Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review

Greetings everyone! Today I’m discussing the Gilmore Girls Revival!


I’m a giant Gilmore Girls fan. I haven’t talked about on this blog but if you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr or just live with me or know me as a person then you know that I love Gilmore Girls. I meant to put this on my favorites list last year but it was a very long post and I hadn’t really loved the last season. I did want to do a review of the original before this came out but that didn’t happen so hopefully I can do that after I post this.

If you don’t know Gilmore Girls was a show that came on in 2000 and it was about a mother named Lorelai and her teenage daughter named Rory and their lives and it’s such a great show! It has seven seasons which are all on Netflix so go watch it! There are so many stars that have like guest starred like Ron Swanson and Aaron Burr. The show end in 2007 and it was cancel because like a said season seven wasn’t the best. This show is really great and so people loved it.

About last year it was announced that Gilmore Girls was coming back for four movie long episodes on Netflix!!!

Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I was so excited for this and I knew that I had to keep my expectations low but I couldn’t help. More of the cast keep confirming that they were coming back and it just made so happy. Even the original writer of the show who left the show around season six said that she was coming back. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life just air couple days ago and I had family over the day it premiered so I had to stay off the internet all day to avoid spoilers. It was hard but I did it and now we are going to talk about it.

The minute the first episode it started and they started like over voices from moments in the original show, I was about to cry. It was just like taking me back and I loved it. The beginning takes us through Stars Hollow and then we are reunited with our girls. I’ve talked about how the last seasons weren’t great and that was because the writer left the show. She and her husband came back and wrote these episodes and that spark that was from the earlier seasons was back and it made me soo happy. The quick fast pace talking is back and it is so funny!

Like when they are reunited at the beginning of Winter, the first time Lorelei sees Rory she is just like ‘that what you look like getting off a plane?’ and it was just a great start. Rory sort of has this boyfriend that she keeps forgetting about and that she needs to break up with him and it’s an on going joke through out the episodes until in Fall she gets a text from him saying that they should break up and it was great.

Gilmore Girls is a funny show but it still has it’s sad and angsty moments. One of things that I expected was Richard’s death. If you didn’t know, Edward Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore died at like the end of 2014 and they wrote his death into the show. I knew that characters who be going through this and it was going to be a hard time for all of them. I also knew that there would be other things that the characters would go through  which was showed in the trailer. All three girls are going through things and I was a little scared that it was only going to sad and angsty moments with a couple jokes here and there but it wasn’t.

My favorite episode was Fall. Oh my god, I cried so hard in this episode. It was when everyone that hadn’t showed up finally showed up. Lorelai decided that she wanted to do a Wild to think about everything in her life and instead she didn’t do that but she did get thinking and she called Emily and told her about her favorite moment with her dad and it was so sweet.Then she went home and told Luke that she wanted them to get married and they did and I was crying again. It was soo sweet and I loved it. Emily quits the DAR which was such and great scene. When I saw her sitting there, I was just like we are going to get one of those great quitting scenes and we did and I loved it! Rory started writing a book about their lives in Summer and her and Lorelai got into a fight about it but then Rory went and wrote the first three chapters in Richard’s office and we get the scene for her recalling moments that happened in there and man it hit me hard in the feels. Lorelei tells Rory to continue writing the book and that she should call it Gilmore Girls.

We also got a return of Colin, Robert, and Finn which was great because when they were saying goodbye to Rory it was like they were trying to something like the Wizard of Oz.

My second favorite is Winter, then Spring, and then my least favorite was Summer. Summer started out great then we have a whole thirty minutes wasted by the Star Hollow musical. It is just random and not need. At first I thought that it was funny but then it kept going on and on and I was so over it. April came back in this episode and there was this funny scene with her. We also had Rory and Lorelai having these boys need Braydon and Dewie following them around and then Rory took over the Stars Hollow Gazette and she, Lorelai, and Dewie ran around town trying to get the papers out.

Paris was in two episode which I loved. She was doctor that Lorelai and Luke went to see in the beginning and then was so funny. Her and Rory go to Clinton reunion and they see fake Triston because Chad Michael Murray decide that he didn’t want to come back even though he has nothing else going on. Lane and the rest of the band came back and we see Lane and Zach’s kids for like two seconds which I was disappointed about. Kirk and LuLu were back and still together and Kirk did another short film which was so funny and he started a business called ooober which he then had close because Uber’s  lawyers started contacting him. We met Lane’s dad! Finally! For about three seconds. Sookie comes in the last episode which was great and she makes about fifty different wedding cakes for Lorelai and Luke.

There were somethings that I wanted and that was Rory to become a teacher which didn’t happen, for Lorelei and Luke to get married which did happened, and for Rory to end up with Jess which didn’t happen. I’ll admit at first I wasn’t a Jess fan but over time I did grow to love him and I knew that in the end, they would have been perfect for each other. I loved Dean in the beginning because I love Jared Padalecki and one of the appearances that I was waiting for was for him to appear. Logan was my favorite for along time but then I sort of didn’t want them together.

Logan and Rory in the revival weren’t together but they were sleeping together and he was engaged to some french chick. Thing was that they clearly wanted to be with each other but they didn’t say anything. When they were in that room together at the club where he gave her a key to start writing her book, they so wanted one of them to just say hey I still in love with you and I just wanted to be with. That didn’t happen though he still was engaged and she still was alone! If only I had one more episode or at least a couple more minutes for Logan to find out and do something about the fact that Rory is pregnant with his child!

Okay, I waited a thousand and 252 words to drop that bomb. The last four words are ‘Mom?’ ‘Yeah’ ‘I’m pregnant’ and then CREDITS START ROLLING AND MY FAMILY AND I JUST START SCREAMING! Those were the four last words that have planned since the beginning of the first show and when the revival was picked up we were promised that hear those four last words. I couldn’t wait to find out what they were. I stayed off the internet all day to wait for those words. i was soooooooooooo shocked when it happened. Seriously!! How could that be the ending? I need a Year in the Life Part 2! Do I have to wait another nine years to find out what happened.

I loved this revival! It was so great and I need it back already! Did you guys watched A Year in the Life? If you did then what did you think? If you didn’t then go and watch it! IF you haven’t seen the original show then go watch that first then go back and watch a Year in the Life. I hope you enjoyed this review because it’s like my longest one and are following my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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