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HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to IdiotReborn!!!! Where I talk about the Wheel of Time series and how I have an unhealthy obsession with it and how it’s ruining my life!



I finished A Memory of Light like last week and I’m still emotional. The last series that did this to me was Harry Potter and that was like 4 years ago. I love this series as much as I love Harry Potter which is clearing saying something.

The Wheel of Time is a high fantasy series by Robert Jordan and later on Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s passing in 2007. There are 14 books in this series and I only hated two which again says something. Each of the books are about 700-1000 pages. This series isn’t too well known like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones but it’s pretty popular with it’s huge fanbase.

I got into this series because I’m one of those people that when they see a book they have to like see what’s thats about. For me it’s when books are giants and this guy in my class was carrying around on of theses books around and being me I had to know what it was. If I hadn’t gotten into this series then I would have loved it that and gone on this magic rollercoaster. This story starts of with a bang! Literally a building is collapsing in the prologue in the first book.

So the story starts with a building collapsing and a guy searching for a his wife. It’s only six pages long but it’s enough to get you into the story and want to know more. But it wasn’t enough make AN HOUR LONG PILOT!! The next 14 books follow Rand, who finds out that he is something called the Dragon Reborn, and many other characters and are all badasses. *maybe not perrin or faile . It’s 14 books that are a rollercoaster of emotions.

My three favorite characters are Mat,




and Min, *all of start with M. the wheel of M’s. Let’s be honest out of the three girls, Min’s the best.


I do love all the other characters, theses guys are just my favorites. I don’t like Perrin or Faile. I find them so annoying. I don’t hate Rand but sometimes he can be pretty pathetic. Thank goodness for Elayne, Aviendha, and Min or else he would be like that all the time.

Favorite to less favorite:

  1. Shadows Rising (Book 4)
  2. Fire of Heaven  (Book 5)
  3. A Memory of Light (Book 14)
  4. Lord of Chaos (Book 6)
  5. Gathering Strom (Book 12)
  6. Towers of Midnight (Book 13)
  7. Knife of Dreams (Book 12)
  8. Eye of the World (Book 1)
  9. Great Hunt (Book 2)
  10. Crown of Swords (Book 7)
  11. Winter’s Heart (Book 9)
  12. Path of Daggers (Book 8)
  13. Crossroads of Twilight (Book 11)
  14. The Dragon Reborn (Book 3)

About the tv shows, FX decide that it was a good idea to try and make the Wheel of Time series a TV which I think would be a great idea. But it was about the six page prologue, aired at one in the morning, some fans liked and some fans hated it, and there was a law suit with Robert Jordan’s. I thought it was okay. There were also going to be movies but nothing ever happened on that. But on April 29, 2016, IGN tweeted that Wheel of Time would becoming a TV show!!!!!!

I’m so happy! Literally I was writing this and I had said I was waiting for an adaption and it’s happening I’m soo happy!!!!! You can read the article here.

This series is so complex and amazing and I love every single second of it! If you are a big high fantasy or just a crazy booknerd then you have to read this series! I have to warn it will leave you if a giant book hanger. I finish the series like a week ago and I’m still not over. I have that feeling to reread all 14 books and I usually have this but it was like ten times worse. I’m rereading Harry Potter which usually solves everything but I still want to reread the Wheel of Time series.

My Favorite moments

If you have weapons, place them on the ground before us. They’ll be here for you when you return.”

Rand unsheathed his belt knife and laid at Amys’ feet, then after a moment added the green stone carving of the little man. “This is the best I can do.”

Mat began with his belt knife and kept right on, pulling knives from his sleeves and under his coat, even one from down of the back of his neck, fashioning a pile that seemed to impress even the Aiel women. He made as if to stop, looked at the women, then took two more from each boot top. “I forget them,” he said with a grin and shrug.”

I love this series. Everyone should read time and I can’t wait to learn more about this TV show thing. Tell your thoughts about this series and what you think about it becoming a TV shows. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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