Least Favorite Books of 2016!

Greetings earthlings! This the year is coming to an end and I’ll my talking about my least favorite books this year. I just published my favorites list which you can find here and I decide after writing that I wanted to make a least favorite books of this year. They don’t have to be published this year but I have to read and dislike a great amount. Please don’t be offend if you like one of books, it’s just my opinion and these are in no order.….Let’s get started!

Trap Jam by Steven Barwin


I got this book at ALA and I don’t really know what made me grab this book. I don’t even know why I grabbed this book. When I decide to read this year, I went back and I read the summary I was just like what the hell is this?

Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame


Again I don’t know why I got this book! It is about a girl who is a major push over falling in love with her stepbrother. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH UP? The main lead is horrible character as she lets these horrible ‘friends’ of hers push her over, body shame her, pressure to do shit stuff, and these dumb ass teenagers also do drugs which is the cherry on top of that predictable sunday. Her step brother is the worst human being in this book, every time he talked I wanted to punch because everything he said was the douching thing ever.

She talks about how he is the best thing to ever happen to her and I’m like he took you to a Coke party against your will, remember that. I hate those female characters who just forgive guys who do douching to them because they love them with all their hearts and I’m like that’s not how love works. This books is worst and it was originally published on Wattpad which should have been warning number one. Wattpad has good stories but they don’t publish those, they publish the crappy romance with douche bag bad boy characters and bad female leads.

Don’t read this book. Just don’t!

The Awakening by L.J. Smith


The saying the book is always better then the show or film has never been more false.

Matched by Ally Condie


Do I really need to explain this one?

The Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin


I have a review which explains why I hate these books. Check it out here.

Girl Online: World Tour


Here are my notes which describe how I feel about this book:

-why are we talking about the panic attacks that were barely focused on in first book
– everyone hates exams penny
– what parents act like this!?!??!!
– alexiot really?
– stereotyping again
– talking about a classic won’t make this book one
– more crappy jokes
– nemeses you’re in high school! You can’t have nemeses! And weren’t you in love with one them????
– more stereotyping
– I’m glad these characters aren’t real
– what no montage with cheesy 80s music or will that just be in the movie
– whose this chick again?
– does zoella even know what sass is????
– you just talked how she was nemeses now you just like sure I’ll get you tickets even though you bullied me
– saunters?
– pennylicious?
– he just got back and your going to a concert? No hey I love you and miss you how have you been??
– you probably got an f on chemistry because you’re lacking it with every character in this book
– there’s a difference from cute awkward and awkward awkward
– what? Why is Larry now Whitney?
– if he didn’t like then he wouldn’t be dating you
– she isn’t even now that blog anymore
– if your having fun then it’s going to be short
– your nicest makes me sick
– who’s the sketch?
– I knew that Noah wasn’t that famous
– For the first you feel out of place?
– shut up Blake
– shut up penny you know nothing about this
– music makes me cry too
– you creep
– yes I stole your phone because there need to be something interesting in this story
– go away Megan
– no
– larry is really nice you don’t even know him
– more more stereotyping
– no f** crappy drama
– I don’t believe you
– like you know what halo is
– rude
– i need to stop rolling my eyes they hurt
– that was lie
– shut up Blake
– she got hit by speaker and only cares about her camera and she could have moved
– who emails that fast
– who’s this chick
– because you’ve been panicking?
– I still don’t get who’s she writing to on theses blog post
– where you expecting rock stars not to party
– why did that need to be in caps
– shut up Blake
– I don’t care
– no
– Megan is now that friend
– leave landslide alone
– stop trying to funny
– gross
– not funny
– yes that is what you are
– crap I sort of feel bad for her
– again so does everyone
– I don’t know anyone
– you love it when she spills drinks on you
– you crappy friend
– you don’t need makeup to feel good
– shut up Blake
– no badly written cliche drama please!!!!!!
– cliche sequel drama
– its hard to make fun of it now
– no I’m a queen
– good songs
– you’ll be fine
– who this guy?
– stop it
– this is so unrealistic and this is in the real world
– the eye rolling is uncontrollable
– please no sequel!!!!

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