Greetings everyone! Today I’m reviewing the Series of Unfortunate Events which came out yesterday and I just finished it and I have a lot of things to say so let’s get started!


Rating: + A: Perfect show with get characters and fantastic plot line.

I’m going to be honest I never read this series until last year. I’ll hold for your judgment *i feel the judgement right now I literally finished the last book on Wednesday. I had alway wanted to read this series but for some reason it took me 16 years to do it. I was going to put the ASOUE books on my 2016 favorites list but I just wanted to finish all the books first. So you guys should be seeing this series on my 2017 favorite book list. I had been looking forward to this series since the  first teaser trailer came out in like 2015 I think maybe before and I never heard anything also after that so I forgot but then more stuff kept coming out and I got so excited!

The show came on yesterday on Netflix and I started watching but then my sister got mad because I was watching it without her so then I stopped watching it and then we started it up again, finished it and now I’m here telling how fucking awesome this show was! It was spot on and beautifully filmed and wonderfully casted. It was so good seeing these books coming to life! It was perfect! Two trailers were released for this series one was funny and the other was pretty dark and I think that was pretty great. That’s what this series is it’s really dark which is something that it is know for but this story has it’s humorous moments. Sometimes that is hard for shows and movies to have that perfect blend because they can be too dark but not funny enough or like the case of the film version of this series they can be too happy.

This show was that perfect blend of humor and darkness that is this series which just adds on to it’s greatness. There was a movies that had the plot lines from the first three books, I haven’t seen it but I have hear horrible things about like the fact that they tried to squeeze  three books into one movie. The cast for the Baudelaire kids look much older then they should be and Klaus ISN’T WEARING GLASS! WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT? THAT’S HIS WHOLE CHARACTER! I MEAN NOT REALLY BUT YOU GET WHAT I’M SAYING! But we aren’t here to talk about that film we are here to talk about the show which is much better.



*movie left and tv show right

This show was so great. The characters were great, the story was great, I had so much fun watching this. Everyone was perfect this show was perfect. This show was a great kick off to 2017. Okay that’s all I can say for my non spoiler section so if you haven’t seen the show yet I’m going to ask you to leave. It’s for your own safety if you don’t want to get spoiled. Go watch it and then come back and finish this review. Bye bye! If you have watched the show then you can just keep on reading the rest of this review and I hope you enjoy.




 Okay now that the non spoiler people are gone let’s talk about this show! This show was the best and as soon as the opening came on I knew that was going to be awesome. If you know that in the books something that is said is that you shouldn’t read these books if you want something happy and that is what the opening credits for this show is. It’s Neil Patrick Harris sing about the story for the two episode and about how you should look away. The opening was written by Daniel Handler who wrote the books under Lemony Snicket so that just adds on to the greatness.

They also have Dear Beatrice after the opening in every part one episode because every part one episode is the beginning of new book and when that happened I was just like this show is going to be amazing. I was watching these with my siblings and my mom who hadn’t read the books so I was just freaking out and they were just like what?  I love that had the Dear Beatrice because those are such a big apart of the feel of the books and it made me so happy!

There are so many references and easter eggs to future books all over the place. When I was rewatching the second episode with my siblings I heard Count Olaf say something about a sugar bowl and I was I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!!!! Speaking of Count Olaf who is played by Neil Patrick Harris was amazing. I knew he was going to be good when I saw the trailers and he was even better in the actual show oh my god it was great. He was so perfect as Count Olaf like in the books he freaked me out and he was able to make me feel like that again. I didn’t see the film like I said before but I have heard mixed things about Jim Carry’s Count Olaf so.



*movie left and tv show right

Neil was literally one of the best part of this show with the different disguise *#yessicahaircuts along with his henchmen and two women. They were all so funny most of the humor of the show came from their characters goofiness *well many the henchman. There were a lot of other reference like in the last episode when Olaf and the Hook handed man are running away, Olaf was just like that it’s I’m going to be working alone and I’m never going to have a partner which is foreshadowing is to come in the next season with Esme Squalor hopefully.

I think will bring her because this show was spot on in like every episode with characters and storylines. Some of the lines from the books make it into the episodes which is so great!

Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket was just fantastic!  He just narrates in a voice that is like soo nice to listen to and it’s also like kind of monotone which just makes it better. He was a lot of fun to watch because he’ll just pop up at random places and start talking and explain whats up and then they’ll have lot of things that help him go along with what he is explaining. I don’t think they had a Lemony Snicket in the film but I know that they had the voice of Jude Law. He probably was good I wouldn’t know but I think even if I had seen then I still would have like Patrick Warburton better.

I already talked about this but I’m going to talk about it again and that is the Baudelaires. They were casted so perfectly in age (well I think Louis Hynes is like 15 but he looks really young and Sunny is infant so that wouldn’t have been too hard) and looks. They all did such a good job as their characters. I loved Malina Weissman as Violet she did such a good job as Violet. Every time she put her hair up in a bow it was so dramatic and I loved it. Louis Hynes was a perfect Klaus and he looked adorable in his glass I loved him. Presley Smith is the cutest baby in the whole world. She is perfect for Sunny!

Other characters were on the show and other actors that I didn’t know about were on the show like Will Arnett and Cobie Smulders, they play two parents trying to get back to their kids and at first I thought that they were the Baudelaires’ parents but it turns out that they were they Quagmire parents and we see the Quagmire Fire. I was just freaking out and my family was just like what? Mr. Poe was a character that I don’t like but is perfectly performed on this show. Uncle Monty and Aunt Josephine were so fun to watch on tv when they die I was just like why!!!!!! The show ends with the kids at the Academy which is the location in the fifth book and the Quagmires are there with them and then it ends with a song talking about not getting a happy ending which was so great! I loved this show!

This show was perfect in every way. I need a season two right now! Netflix if you are reading this just get on it because it’s so perfect! Let’s hope for an even better second season if we get one. Did you guys watch this? Did you enjoy this as much as I did? I hope you guys enjoy this review and are following my book club here and other social media links. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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