Collab with ShowCrazyGamer!

So if you didn’t know my little sister KitKat as a blog and she does these walkthroughs of games and since her one on Fallout is coming to a end we are doing one together! This series will mostly be a walkthrough through the survival / horror game Alien Isolation!!


A game I did do a review on and you can read here.This series will be going through each mission in each post if they are small we will due two unless the next mission is crazy long to be included with it. We will both be working together on the posts and they will both be posted here and on her blog here.

We will start posting after she’s done with her Fallout walkthrough. I hope you guys read and enjoy this post! Like, follow, and comment.

you know love fiction,

Gigi Darling



Darling’s tumblr- darlingsgeekygalaxy

Darling’s personal tumblr- thegracelings

instagram- geekygalaxy


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