Until Dawn: Part 1 | Gameplay

Greetings everyone and WELCOME TO GAMEPLAY! Today I’m trying so new and it’s something that my lil sister on her blog *. This is basically a walk through of the game Until Dawn and the choices I make.



I like I should start out by saying that I’m not that great when it comes to video games. I played Alien: Isolation and I made about thousands mistakes when playing that game. My dad brought my sister and I this zombie game where you go around and shoot it zombies while completing objectives and I was just shooting everything while screaming. So when my dad said that brought me this game and I discovered it was a game where you decision affect the whole freaking game, I told myself that I would make good choices.

That’s not going so well.

I started out pretty great other then letting Beth and Hannah die in the beginning but I think that I couldn’t stop that. For the first butterfly thing, I decide not to go through Chris’ bag because everyone was going to be happy and get along. Chris trusted Sam because of that choice and he was happy to see her. Also I didn’t shot the squrriel the so nature remind at balance whatever that means.

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Like I said I wanted everyone to get along and be a good friend so being a good friend means that you tell them about when you see their lover with someone else so I made Matt look through the telescope and then he confront Mike and did it calmly! So again I felt pretty good. Mike and Jess got into a snowball fight and again I didn’t hit the bird because the nature at balance thing got me worried. Also had Matt side with Emily when Jess and Emily were having their little fun talk and I don’t know how that plays out yet. Then when Jess fell down in the tunnel, Mike was her hero and helped her out.

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Then everything went to sh*t. I should probably mention that I have never played a game on a playstation. Ever! I have only ever used the playstation for Netflix so this was a new experience for me. And again I had the let’s make the right decision’ vide and I was also like ‘I’m doing a great job! I’m such great gamer!’ *let’s just all take a second to laugh at that comment. So Jess and Mike are in the cabin and then a phone is thrown through a window and Jess -thinking that it’s everyone at the cabin – goes out and yells at them and then just kidnapped for something. Mike is so post to chase after her and I kept pressing the wrong buttons because I was to busy freaking out! *i was also watching scream on my kindle because season two was just add and stuff was also happening!!!!

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And then when I got to weird shady place where Jess was taken and she was dead.

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I literally lost all my confidences and now whenever I have to press buttons I start freaking out and screaming and when I start screaming, my family who is sitting in the other room is just like, “What’s wrong Gigi? did you get someone killed again?” and I’m just like “YAS” while crying.

Then everything else got a little crazier because Josh, Ashley, and Chris play with the Ouija board *which always works out well and get a message from one Josh’s sisters, Beth who died in the beginning. She gives them a message that says proof is in the library so Ashley and Chris start looking around the library and found this creepy stuff that are about Beth and Hannah’s deaths. Then suddenly this very creepy guy shows up and kidnaps Ashley and knocks out Chris.

*i told you he was creepy

Chris goes looking for Ashley and discovers her and Josh tied up and a saw standing between them. A voice comes on and tells Chris that he needs to choose who will die.

Mood at that moment:

I picked Ashley even through it was heartbreaking to kill Rami Malek *rest in peace you beautiful angel even though you only die in the game. Then I start playing Matt and Emily who are just walking around in the freezing cold and then have to go and look for the cable car to find help. The two are walking around in the woods when they are surround by a herd of deer on a cliff. Then we cut to Sam who is having a calming bath and oh yeah the creepy guy in the mask is watching her. Sam gets out of the and discovers that her clothes are missing and she goes through the house in towel following a bunch of balloons with arrows. Sam walks into a theater, video of Sam in the bath and Josh being cut in half is show, then I made the decision to throw a vase at the guy and then run away. Again like I said I was panicking and I did what I would probably did if I was in this position.

Run like hell!

Mood at that moment:

According to the butterfly affect menu that you can look at, that was the correct choice but you could have always grabbed a bat that Josh locked up at a point in the game before. Because it said that I had pick the correct, I was slowing growing confident again and continued running but then I got gassed by the creepy. So much for making the right choices. Then I went back to Matt and Emily and I was still doing that thing were I don’t hurt animals and it was the right choices.

Mood at that moment:

Also before every chapter begins you are in a meeting with this really shady doctor guy who just asks you random questions and then if he doesn’t believe what you answer he just starts yelling and in the room he is in, creepy things are added. It’s weird! And it turns out that creepy guy in the mask is his patient!

That’s where I left off in the game. It was really hard for me but everyone is laughing at this post as they read it which is okay. Have you guys played Until Dawn? If you have, did you play much better then I did? I hope you enjoyed this gameplay and I know that I’ve already posted this week but I wanted to post this now before I forgot everything.Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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