Yay or Nay: Book to movie or tv adaptions

Hello everyone and I think we should talk about book to movie or tv adaption.

This is something that will always that be argued in the book world because when us booknerds have a book we treasure it. At first when it’s announced, we’re all so happy because we think about the good adaptions in the world.

Like Harry Potter, *amazingness times infinity 


Harry Potter is one of the most known and loved movie adaptions just like the books. Theses movies are ones that you will love and cherish.

The Fault in Our Stars, *emotional storm


Also a movie that is just as popular as the book it’s based off of.

Lord of the Rings *i’ve only seen the first two but i liked them,


Only seen the first two but hey I like it.

Game of Thrones, *i’ve only read the books but everyone loves it and it’s very popular so it’s on the list


and many others that make us soo happy. But then we remember the adaptions that weren’t as successful. Like the Percy Jackson movies,


So many problems with this movie and they tried to fix it in the second movie but that didn’t work. I could talk about theses movies but that’s for a other day. Then’s theres Vampire Academy,


I keep going back and forth on about what I think about this movie but I’m just not going to compare this movie with the book for me to like this. This book series is kick-ass but the movie is trying to hard to be like Mean girls. *well duh it’s the same director

But like I said people always go on about if adaptions are good or bad. If i’m being honest it’s because something if things aren’t right about the adaption and sometimes that’s right. The Percy Jackson movies were messed up even Uncle Rick hates them. The characters weren’t the same age, Annabeth doesn’t look like Annabeth, they tried to add things that weren’t in the book but was in others, Percy finds out his Poseidon’s son in like the middle of the book, and WHY DOES CAMP HALF BLOOD LOOK AN ARMY CAMP INSTEAD OF BEING THE MAGICAL AMAZING SUMMER CAMP THAT IT IS????????????

*i’ve got some problems with the percy jackson movies

They tried to fix somethings in the second movie but it still wasn’t Percy Jackson. Camp Half Blood look a little bit like how it should look like, Annabeth had blonde, and they finally add the backstory that was IN THE FIRST BOOK!!!!! The plot was some like the book just out of order but it couldn’t fix the problems in the first movie. It had Anthony Head and Nathan Fillion. They also threw a firefly joke which I thought was funny.

There’s also the Divergent movies.


I have some problems with the divergent books but even die hard fans of theses books hate theses films. The first one was okay but the next movie was disaster. The whole plot was wrong and for some reason Tris is ‘the chosen one’. *i also have some issues with divergent 

The trailers has even dropped for the next movie and it’s on Mars. They also choose to make a fourth movie which chance are it’s just the Alien Resurrection plot and I think it’s going to suck.

Some have gotten second chances like the Mortal Instruments,City_of_bones_poster

The Mortal Instruments is one of my favorite series of all time and this movie wasn’t success. It was okay but not good enough for a sequel to come out. This series was given a second with the TV show made by ABC family  Freeform called the Shadowhunters.


This is pretty good or least that’s what I think. It’s not that close to the book and it’s very cheesy but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing about Book to movie or Tv Adaptions is that their becoming a upon coming thing. Most books now are being turned into books or movies and now we will either love and praise it or hate it and make sure that the adaption gets burned into the the ground. I just a good version of some of my favorite books into movies or a tv show.

What are some of your guys favorite and least favorite adaption? Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

you know you love fiction,


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