Hi everyone! It’s the come back year for Harry Potter!!!! And we are going to talk about it!!!!!



If you don’t what Harry Potter *you probably do but i’ll tell you anyway it’s one of the most popular fantasy series in the world written by J.K. Rowling *she’s queen not this veronica roth. Everyone has either read all 7 books and seen all 8 eight movies or you’ve just watched the movies but you’ve heard of this AMAZING series. It follows the story of Harry Potter, an orphan who find out he is a wizard and so were his parents. Harry also finds out that he’s a legend in the wizard world for killing the Dark Lord and survive one of the most power curse in the world. He goes to Hogwarts to learn more about magic and makes some enemies and friends and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS!!!!

The books end in 2007 and the movies finished out in 2012 and we all thought it was the end of Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter the year the movies finished and when I finished Deathy Hollows I was at school and starting crying because I finished one of the greatest series of all time and thought that it was the end and because of OTHER THINGS THAT HAPPEN. I had just finished a test so I had a lot of time to read and I finished Deathy Hollows. I got that bittersweet feeling you get when ever you finish a series but then I remember that the movies and books had finished so there wasn’t going to be a new book or movie out. Unless the Queen decide to more books. Yeah then I started crying.

It’s 2016 and NOW HARRY POTTER IS COMING BACK!!! *backstreets back ALRIGHT!!!!!! Well first off I started writing my Harry Potter Fanfiction you can read here and here *check out that self promo. 


But really the first biggest thing is the Fantastic Beast and Where to find them movie.


Based off the textbook written for the Harry Potter series that talks about all the creatures in the wizardly world. I’m so excited for this movie which stars Eddie Redmayne and it looks amazing. We see many different creatures and learn more about the wizarding world. Sadly it comes out November 8, 2016 which is TO FAR!

The next biggest is HARRY POTTER IS HITTING THE MUSICAL THEATRE!!! Harry Potter is becoming a into a play as Harry Potter and the Curse Child. It takes place 19 years in the future and follows Harry and his youngest son Albus. *and the only thing curse about him is his name. The play is in two parts and they have already confirmed a cast. I’m really excited for this because I love next generation Harry Potter which is what my fan fiction is about and I really want to see the Queens version of it.


It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Sadly this play is only going to be performed in the U.K. and the half shows are already sold out. But here’s the next biggest surprise……


THIS IS THE PLAY AS A BOOK!!!!! OR IT’S THE SCRIPT TO THE PLAY BUT I’M STILL GOING TO BUY IT SO IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!!! I can’t wait for this book!!!! Again I can’t wait to see J.K. Rowling  and Jack Thorne version.

Are you guys excited? I am if you couldn’t tell. To the fandom that keeps on living. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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