Writing with Gigi! Part II

Greetings everyone!! So I was going to do my Crown of Midnight review but I decided to do another writing post. *yay!


No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”
― Robert Frost

I think I understand what the quote is saying and I didn’t pick it for any reason. I just like Robert Frost because he wrote that poem that I like and I’m not big of a poetry fan but that’s for a different post.

I made one of these writing post in August* and it was fun because I just rant about writing  and my stories and I really enjoyed it so I’m doing it again!

I’m on vacation and SOD (Son of a Demon) is just sitting in my bag waiting to be written in because I haven’t written anything else since the middle of September. I finished the chapter I was writing and then I didn’t touch it. I’ve been trying to write a lot of Skyfall and Annabelle Strange and then trying to write this new fanfic and then going back to all these other stories that I started years ago but I’m just getting back to.

I wrote a fight scene in SOD and it was bad. I’m hoping to go back and edit soon because man that was the weakest thing ever. Also I may have sent the first couple of chapters to people and I haven’t read anything yet so I’m crazy nervous.

I decide to write this Troyler fanfic idea that I had a couple years back but I never started it until a couple days ago. I want to write so badly because troyler is apart of my youtube fangirl origins but yet I don’t really need to start another story. I think that for right I’m going to write a little but and wait for Skyfall or Annabelle Strange to finish before I post it. The fanfic is sort of a star wars thing because it’s in another galaxy and there is an empire and people are rebelling and there are androids. I hope it’s going work.

Skyfall is now on Archive of Our Own so you can read it there now. I don’t know why I did that. It’s also behind though because Skyfall only has nine chapters and I’ve posted six on ao3. Skyfall has also been getting these random ass comments that I don’t understand so I don’t really care about them that much but it made me realize how far people will go to hate on something. The person that is doing this is using a guest account which means they don’t have a regular account and can’t follow stories.

This person is literally enter their information over and over again just so they can leave these stupid mock reviews for my story. If you don’t like something then make fun of it once then leave it alone but why would you go through all of that just to leave weird comments.


Here is the last one that was left on my story:

