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Hello everyone and welcome to GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!! *it’s probably not as dramatic as it was in my head….. So GamePlay is just a fancy way of saying I’m doing a review on a game. But sue me I wanted to write a review and give it a fancy name. Even though it’s not that creative. Let’s  go with the review already!

Today, if you couldn’t tell by the title, we are reviewing Alien Isolation!


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

Alien Isolation is horror-action and very hard and intense game that takes place in the Alien universe and 15 years after the first movie. The game follows Amanda Ripley *or Ripley Jr if you watch Mark , who as been trying to look for mother Ellen Ripley *from the movies. She mets Samuel who tells her how they’ve found a flight record for the Nostromo on another ship called Sevastopol.

Ripley goes with Samuel and a girl named Taylor to investigate the fight record but the three are separated aboard the Sevastopol *which when you’re playing the game seem like a never ending maze. Ripley goes around the ship trying to fix it, look for help, escape threats, and trying to survive.

I’m not a gamer. But most of my friends and family are and are always like telling me about to play more games so after watching Markiplier plays this game and watching the first two Alien movies, I chose this game to play. I spent most of Christmas break playing this and most evenings when chances are I had mountain of homework. I literally didn’t read at all after I got this game, I mean I read one book and it was Winter by Marissa Meyer. Let me just tell you when I finished it and I had the proudest feeling but some sad feelings because it was such a great game. But i was mainly feeling pride through because this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever play. *well compared to minecraft and Mario cart it’s pretty easy.

The game is so beautiful. Even though I’m not a gamer, I’m one giant space nerd.


Look at that. The views of space were the only thing keeping me calm. Sometimes it’s hard to look at it though because chances are something is chasing or trying to kill you. Speaking of things trying to kill you, there are many other things on the ship that want to kill you. You’ve got survivors on the ship that are just trying to protect themselves from the alien and other survivors who might steal their supplies. They don’t care if you’re not trying to steal or that you’re not a xenomorph or that you’re not face hugger that wants to implant a alien in the you.

You then have the Working Joe.


These guys suck. When you don’t have the right weapon, then they are hard to kill. They are creepy af. They will always appear through out the game and will tried and kill you every once and while. The things you want to use against the working joe is a EMP mine, a Stun Baton, revolver, bolt gun, and shotgun. AND NO I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT SEVASTOPOL’S SAFTEY RULES!!!!!!!Then there’s the biggest jerk ever, Xenomorph or the Alien.


*screaming because it’s still so cool

When the alien first appeared, I started freaking out because the alien is soo cool. But the more you play the game and the more you play the game, you began to hate the alien. This alien is the most annoying thing in this game. It’s keeping Ripley from being happy and it never leaves you alone. You can’t even run for half the game because everything you do makes noise and it’s annoying.

So the point of this story is that Alien is awesome and annoying too.

There are some things that in this story that will make cry so warning (even though I tag this with spoilers so chances are people are knew that.) This game is also pretty long with it’s 19 missions. This game is amazing and still has the same intensity as the Alien movies *well i’ve only seen the first too so that type of intensity. I recommend this game for Alien fans and game lovers. Hope you enjoyed this review. Follow, like, and comment if you must or have a different a opinion.


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