Romantic and Relatable as hell | A Totally Awkward Love Story by Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen review

Greetings everyone! Welcome to my first book review of 2017! Today I’m reviewing A Totally Awkward Love Story by Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen!



Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

This wasn’t the first book that I picked up and read this year but it was one that I felt so strongly about that I had to review it. Also this book is also called Lobsters by the way and I didn’t figure that out until I went on Facebook and it was just like ‘you are currently reading Lobsters’ and I was just like what the hell. This book follows Hannah who is trying to find the one before she leaves for college and then her and Sam met which is followed by a lot of awkward events. They are both trying to loss their virginities which just adds on to the awkwardness.

Honestly I don’t really know what made me want to get this book but I remember seeing this book at the store and just being like I have to have it. Maybe it’s because it’s called A Totally Awkward Love Story and I thought that the title was just so funny or the cover just being so cute. I don’t read a lot of romance because they are just the same story over and over again. Girl and guy meet, one as a dramatic past that makes the character has issues and the other is just a major cinnamon roll, cinnamon roll characters decides that their lives now revolve around the other even though the dramatic character has hurt them  because they thought it was the ‘right thing’ or some other bullshit reason but in the end they still get together.

It’s the same goddamn story every time!

But this story was different in some ways. The characters are relatable and so is the storyline like I could totally see people going through because it’s really awkward like the kind of awkward that you can relate to in way that you wish you didn’t know how they felt. The characters feel really real which is always great in romance novels. I love the relationship between Sam and Hannah it wasn’t the best but to be honest they were really cute. They just seemed to get each other and I hated moments when they weren’t together  it’s like hey you two are meant for each other just be together!

Hannah and Sam are such fun characters with crazy unique storylines that are really awkward at the same time. Both storylines are about the fact that they really are the best for each other but they kept getting separated and being with the wrong people and dealing with their friends. Like seriously they kept getting with the wrong people. Sam gets with this girl at one point and man that was so awkward. I read that scene in class and I was just cringing. Oh man that was just wow…. that was just so awkward.

This book can get really be graphic during some scene with hand jobs and sex. Also there is a lot of sex talk during this book. Which is expected mainly because its about two people trying to lose their virginities but in most young adult books don’t go as graphic is this book. It could be really cringey at sometimes.

As much I as I did love this book, I did have some issues with this book one of them being cheating. I have a lot of ships and most writers love to give those ships issues and an issue they usually throw out the characters is making them have a fight and cheat on each other. I don’t like cheating and I hate when it is throw into a story with characters that I really like and enjoy. Sam and Hannah’s relationship isn’t perfect in this story which I guess is realistic but after Sam gets the wrong impression with Hannah and other guy named Paz and he doesn’t make the right decision when he needs to handle it and Sam goes and cheats on Hannah with a girl he doesn’t even know that well.

I was so mad when that happened I was just like you little shit how could you ruin this! Hannah thought that they were like Lobsters and where meant to be together and then she goes outside and sees Sam the guy she has spent the whole fucking book waiting for making out some other girl. It just makes me so mad! Also two of Hannah’s friends cheat on their boyfriends so there was a fair about of cheating.

Another issue I had was Hannah’s relationship with her friend Stella. Stella is one of those girls who think that they are all that, put themselves first, and sometimes don’t really care about all of their friends and sometimes they do. I have always been in the Hannah in friendships like that where I feel like I can never be honest with them because it could ruin the friendship. I just hated reading about their friendship because it made me so mad. Hannah kept letting Stella walk over her and I get that but it made me mad because it felt like I was reliving those awful friendships. When Hannah finally told off Stella I was just like hells yeah you go girl!

This book beside it’s issues was a lot of fun to read. It had great characters who got great development and went through so things that were really awkward and really relatable. I had some much fun reading this book. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? I hope you guys enjoy this review and are following my book club here and other social media links. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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