Greetings everyone! Today I’m talking about the Doctor Who Spin off, Class created by New York Time Best Selling Author, Patrick Ness!


Rating: + A: Perfect book with get characters and fantastic plot line.

I’m doing something different with this review. I will talk about it with giving any spoilers for the first half but then I switch over to a spoiler section and you will be warned when that section is coming.

Class is a Doctor Who spin off and it is the second Doctor Who spin off out there. The first one was Torchwood and I loved it but man did it mess me up. It was a great show but so much stuff happened that man it left me crying in the end and so did Doctor Who. Because of Torchwood, I was really scared to start this show. What if it was going to be like that again. I don’t want another one of those shows *secretly do though. I got sick this weekend and my sister decide to show me all eight episodes and they were amazing!

I found out some stuff about this show which is that it was created and written by Patrick Ness an author that I love! More Than This was freaking fantastic and A Monster Calls left me in tears. If you guys haven’t read a Patrick Ness then you are missing out. Go read A Monster Calls because the film is coming and I’m so excited! Back to regular programming. I also found out that there are three Class books which I’m excited about even though tv books sucks. My sister went out and bought two of those books and I’m currently reading Stone House which is my book club book of the month *join my bookclub here And lastly, this show isn’t well known and it might not get a second season.

*cries off into the distance

I need a season two because I need to know what happens next. I spent most of today trying to talk my friends into watching Class. I finished like the second episode and I started this draft because I knew that I had a lot to talk about. It’s so good and you should watch and I will tell you why. Class follows a prince who goes by Charlie and his protector who goes by Ms. Quill and after their planet is destroyed and they are saved by the Doctor, the two are on Earth with Charlie as a high school student and Ms. Quill as his teacher. They met a bunch of different people and they all fight aliens together. Here is the trailer so you can watch it.

The cast is great and they are British and beautiful. This show has that Doctor Who feel in some of the episodes which I loved. My favorite character is probably everyone because they all have different traits and personalities that just fit together and I love it! Go watch this show!! So that’s all can say for the non spoiler section. If you haven’t watch the show then you watch and then come back and finish reading this review. Okay please leave if you haven’t watch Class because I don’t want you to get spoiled.




Now that the nonspoilered people are gone, let’s get down to business. This show is soo great and it made me even more emotionally unstable then I already am. Every episode was a different adventure and the characters go through so much giving them a lot of development.

It didn’t know anything about this show before I started. I knew two things which was that it was a doctor who spin off and that the main character was gay and had a boyfriend. I didn’t watch it because the boyfriend hadn’t be confirmed for the main cast and the writers were like teasing about someone not making it out alive. I didn’t want to watch because I didn’t want to another Torchwood because that just messed me up. My sister started watching it and then she made me start watching it and I loved every second of it!

The first episode was great! It starts with this kid running through the school with this weird thing that we later learn is a Shadow Kin which destroyed Charlie and Ms. Quill’s planet.That kid the next day is claimed to be missing. Charlie is the new kid who doesn’t really understand human things. April who is one of the main characters asks him to prom and he doesn’t say no in the nicest way and I’m just like Charlie you beautiful idiot. Ms. Quill isn’t the nicest teacher but that is pretty understandable because her kind was destroyed, she has this thing in her head that makes her under Charlie’s control.

They are trying to stay under the radar but that doesn’t work out because the Shadow Kin start attacking April and around girl who is also a main character named Tanya. Both are saved but April ends up with the King of the Shadow Kin heart. She and the Shadow Kin are connected which is crazy. Ram loses his girl and his leg from a Shadow Kin and he decides better. The doctor makes an appearance in this episode and he says a line about IKEA and I never knew how much I need that one line. In one of the scenes when the Doctor is talking there is this board with Clara’s name on it because this is the school where she taught.

My favorite character is Charlie who is played by Greg Austin and he does such a great job playing this character. I mean he is an Alien who is new to everything on Earth and he is so adorable. There is one scene in episode two where April is talking about folk music and while Tanya and April are talking he is just looking it up what it is. Greg also has fantastic chemistry with Jordan who plays his on screen boyfriend, Matteusz.


I love them together! I’m so scared that Matteusz was going to die because the actor who plays him isn’t apart of the main cast and tv doesn’t have the best record of keeping non straight and non white people alive. The morning after the finale, my sister went and watched it and gave me the good news that he doesn’t die! *yasssssssssssssss! But bad things is that more then one person die and man was that emotional. I’m now scared though that they will break up because Charlie used the Cabinet of Souls, which was all the souls of the people of his kind and that can be used as a weapon but he didn’t want to. Matteusz didn’t what him to use it but he did anyway and I just want my kids to be happy and work through this!

I think my favorite episodes are Detained which is episode six and the Nightvisiting which is episode three. Detained is a great episode and it is angsty as hell but I loved it! There was so much out because they get stuck in a room with a truth stone and secrets come out like Tanya saying that it feels like they treat her like a kid, Matteusz says that he is scared of Charlie, Ram tells April that he loves her but he knows that she doesn’t feel the same way, and then April confirms that, and then Charlie admits that he wants to use the cabinets of souls and I’m just over here dying of feeling because I just want everyone to be happy!

The Nightvisiting was also a great episode it wasn’t as angsty but it was still great. This creatures take the form of dead people and claims that they are there to help humans let go. Tanya sees her dad and Ms. Quill see her sister and Rachel Ram’s old girlfriend makes a small appearance. Charlie and Matteusz for most of the episode in Charlie’s room because Matteusz’s parents kicked him out and they were comforting each other and doing other things to each other. April and Ram kiss in this episode which I didn’t think I would like but I really ship them. They are really cute and I love them which makes what happens in the season finale heartbreaking.

In the final after what happened in episode six, no one is talking to each other. They are all ignoring each other, I mean Matteusz is living in a car so that he won’t see Charlie. The Shadow Kin come back and they kill Ram’s dad and Tanya’s mom and then the king is just like Matteusz is number five and I’m like  IF YOU TOUCH ANYONE OF MY CHILDREN, I’LL REACH THROUGH THE SCREEN AND KILL YOU!! Then like they try to kill Tanya’s brothers but the crew gets saves them in time. They all met in the gym where April tells Charlie to kill because then the king will die too and Charlie shots her and becomes king and uses the  Cabinet of Souls to take down all of them and then he tries to kill himself but Ms. Quill saved him. A soul goes into April’s bodies to try and save her but it back fires and April wakes up the Shadow Kin King’s body and then it ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This show is amazing and it makes me unemotional unstable but I loved every seconds of it. Have you guys watched this show? If you have what did you think of it? Did you love it as  much as I did? I hope you guys enjoy this review and are following my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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