THE BEST ONE YET | Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas review

Greetings everyone! Today I’m reviewing Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, the third book in the Throne of Glass series.



Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.”

We get four new characters in this book. First one is Rowan who is sort like a mix between Chaol and Dorian. I mean like at first he is mean like Chaol but unlike Chaol I grew to like Rowan. Rowan is a prince like Dorian which is like the only reason I thought they were alike. He isn’t the nicest guy in the beginning but I grew to love him in the end. His background story about him and his mate nearly killed me. I did find it weird that he and Celaena had the same aunt because I feel that there was something going on between them.

I have done a review for Throne of Glass and a review for Crown of Midnight so check those out. I liked Throne of Glass and I really liked Crown of Midnight and I was really excited to get into this book because everyone kept telling that this was the best one. I got this book right after I finished Throne of Glass along with Crown of Midnight and after that ending in the second book I was ready to jump right in it.

The book starts with Celaena and she is no longer with Dorian or Chaol. She is in this place  called Wendlyn and has been having a lot of ‘fun’ since she was sent to there after the events for the last book. Celaena is looking for these keys that go against the new enemies in this book and that takes her back to the fairies and the life she left behind. If you don’t remember in the last book we discover that she is long last fairy princess Aelin. She mets this guy named Rowan who is a fairy prince and he takes her to fairy queen. In the last book we got like really tiny glimpse into the fairies in this world but in this book we get more of an intro to fairies and their lives and stuff like that.

At first I was like ‘fairies yay’ but after getting a couple pages into this could say that most of the fairies in this book are giant dicks.

Seriously! I didn’t like Rowan in the beginning. I thought we had another Chaol on our hands and I was just like no. I didn’t like Rowan until he explained his back story and then I was just like ‘you poor baby angel, let me protect you!’ Her aunt on the our hand though is head bitch of the fairies which makes sense since she’s the queen. I mean in the beginning of the book she is just like, ‘I’ll give you the answer to the Wyrdkeys if you can use those magical fire powers that you haven’t used in like ten or more years.’ and she just  puts Celaena through all this crap and training with mean Rowan before I liked him.

The second character we met is Aedion who is Celaena’s cousin but he call knows her Aelin which was her name before she changed it. He is pretty cool and he’s like a double agent, working for the king but he also is secretly working Terrasen *aka the fairy people. Aedion is a cool character and I really hope that he doesn’t die because I want to see where his character goes.

The next character we met is Manon *these names are easy for me to type but I can’t say them for the life of god. She is witch and an okay person. I mean she is cool with being a witch and all but she kinds of suck as person. Hopefully she can grow as a character the more the books go on if she doesn’t die. Her grandmother though is much worse and I hope she does die.

Then the fourth person is Sorscha and she is the only person in this book who won’t get to carry on in the books because she dies and it’s heart breaking. She works with Dorian because he is trying to control the magic that we discovered in the last book after he saved Chaol *disappointing frown from Celaena trying to kill him. She helps him try to control this magic and then they fell in love which I called and I was very upset about that because I still ship Dorian and Celaena and I called that it wouldn’t last very long. So Chaol, Dorian,  Aedion, and Sorscha are called into the king’s throne room. Aedion is taken to prison and then the king just executes Sorscha right in front of Dorian! *oh snapple!

Dorian gets really mad and uses his magic in front of his dad and Chaol gets to escape and we don’t know what happened to Dorian. We don’t know if he is safe! But we do know that stupid ass Chaol is safe and well!!!! *if you are wandering why I’m not talking about Chaol it’s because I don’t care about him enough. He saved Fleetfoot though so that’s probably the only good thing he has done.

We sort of have multiply villains in this story. The witches aren’t the nicest, the king sucks but the main villain are these things called the Valgs and they are sort like these demon creatures and they are really really shady and that’s why she was looking for these things that can discover and it’s her and Rowan fighting them off.

There reason that this book is better then the other two is because it’s never slow. There are so many great fight scenes, character scenes, and romantic scenes that unlike the other two I was never bored or waiting for the action to start back up because it was always there! One of my favorite scenes is when Celaena has this show down with her aunt and she is just like ‘i’ll be burn down your city.’ Then her aunt is just like ‘my city is made of stone’ and then Celaena just goes ‘but your people aren’t’ and I’m just like OHHHHH!! *let me just get the quote

You wanted a demonstration,” Celaena said quietly. Sweat trickled down her back, but she gripped the magic with everything she had. “One thought from me, and your city will burn.”

“It is stone,” Maeve snapped.

Celaena smiled. “Your people aren’t.”

This book was fan-freaking-tastic! There was a lot of character development and it just beats those other two books. I can’t wait for Queen of Shadows and discover what is next to come with all of our over characters and hopefully they don’t all die! Have you guys read Heir of Fire? If you have what did you think? Did you think it was the best one? In other news I made a book club on Goodreads so check that out. I hope you enjoy this review and I post once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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