*flashback to young booknerd Gigi* | The 39 Clues series talk

Hello everyone! Today I’m talking about one of my favorite series, and that made me the booknerd I am today, the 39 Clues series! !!!SPOILERS!!


Rating: + A: Perfect book with get characters and fantastic plot line.

The 39 Clues series is a series that not a lot of people in the book world don’t talk about. I’m kind of surprised by that, considering Rick Riordan wrote the first book in the series. But hey the fanbased is pretty big so  that doesn’t mean that we’re just an island.

The first series, with every book written by a different, follows sibling Amy and Dan Cahill compete against the rest of their messed up family to get their a million dollars in probably one of the most messed up treasure hunt in the world. I’m not joking when I said that the family and the treasure hunt are messed. Any person in this hunt would be willing to betray or kill another member of the family.

Theses kids are put through soo much and are probably the nicest people in this family. But you can’t help love any of the other characters.

I first read the 39 clues series a couple years ago and this is my origin story as a booknerd. This was the series made me the nerd, I am today. This series is soo make fun from the humor to the plot twist to the character development all that whole family goes through. I mean really they go from trying to kill each to being able to tolerate. If that’s not character development then I don’t know what is.

This series always really means it when they say trust no one like that’s really rule #1.


I took a break from the series but I started reading it again and a wave of nostalgia came back. I remember hard core fangirling over every book, continuously buying all the book then having to wait for the next book when I caught up with the series, shipping Amy and Ian because come on, and spending all my time on the39clues.com. Oh to be a kid again. I love Dan he’s so funny and he’s always been my favorite character.

I have a plans if this was never adapted into a movie. I think that Maze of Bones should be a movie but than the rest of the books should become a tv series. But honestly I would just love to see all this books become movies though.

If I could write for this series I would. That’s something that of dreamed about for years. Life long dream right there. This series is one that holds a place in my heart and I will always have love for it. Honestly, Amy and Ian was like first ever OTP and I would go onto 39clues.com and read Amy and Ian fan fiction.

Some fans have given up on this series and I may take breaks for these books but I don’t think I could ever give up on it. This series is one that I recommend to most people because it’s one that is always fun and adventures to read.

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