This is why I watched Merlin (because it’s better than whatever this is) | Once and Future King Part 1 review

Hello everyone and today I’m reviewing the Once and Future King. Well the first part at least. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rating: D: Nothing seem to happen. The characters had a bad attitude or were boring until the end. Story didn’t know what it wanted.

“The bravest people are the ones who don’t mind looking like cowards.”

I had to read this for my english class and at first I was soo excited. I love the King Arthur story. I love the sword in the stone movie and I LOVE Merlin *it’s amazing and you should watch but this book was a real let down. It was boring and I only like Arthur and that was only because I just want to give him a hug. I felt so sorry for him because Kay *that jerk-off was just one just jerk-off.

I hated Kay.

I really really really REALLY hate Kay. He was just a jerk to Arthur and he’s just one of those characters that was just spoiler. Kay is the evil step-brother and Arthur was cinderella. I’M NOT EVEN MAKING UP A METAPHOR THAT IS SOMETHING THAT ARTHUR SAYS IN THE BOOK!

“Well, I’m a Cinderella now,” he said to himself.

Side note in the book Arthur goes by the Wart. No idea. The last line the first part of this book is Merlyn, who for some reason his name is not spelled like BBC’s Merlin, calls him King Arthur.

“… I was not allowed to tell you before, or since, but your father was, or
will be, King Uther Pendragon, and it was I myself, disguised as a beggar,
who first carried you to Sir Ector’s castle, in your golden swaddling bands.   I
know all about your birth and parentage, and who gave you your real name.
I know the sorrows before you, and the joys, and how there will never again
be anybody who dares to call you by the friendly name of Wart.  In future it
will be your glorious doom to take up the burden and to enjoy the nobility of
your proper title: so now I shall crave the privilege of being the very first of
your subjects to address you with it – as my dear liege lord, King Arthur.”

“Will you stay with me for a long time?” asked the Wart, not
understanding much of this.

“Yes, Wart,” said Merlyn. “Or rather…Yes, King Arthur.”

Here are two things I liked about this book.

  1. Merlyn


Okay he doesn’t look like Colin Mogren. He looks like the Merlin The Sword in the Stone.


Look at little Arthur and Merlin.


Now them on Merlin. *i ship it on this show but not in the movie because age differences. and it’s canon so suck it!

2. Swimming with the fishes.


One of my favorite scenes in the movie because WHO DOESN’T WANT TO GO SWIMMING AS A FISH  WITH A WIZARD???????  I’ve loved this scene because it’s unique and it’s a scene that everyone will always remember.

I was really surprised that I hate this book. I love the Sword in the Stone and I love Merlin but this I hated. The characters were dull, it was written weird, and nothing really happened. It wasn’t like the stories that I had fallen in love with. It was filled with lessons and hidden meaning. There was no adventure and cute creative things that made the other two so special.

Also what was with Robin Wood. Why? He only appeared for one part and  almost has another classic tale Robin Hood. Why? I don’t know.

I know that Merlin doesn’t follow the king Arthur storyline that will. It has all the characters and the sword but it’s not the original thing. But Merlin was creative and funny and made me feel for the characters in it. That was something that this story lacked.

There are a lot of things that this story needs to be the a good and this story is a hit or miss story and I’m in the miss part of this book.

I’m going to review the next part of this book because my teacher said we’re going to year it next year so it will be along time before that comes out.

I would recommend this book to people who like the classic and are interested in the King Arthur story.

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