THE BEST THING EVER!! | Beauty and the Beast 1991 Movie Review

Greetings everyone and today I’m reviewing one of my favorite films from my childhood and it’s still one of my favorite films now, which is Beauty and the Beast!

*the movie is 25 years old I shouldn’t have to put a spoiler warning. if you haven’t since the film then what is wrong with you?


Rating: + A: Perfect story with great characters and fantastic plot line.

Beauty and the Beast is a film made 1991 and is about a girl named Belle who likes to read books and when her dad goes missing, she goes looking for him and finds him locked up in abandon castle and is being held there by a beast. To let her father go, Belle makes a trade so that she is the end that has to stay in that castle forever. At first her and the beast don’t get along but then they start to have feelings for each other and it’s beautiful!

I made a post about Beauty and the Beast the other day and I talked about this film and the up and coming live action version which you can read here. I said that I would make a review for this film and the one coming out in March next year and now we are here and I just want to around all day and watch it a thousand more times. This film was my favorite when I was little. I had a Belle dress and I wore it everywhere and watching this film took me back.

When I started watching, I felt like I was going to cry. Then when I was in middle of this movie I felt like crying. When was done watching this movie, I just let like crying because this film is the best! Man I only watched this film once today and it really messed me up. I just love it soo much! I literally went on ebay and started looking at Belle ballgowns and sent them to my mom because I might as while go back to being to being two year old me *it was a better time anyway.

This is me watching the film:


One of my favorite things in this film is Belle.


I love her. She has always been the person that I like to say I am. She is nice, loves to read, likes the colors blue and yellow which are my favorite colors, and has brown hair. Belle is a really nice person who believes in her dad  even though everyone else thinks that he is crazy and when people think that the beast is a bad person, she still sticks up for him and tries to stop them from killing him. Don’t say that is she not a strong female lead because she is. Belle only had to saved once by the beast because that she was being surround by wolves and she only had a stick. I’m pretty sure that you can’t fight off wolves with a stick.

The Beast is a good character.


He just got turned into a creature when he was eleven and was young and didn’t know that much about love. On top of that he has been alone most of time. I know he has the people who used to work at the castle but other then them, he doesn’t really have anyone. When Belle comes into his life, he sort doesn’t know how to act but he tries to make her feel at home and because she helped treat his injuries he gave her a library! A LIBARY GUYS! HOW SWEET IS THAT!!!

Let me say something to all the haters out there, Belle and the Beast relationship isn’t Stockholm syndrome. They didn’t like each other in the beginning but after he saved her, they both gave each other a chance and that’s how feelings began. Relationships with Stockholm syndrome are like Rapunzel and Mother Gothel in Tangled not like their relationship. Mother Gothel didn’t let Rapunzel leave like at all but Beast did let her go because he knew that if he really loved her then he couldn’t keep her there and that is much different. Their relationship is one that I have always loved because it is soo great!

Another thing that I love about this movie is Chip and Mrs. Potts.


When Chip appeared on the screen, I was just like the ultimate cinnamon roll right there! He is only a chipped tea cup but I love him!! And he was probably like a baby when this curse happened so whoa. Every time he appeared on the screen, I almost started crying because one watching this film makes me emotionally unstable and he is just so adorable. His mom is the best and really kind. She can see the best in people and that is something that I really like about her. Also tale as old as time is a great song! I love it!!!

They really help the story with Mrs. Potts being that character that sort of guides everyone and Chip is just that character that everyone loves because he is really cute!

I also love Lumiere and Cogsworth.


They are most of the humor for this film and I love it. You guys need to watch this film and love as much as I do. If you have already watched it then go and watch again. Watch million times! Do you guys love this movie? If not then what the hell is wrong with you? This movie is fantastic! GO watch it! and reread it! Because it is just the best and the new film comes out next year so get on it! I love it. I hope you enjoyed this review. I post review, rants, and other stuff one this blog once every weeks. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


you know you love fiction,

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