing. I laugh so hard at some points that *again I got weird looks from people. I don’t care this book was worth it.

I have never been more connected to any other book by a youtuber or any nonfiction book. Everyone I have read has been good but I’ve never loved them as much as this one. The fact that it had all these heart-breaking to funny to cute stories and not some book that just explains that persons life nothing else makes it stand out from other stories.

You may not agree with me but hey this has to be my favorite book of the year and nothing can change that. I recommend this book to any Tyler Oakley or just a person looking for a great book.

I hope you enjoyed this review if you did then please like,comment, and follow for more reviews and other crazy nonsense.

You know you love fiction,


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