Until Dawn: Part 2 | Gameplay

Greetings everyone and welcom to GAMEPLAY! Today I’m back with the second part of my Until Dawn walk through with all the choices I have made and the out come of that.


I wrote the first part a couple days ago and you can read that here and I talked about how I failed at a lot of things. So when I picked up this game again to start off I had pretty much just lost hope of ever mastering this game and just decide that I was going to play this the best way I could which was pressing buttons and hoping they were right. I left off last time with Josh being killed, Sam being kidnapped, Mike being stuck in the mines, and Ashley and Chris freaking out.

Emily and Matt had to walk through this herd of deer and you had the choice to hurt them but like I said in the last one by hurting the animals you could like somehow set nature off balance I guess so I didn’t do that.

Emily and Matt make their way to this tower to go and get out. There you can find a flare gun and give it Emily or Matt and I gave to Matt for some reason I don’t know why. Matt sends out a flare and then something cuts wires that makes the building fall. Emily is like hanging from the tower and Matt has a choice to save Emily or jump to safety. I tried to save Emily but it wouldn’t work so I jumped to safety and then the tower just falls into a pit taking Emily with it.

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We then cut to Ashley and Chris who are busy being in love looking for Sam because she is missing and they are looking through the basement and find all the creepy stuff. Like Sam’s clothes on clown dummy, a lot of clues, and I got Ashley scissors. When they find Sam, the creepy guy comes after them and then Ashley stabs him with the scissors but then the creepy guy punches her in the face. Then they both get knocked out and when they wake up it’s time for another stupid game that makes me have a panic attack. The voice says that he has to kill himself or Ashley.

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I started freaking out and I picked Chris and then the screen cuts to Mike finding Sam tied up and her getting some clothes other then the towel she was wearing. The two find Ashley and Chris and the creepy guy and we find out that the gun *thankfully is loaded with blanks and the creepy guy turns out to be……………… *wait for it………. JOSH!!!!

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Turns out Josh wasn’t to happy about what happened to his sisters and he made the choice to prank all of his friends because of what they did. But Mike thinks that Josh killed Jessica and then he and Chris take him outside, tie him up, and leave him outside. We cut back to Emily who is hanging upside down for the tower. She ends up in the mines with a creature and a guy who is very flamethrower happy. As Emily tried to escape we enter another adventure of Gigi presses the wrong button and I get Emily bitten by the weird creature. She escape though and makes it back to the house and so does happy flamethrower guy who explains that the creatures is a wendigo.


*should we call the Winchesters????

Chris and the flamethrower guy go out to look for Josh but not before him and Ashley kiss. Then outside they find Josh isn’t there and then run into the wendigo. It can’t see you if you stand still so you have to keep the remote still but I didn’t do that and the flamethrower guy got killed. And that’s it for today everyone. I hope you enjoyed this post and there should only be one last part for this series. Have you guys played Until Dawn? If you have, did you play much better then I did? I hope you enjoyed this gameplay and I post once a week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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