And we’re back! | Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part One & Two

Hello everyone! Today reviewing Harry Potter and the Curse Child Part One and Part Two!!!!



Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

Unless you’re like new here or something, then you know that I love Harry Potter! Like being a potterhead is my religion. When I was in little, I had to pick someone to a report on and I did J.K. Rowling. Whenever I go a long trips, I pack all eight movies and watch them and love in with all over again.

You guess that when it was announced about the play, I was pretty excited but when they announced it in book form I lost it!

I got this book for my birthday and I finished and I loved it! Did I love it as much as I love the original series? No I didn’t. But I still loved it.

That me tell you something Scorpius Malfoy is the cutest human ever!!!! And Rose Weasley sucks. Scorpius and Albus are best friends *theyre basically in love.

Albus potter was kind of like Harry in Order of the Phoneix. Very grumpy but he has his moments. This kid has more daddy issue then the Winchesters. Him and Harry just keep seem to have a normal relationship and they said somethings that didn’t need to be said.

This storyline was fun and because it’s a script it’s very easy to read.

I liked how they brought the timeturners back because they were only in one other book and never came back up. Time travel is one of the main focus of the book. Because of his rocky relationship with Harry, Albus and Scorpius time travel and try to undue some stuff that Harry has done. As you can imagine it all goes downhill because if Doctor who has taught us is that time travel is complicate.

A lot of old characters appear like Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, Voldemort, and that b*tch named Umbridge.

Hermione and Ron were back and their kid sucks. Rose Weasley is the worst I mean she is mean to Albus and my precious Scorpius. She just using her parents fame and thinks she is better than everyone. Because of the time traveling messes everything up, there is a point where Hermione is mean and Ron is married to someone else. The only upside was that Rose wasn’t there but my ship wasn’t together!

Harry and Ginny were still together because is hinny is forever. James is barely in it and in the scenes where he is there he a jerk. Lily is just a kid so she cute. Ginny is still her amazing and awesome self.

Draco had a wife and he loved her and Scorpius and they just killed her. And that was one of the reasons that he agreed to the time travel so that he could try and bring his mom back. There are also like fifty flashbacks in this book.

The Voldemort story was kind of weird. So everyone thought that Scorpius was like the son of Voldemort. Then there is chick who’s name I forgot and she is Voldemort’s daughter *i don’t know. It doesn’t make sense because who would get with Voldemort and Voldemort can’t love so.


I did love this book. I know a lot of people didn’t like this book but I did. I thought it was unique book and it’s probably a great play. It was a fun book and a fun read. I loved Albus and Scorpius so much! I hope I can get around to seeth play because this just made me want to see even more. What did you guys think of book? Did you love or hate this book? Do you think Albus and Scorpius are meant to be? Tell me in the comments below.

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately I’ve been so busy it’s crazy. But I’ll be back on schedule soon. Comment, like, and follow for more rants like this.

Also I made notes like I did with Girl Online: World Tour. I’ll post them below.

you know love fiction,

Gigi Darling


-we are just starting off with how the last book end

-your dad is Ron Weasley how dare you call him lame

-little lily

-do these kids know who their parents are?

-Wait! James said that at the end of deathly hallows now Rose is saying it

– Ron will never change

– people like your parents not you

– yes become best friends

– you suck Rose

– Scorpius is so freaking cute


– I hate you

-hey Slytherin is cool

– talk about time jumps

– you leave Albus alone


– shut up James

– Draco being a good dad and going to Harry makes me happy

-you kids leave them alone! They are great!

-another time jump? Really? Why not long?

-see that emo stage is kicking in

-poor scorpius 

-be a good friend!

-another gryffindor which makes albus grumpy 

-time turns are back after four books of not talking about them

-Hermione is still great

– we’re just bringing this up again

-who dis?

-repeat the last note

-you are so cute lily

-why does James have the clock?

-an old blanket?

-I never thought I would say this but stupid albus. We don’t insult Harry Potter 

-take that back

-you guys that was too far



-ohhhhhhhhh snap

-rose you can’t ignore someone and then decided to be there friend again


-scorpius is the best character

-that’s a bad decision 

-get off the roof


-stop mess with Ginny

-it’s that girl

-are you sure???

-don’t trust her she seems shadey 

-this isn’t going to end well

-okay that was awkward

-hey moaning myrtle you’re still here

-I think I ship this

-okay it wasn’t that bad

-oh no


– just like old times

– liar

– no Harry you are just making this worse

– wait? Gryffindor? What?



– Ron is weird now

– don’t do this

-his heartbreaks and so does mine

– stop trying to break up this great friendship!

-Ginny control your man!

-hermione is mean? Why? What the French fries is happening?


– just be friends again!!!

– Scorpius isn’t evil!!!

– you guys just destroyed their kitchen 

-she’s still here

– important questions

-harry cooks? That’s makes me so happy! Hinny is grow up!

-Draco loves scorpius so much!

-yes just talk and love each other!!!!

-rose not existing is for the best

-she was really mean

-you guys messed with ronmione 

-where is Hugo?

-yeah don’t make this worse


-my poor child

-they are so in love

-be losers together 

-Ron and Hermione belong together!!!!!

-they are Doctor whoing as you might say


-why are you here Umbridge?



-I ask again what is happening??

-whose valor?

-my little scorpius is popular 

-no Draco be nice again


-so we aren’t going to have Snape around for long

-yes because the chosen one could have been Harry or Neville as we are told in Order of Phoenix

-Snape is so great

-no not Ron!

-go away Umbridge 


-no more fighting

-poor Harry

-is Voldemort coming back?

-McGonagall your great

-the shadey girl is back again




-what do you think this is supernatural?

-that’s a bad idea


-hey Cedric

-oh on

-wait all the things I’ve read have said that harry can no longer do parseltongue and I’m pretty sure the JK confirmed it


-How did that happen??

-we are going way back

-kid your dad tried to kill her and look how that turned out

-is love blinds like the theme for this book?

-do we get a montage?


-zap her???

-Harry / Voldemort??


-why do you like Rose? She’s mean

-so do I

-what am I going to do now?


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