Never came home that he was Borg White skin Bright Red eye was MAULED BY sNAKES THEN HE ATTACKED ME WITH AS ALL OF IT HAD STRENGTH HE WAS A ROARING THEN SUDDENLY bitten me hardest too deepest was possessed CRUNCHED wITH FANGS HIS SECRET WAS OUT THEN vOLTURI FOUND OUT WHO REALLY HE WAS BITTEN! then The Cullens wre horrified what Sklar became a monster he was a roaring then it was too late lost control of his hunger then you broken our rules Skylar Fields I find you as rouge bitten her too hard with best friends you torn Felix! His Screams was heard then destroyed as a rouge Vampire without a mind with them blazing within blissed me a st\ngth to fiht then Alice felt Sklar’s skin dead as a dt ying black hole CARLISLE! HE’S BITTENBy who someone then they were next with best friends with three and all of the pack then it came his screams and voice make it stop burning it hurts me hE WAS cHANGED INTO OUR SPECIES aLICE HE IS WAS ATTACKED BUT BITTEN TRANSFORMED THEN executed us/them freed crunching outside with mazillions of all of it came with a severely bite right onto his own hand screaming he was turned into a creatute of the night was from Snakes all of mazillions were all telepathic blazing freely our screams shattered frely take the bodies way at one then it came his last heartbeat was slient fully I heard it a new heart ws reborn Grandfather they attacked me and Hi look he’s is a Vampire then it was true then bursting fred but smashing that he felt different crunched from his human body then it really gone too wrong he sparkled in diamonds Alice what is he CARLISLE!Rhis newborn looks young is 54 years old a hybrid stopped final growth is bitten what we do taken him from here then blacked outside popped you broken this rule he kills Vulcans drained animals But you are too late the venom is into him is unable to die cursed spirits begone we live here then BLASTING FREELY ThenShattered take te corpses then reappered then reported Sk\ylar is a Vampire bitten by both what he is unable to die but is fifty-four years old in te body of a young man done cruelity and he was trained to be a tracker by the Phonex guard of the Cullen added more he’s gifted that was it murdered by tearing them u[p apart then it came with more he is changed yes illegall they are sentenced to death the serum dropped as All of all of shifters and covens and newborn s from here as mazillions history repeating itself by time travel his poers emerged ten bring them as all of tem suddenly it came with bodies as all remains of much many more bodies suddenly it came too late screams of all of tem with kids bitten but too late killed with American wones that was it came too late murdered with our own as all of it came too late torn apart then suddenly more than as all of guards ripped bitten as all of them but suddenly exploding then came with kills destroyed then became members of the Volturi reported Skylar is a hybrid bitten by snakes what he is not human then it came more than as all of Vampires more than as all of tem exploding their kids Shattering then it ame too late exploding as truest members then my grandfather reported he hunted more animals still the same person then blacked as all pf us with him but it was too late severeance of the sol then nuking from here then brought te Accused by Apiril 2063 of fifth these ones have more than as all of allies are brought here accused of all of crimes for holding newborns will perish here comdemned to death it’s settled sentenced to die of their heirtages excute them all mazillions then suddenly they had them murdered were more than all of guards exploding their truest members of the Volturi had extinct us/mazillions more than all of them that was it torn from here ten Alice had a Vision more powerful oh my god they done evil but his eyes are Yellow that’s right I am a hybrid born with teeth and fangs trapped what happened to us youth you died regained your katra I fear it is coming Carlisle you must adopt him by Federation orders that the pack sighten a Vulcan woman was young that he was with tem adopted te last sibling blinked outside with us popped then with covens and shifters with newbons then it came donated kids as all of it popped from existence he wore His hair in a Vulcan fashion had forgotten to remove his Ocampan ears were pointed had his eybrows slanted looked like Ensign Vorik from Star Trek Voyager was a Trekker I adapt what is this place he had taken a cold tones of his now shattering voice box and cords could sense no thank you I must meditate he became sorrowful but grieved but emotionless embraced Kolinahr he was Vulcan Momma mia young man yes Captain due of your war injury Enlist in Starfleet Ensign Vorik as you wish T’Kehr Alice who are these Aliens Vulcan Skylar my name is Vorik I am a Vulcan male in the words of Ambassdor Spock Live Long and Prosper he split his fingers in a real formally Ceremonial ta’ai salute They did a fan film based on a Sim the young Vulcan woman felt Vorik he was feeling a lot feverish but was starting in fits and starts of his illness placed a thing he was te one claimed me as he was one placed a telepathic matig bond right implanting a code right on my own face suddenly Reneesme my desire I have intiated Koont’ut’so’lik my desire to be your mate do you accept this Ancient Vulcan proposal that in a trance as our days for our all our tomrrows as in the beginning as it is today to you my mate I will constrate who am I I shall make my choice This One then pointed my finger at her own champion Jacob Black acted like T’Pring was Arlene Martel Reneesme ers you chosen a champion her hair was in a fashion of Vulcan women Momma mia young man what is tell me I was really sick Doc I searched it’s pon’farr he just produced wonderful semen/sperm it’s venomous he is going to be a lot violent no l rest not eating everysevers of a Vulcan male’s life Crap I am going into heat was tearing me apart from the outside in Alice keep him from his possessed one from I can’t it is driving me it was Ava was was bitten uh oh Sir! that news of her change they were furious.

I’m not that hurt by these comments because one I was expecting for something like this to happen. I knew that people wouldn’t like my fanfiction and it’s for a fandom that isn’t very popular with others and also the grammar isn’t really that correct. Seriously I can’t read those comments because of how incorrect they are. THERE ISN’T ONE PERIOD IN THAT PARAGRAPH UNTIL THE END!

Let’s talk about something else now.

Annabelle Strange wasn’t as popular as Skyfall until a couple weeks ago and it now as some review and people are started to follow it. I’m glad about that because Annabelle Strange is my favorite thing to write at the moment. I’ve introducing new characters and getting into the storyline with the monster in it and it’s been a lot of fun.

My the decision over break to go back and look over two of my old stories that I started two years ago. One of those was one called the L.O.V.E club and it was fun romantic story that also had real problems such as depression, dyslexia, OCD, and coming out. I don’t know why stopped writing it because I remember having fun writing and enjoy the characters but I just stopped writing it.

I know my writing isn’t the best right now but it was better then it was two years ago. I have characters randomly popping up and introducing themselves. Weird conversations that went from introductions to about serial killers giving their victims. There are also a lot of jokes slamming Fifty Shades of Grey. I also changed the character names of the two of the leads. One of the guys name was Gus and it’s now Ian. The second character whose name I changed was Louis and his name is now Luke. I was going to change the main girls name from Anastasia to something else but I really love that name so it stayed.

For the second story it was called Legends and it’s about kids with superpowers and the government is controlling everything and it was written better then L.O.V.E. was. There were some errors and I think that I was going to have a storyline about one of the character’s sisters being missing and the girl he had a crush had something to do with it. The only thing I’m changing is one of the characters because I based him off one of my friends and that friend called it lame. I’m making that character the person that my friend hates.

Well this has been fun. That was everything I need to rant about and I feel so great! You guys should comment questions and other things that I should write about. If you would like to read one of the stories that I mention then click the page titled Stories by G. I hope you enjoy this rant! I post once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.



you know you love fiction,

Gigi Darling

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