So thrilling its a roller coaster! | Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon review

Hello Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing Gilt Hollow by one of my favs Lorie Langdon!!



Rating: + A: Perfect book with get characters and fantastic plot line.

If you didn’t know already *but you should know already but Lorie Langdon wrote one of my favorite series along with Carey Corp. It’s called Doon and I recently wrote a review for that check it out here. But that’s not what we are talking about today, we are talking the emotional thrill ride that Gilt Hollow. This is also her first solo book and it was freaking awesome!

So I saw the cover of this book on Lorie’s Instagram and I was like whoa…. That looks cool and then literally the next week later I go to ALA and there’s Lorie Langdon at panel with a bunch of other authors and she is signing copies of Gilt Hollow. And I got it! SIGNED!!!

This story is about this girl named Willow and she had this best friend named Ashton who was sent to prison because for a murder that happened to a guy named Daniel and he was found guilty. He claims that he didn’t do it and she believed him. Then years go by and Ashton is let out of prison and he wants to know who set him up.

I loved this book so much more then I thought I would. I’m not really a big thriller / mystery person but this book was amazing!

Willow was a great lead and Ashton deserved to be treated better then he is treated because so many character in this book besides Willow treat him so badly. They famed him for stuff to get him trouble. They bully him and they say rude stuff about but he is a nice guy!

Willow is probably the nicest person in this town because no matter what people tell her she stays by Ashton and treats him nicely. I mean it does take a while for their friendship to get back on track because you know the whole going to jail thing for murder. But they make it through.

Also I didn’t expect to ship Ashton and Willow has much as I did. I mean I was reading this book and when it wasn’t talking about the mystery of it all, the scenes with Ashton and Willow were so great. I loved them so much! I mean they are basically a more interesting version of the couple from the Notebook. Seriously Willow wrote Ashton letters and he never got because her mother hide them.

I’ve never seen the Notebook. Or read the book. Or any Nicholas Sparks novel.But I’m pretty sure that she sent the guy letters and he never got them because someone hide them.

Still they are like OTP goals. She takes of him and they protect each other and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

In this story, Willow gets threatening messages telling her to stay away from Ashton or ELSE! And it’s hard to figure out who it because everyone hates Ashton and they keep telling Willow to stay away from him. But she doesn’t and the messages start becoming pictures of her or her family members walking around. Unlike another story which will stay nameless *it was Girl Online: World Tour where a character got messages and we never figured out who did it, we figure out who did it.

Even though I love this book, I was able to call the ending because it was a little predictable. When the real bad guys were introduced, I could kind of feel like they had something to do with the whole thing. Then I just thought they were bullies and then I thought wow these guys are just awful but then I thought wow these guys totally did it. And I was right! *it was Daniel brother Colin!

Other then that this book was the best and when this book comes out, you guys should buy it and the Doon series because Lorie Langdon’s book are just great! I love this book so much and everyone should read it! I hope you enjoyed this review! Comment, like, and follow for more rants like this.

you know love fiction,

Gigi Darling


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