Twisty as a Twizzler | Sherlock: The Abominable Bride review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, which air last Friday and I have some things to say.



Rating: -B: Could has better and was too slow and only got good at the end

The episode takes place in the original time period of the Sherlock Holmes books, which is like the late 1870s. I was so looking forward it this so much. I saw trailers and stills and it keep me excited. This episode through was craziness though.

It did start out in the late 1870s and it had all the characters come in and play their parts as they would be in the time period. They all play their parts perfectly as if the show had been in the 1870s all along.


The mystery of this episode was a bride on her anniversary who is shooting into the streets. She then kills herself and everyone in the street sees this. Her husband is comes out of a bar and then she shows up, even though she just killed herself, and shoots him.

The plot goes on and people are getting scared about how she is killing more men. The plot around her deals with feminism and how the woman’s husband didn’t treat her right. She and her other friends who believe in women’s rights team up to make them pay.

About halfway through the episode though, we get taken back to modern time and Sherlock has just found out about Moriarty being alive and he was dreaming the first half of the episode. But the episode continues to go back and forth from the his dream and the real world.

The episode may have been confusing and twisty af but hey Moriarty has been confirmed as head Johnlock shipper. 😉

In my opinion, I loved it but it wasn’t my favorite episode. It just stopped making sense after the first hour. It’s hard to hate Sherlock when Benedict’s face on your TV.

Also Mary was so funny. When they like we can’t do, she would then go I did let’s go. The episode creeped me out too because man do I hate ghost episode the first I watch them.

What did you guys think of this? Tell if you agree or disagree with me.

That’s all I have to say. Follow and like for more rants.

Keep Calm and Always ship Johnlock 😉

You know you love Fiction,


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