The Book was Better | Top 10 List

Greetings Earthlings! So a while back I made a post called Yay or Nay: Book to movie or tv adaptions which you can read here and I talked about book adaptions, the ones that failed and the ones that were successful. Even though I talked over all the ones that I don’t think I’m going put those titles in order of how much I like that the book was better then the film. *even though most of the time the book is always better

#10 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Okay now I love Harry Potter as the next and I love theses movie. For Harry Potter movies I look at that differently from the books but for this one I can’t get over it. Ginny and Harry’s relationship was so freaking cute and it wasn’t the same in the film. The moments that I loved in to the book didn’t happen in the film. But I don’t totally hate I juts think the book is better.

#9 Twilight


I’ve been my peace with the Twilight books but I can’t get past these movies. Yes it’s a box office success but I can’t stand it. I like the Twilight book *my review has been marked changed it’s not my favorite book but it’s still good. I can’t say the same for the movie though. It’s just so cheesy and the vampires look like someone threw flour on their faces.

#8 Vampire Academy


 Like I said before I keep going back and though on wether I like this film or not. Yes this book does have some scenes that are very cliche and high school but it’s got some good parts too. This movie undermines the parts that are good and makes this film seem like it’s trying to be action and for the stereotypical teenagers that they think want this movie.

How about less Mean Girls and more butt-kicking vampire scenes. Also what’s with the poster? What’s with the uniforms? Also everything that needs to be explained is narrated! Why?

#7 Pride & Prejudice & Zombies


Don’t get me wrong I did like the book and the film because it’s like Pride & Prejudice just with zombies. The film was great and I thought it was so much fun and the acting was great. But halfway through the film it decide to ditch the story and go it’s own way. Away that I didn’t like. It should have followed the book a little bit more.

#6 City of Bones


The Mortal Instruments is the only series to be on here twice. The movie version of City of Bones is like Vampire Academy. They brought out the parts of the book and made them the main focus. I didn’t like Alec or Isabelle, they story only focus on Clary and Jace which kind of sucked because I love the other characters too. I like Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell in this film I like they are great actors but everyone else wasn’t that good. Well I liked Simon.

*i’ll always love simon

#5 Paper Towns


Unlike everyone else, I thought that this adaption was pretty close to book. Besides the ending. But I like the book better because I liked the characters much better. In this movie I couldn’t connect with any of the characters like I did in the book. I found myself *wink wink finding the characters in the movie a little bit unlikeable. But thing is I still think that they are all perfectly casted.

I’m lost about my feeling *wink wink wink

#4 I am Number Four


*did you get that???

The Lorien Legacies is kick ass series about nine aliens and their protectors who are sent to Earth after their planet is destroyed. No this isn’t about Four from Divergent stop making stupid jokes.They are the only ones left of their kind and all of them are being hunted. This is a story of kick ass characters, love, betrayal, and action. This film was trying to only focus on that love part and it tried to seem more then a Twilight wannabe with weird alien power scenes but that didn’t happen!

Also what’s with Six and the random accent? And with blonde hair? It’s like a reverse Annabeth.

#3 Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters


Theses movies suck! But this one doesn’t suck as much as the first like they tried to fix. They talked about Thalia and her give that backstory *which they did in the first movie but it was A DELETE SCENE!! Annabeth has blonde hair, camp half-blood looks like camp half-book, and they still had some of the moments from the book just not in order. But we still didn’t get the Percy Jackson we wanted.

#2 The Mortal Instruments


The second appearance of the Mortal Instruments on this list. Three years after the City of Bones movie, we got Shadowhunters. A very very cheesy version and very very off version of The Mortal Instruments. I do like the actors much better then I enjoy the ones in the movie and the acting. It’s not the best thing though. The first two episodes followed the story but then it stopped.

#1 Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief 


I’ve heard some people say that they think this is better then the book and I just give them a long glare. I saw this movie before I read the books and I liked it. Then I read the books and now I can’t watch these movies without being filled with rage. I mean guys Uncle Rick hates these movies that’s how bad they are! If Percy Jackson ever gets picked up again then they must have it be perfection because we can’t take another failure!

The only reason I wanted another movie was so that I could see Percabeth on screen but if they did continue, they would probably destroy it.

You guys are probably wondering where is Insurgent is. Well I hate the Divergent and I am not a fan of the films so there’s no place that here. There are also much more but these are here for now. I hope you enjoyed this list! Do you guys agree with me on? What’s your favorite adaption? Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!

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