The Book Sacrifice Tag

Hello everyone and welcome to the BOOK SACRIFICE TAG!!! This is just a fun way of ranting about books that you hate.

So let’s began!

1. You’re in the book store looking around at books and what you should buy but BAM!! ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! ZOMBIES ARE COMING INTO THE STORE AND YOU’RE FREAKING OUT. But then it’s announcement of the PA say ‘THE ONLY TO KILL THE ZOMBIE IS BY HITTING THEM WITH A OVER HYPED BOOK’ What book are you going to grab to kill the zombies with? 

For this I’m picking Divergent by Veronica Roth.


Divergent is well know and popular book in the book world. But not to me. I still don’t get it. Why is this book so well liked? I don’t find the plot or the storyline good. I hate most of the characters and found the ending of the series the product of trying to hard of a plot twist. Also I hate Tris. She’s not the type of heroine that I like. I’ve given this series to many chance to like.

2. You’ve just gotten your hair done. It looks awesome and you’re so excited about it but then you see the rain falling from the heavens. What horrible sequel are willing to use as a umbrella to keep your looking perfect?

I was going to put Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout but that’s on my kindle so I’m going with Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.


The final and worst in the Hunger Games trilogy. It was pretty bad for a final book but hey at least the ending was good. I hate this book because it was boring and when I was finished I didn’t even remember anything. I went on Instagram and a account posted something about a death that happen in the book and I was like ‘Wait they die?’ It was a real let down for a final book.

3. You’re in english class and your english teacher just keeps going on about a classic. Your teacher just keeps talking about how this classic is the greatest thing ever but your just like ‘I hate this book.’ What classic are they talking about?

This for me is the Once and Future King by T.H. White.


I just did a review on this book which you can read here, which sums up how I feel about about this book. The characters were dull and so was the plot. Nothing about this book made me what to read the rest of the book or even continue the only part of the story that my teacher told me to read.

4. You’re hanging out at the library and then BAM GLOBAL WARNING! The outside world is frozen and your only way of survival is burn the books. What book are you going to run to get first? What book are you not sorry to be gone from the world?

I’m going to be running straight towards the Michelle Hodkin section grabbing the time waster also known as the Mara Dyer trilogy.


I also write a review about how I felt about this which you can read here. This series is a waste of time because of many things. But you can only go so long with the whole it’s real it’s not real thing and this series over uses it. Mara was a waste of time and I wished I had never  read this dumb trilogy.

And that’s was the Book Sacrifice Tag! Feel free to do this tag with you too. I hope you enjoyed this tag. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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2 thoughts on “The Book Sacrifice Tag

  1. Without even reading Divergent, I’ve considered it a lesser Hunger Games based on what I’ve heard about it.

    I can’t think of a creative way to set up a sacrifice, but I would gladly destroy every Fifty Shades of Gray book on the planet. I was so upset that I wasted time reading all three books to see if I could understand what all the hype was about. Besides the obvious appeal to sheltered housewives, it’s a frustrating, poorly written mess. The final book even goes as far to attempt to write from a different perspective, which she clearly can’t do. It’s shameful to have read it and its popularity speaks volumes of our culture’s mindset.

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