Doon series by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon review

Greetlings earthlings! Today I’m talking about one of my favorite series called Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. The last book just came out so now you can marathon through this series.


RATING: + A: Perfect book with get characters and fantastic plot line.


If you stay, I’ll give you my heart and never ask for it back.”
― Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon, Doon

I got the first book at PLA and got it signed too. Then I waited and bought Destined for Doon, then my sweet lil sis bought me Shades of Doon, and then this year I met Lorie Langdon again and got her new book Gilt Hollow signed, Shades of Doon signed, and a picture with Lorie. It was a great day! Then I found Forever Doon, the last book and they only had one copy left. I waited a whole hour and was first in line and I got it and read it in one day.

I guess you can say I love this series.

This book is so much fun! This book follows two best friends named Mackenna and Veronica and after Veronica’s boyfriend dumps her, they go to Scotland for summer. Veronica starts having these dreams about this hot Scottish guy and she and Mackenna start learning more about this bridge and all this other and when they across they bridge wearing theses rings.

They suddenly ended up in a magical place called Doon and meet Prince Jamie and Prince Duncan *man crushes.

Veronica and Jamie’s relationship was so crazy. Like there is this thing in the story called a Calling is when two soulmates have dreams about each other, which is basically what Jamie and Veronica are going though. They have such great chemistry and when I was reading this book I was basically screaming why aren’t you kissing yet!

But there is so much stuff standing in the way like this chick who I think is named Sophie no it Sofie who thinks that Jamie is going to pick her and I’m just like Bitch he loves Veronica. She goes away I think. I didn’t really care about. She was messing with my ship. Also Jamie and Veronica fight because he thinks that she had something to do with The Evil Witch of Doon, who is a great villain if I do say so. Then in the second book it’s not as messed up but stuff still goes down in the second book and the three book but the real storm is in book four.

Kenna and Duncan relationship isn’t as crazy as Jamie and Veronica’s in the first book but by the end you will be crying. The first book ends in sort of a cliff hanger because Veronica decides to stay with Jamie but Kenna runs off back into the real world leaving her best friend and the boy she loves and I was just sitting there crying because it was soo emotional!

All these books have great ending like all of them are great cliff hanger ending not book four because that’s the last. In book one, Kenna leaves, then in the book two Veronica and Kenna are both forced at for Doon, against their will, and can’t setback in, then in book three Addie, the evil witch, takes over Doon, Jamie is said to be died and Kenna and Duncan are casted out of Doon and the bridge as been destroyed.

Addie maybe a evil person and cause so much trouble but she is a great villain. You always want a good villain. Every time the story seems so happy she shows up and cause so much drama and it’s great!

Kenna is my favorite character and I love her and Duncan. Veronica is a great character too but you gotta love Kenna. My favorite books is probably Forever Doon because so much stuff happened and it was great.

You guys should read this series if you haven’t because it’s amazing. I hoped you enjoyed this review! Tell me your thoughts on this series. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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