Steampunk Vampire Hunting, Solving Mysteries, & Badass Female Leads | Stoker & Holmes book 1-3 by Colleen Gleason review

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the first three books in the Stoker & Holmes series by Colleen Gleason.


Rating: Rating: + A: Perfect show with get characters and fantastic plot line.

Tonight, I ask, on behalf of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales: will you do what no other young women are called to do, and place your lives and honor at the feet of your country?

I haven’t done a series review in awhile so this should be fun. At first I just wanted to do a review of each book in the series but I just kept reading these book right after the next because they are just so much fun to read and I loved them! I first heard about the first book Clockwork Scarab in one of PolandBananas haul and I was just like what this book sounds amazing! I have always loved Sherlock and stuff about vampires and hunting them and females leads so I knew that it was the book for me.

If you didn’t know these books follow two girls who are Evaline Stoker *who is basically buffy and Alvermina ‘Mina’ Holmes and now you are thinking hey those names seem familiar. Well that is because Mina is the niece of Sherlock Holmes and the daughter of Mycroft Holmes and Evaline is the sister of Bram Stoker you know the guy that wrote Dracula. They are two completely different girls with Evaline being social, small, and is destined to hunt vampires while Mina isn’t very social, is tall, and very smart. These two come together and solves crimes and it’s so much fun.

Each book have a different mystery but it’s somehow connected to one big giant mystery. So every time the book ends the mystery for the book is solved but another one opens  then we go to the next book. I’ve spent like a whole week reading these books and  I loved them they were so much fun to read. These books are steampunk books that took place in London 1890 so there are a couple difference like they fact that they don’t have electricity but it makes way for awesome outfits.

There are so many good parts of these story one of them being the characters. Each and everyone of them are different in so many ways. I love Mina and Evaline they are such great female leads. They are just so badass in their own way with Mina’s brains and Evaline’s kickass vampire hunting they are just so great. They go through so many adventures together and have this great friendship. They just get each other like Evaline clears knows that something is happening between Grayling and Mina so she teases her about. They both just drag each on adventures and just #hashtagfriendshipgoals.

Another one of my favorite characters is Inspector Ambrose Grayling. He has freckles and has a slight Scottish accent and him and Mina better get together because there is so chemistry between them! In the second book Mina tries to go after a thief and she gets thrown into the river and because she’s wearing a corset she starts drowning and then Grayling comes and saves her and rips open her corset *you know like in pirates of the caribbean. There was so much intense in that scene and when everyone is like judging her from trying to go after that guy he stands up with for her.

Oh yeah so there is sort of a love triangle thing between Mina, Grayling, and another boy named Dylan  who is from the year 2016 and time travelled to the 1890s. Mina and Dylan take a liking towards each other and I was just like no what? Don’t get me wrong I love Dylan he is a little cinnamon roll and just wants to help people but thing is that I don’t think that Mina needs a cinnamon roll, I think she needs someone like Grayling who is as smart and gets her. Dylan and Mina do kiss though and then they never talk about it again but Mina thinks about a lot. One problem is that Mina is completely  oblivious about how both men feel about her and I’m just like girl who can you be some smart and not know these things.

Evaline also has some love with this guy named Pix who I can’t ever understand what he is saying for the life of god. So here is a sentence that I think fits and it’s Evaline is basically Buffy and Pix is like her Spike or her Angel. Basically their relationship is COMPLICATED!! Evaline is too good for the world and Pix just keeps messing with her. He keeps kissing her but then he just ditches her and other stuff happens. Their relationship is him sending her and Mina on trails and then something happens and then they kiss and then she sees him with other girl.

At the end of Chess Queen Enigma two things happen and I had so much anxiety! I had so much anxiety read that whole one I honestly like that one is my favorite so far. So after all the stuff that happens in this book, they find a way to send Dylan back to 2016. The whole time I was just hyperventilating like what the hell is go to happen next. Dylan before he leaves asks Mina if he’ll come with her and then I was just freaking out and I was in class when I was reading this so my friend was just like ‘G what’s wrong?’ and a couple people gave me weird looks. Mina says no which didn’t surprise me because she’s independent woman also you know her whole family is there. I don’t think that we have seen the last of Dylan though. Then Evaline mets Pix and then he asks her if she would have killed him and she goes yes and I’m freaking out because the Buffy parallels are just making me feel!!!

One thing that I think about both relationships and that ending. One Evaline had two guys in third book one got turned into a vampire and the other is still Pix and he just keeps leading her on. Well it seems like he is leading her on to me because he keeps kissing her and hanging out with this other chick. Evaline needs hugs and someone to love her so I’m just saying that Pix better step up his game in the next book or I will kill him *#giveevalinelove2017.Two I think that Mina and Dylan liked each other but only because they met new people and they liked the idea of that. I think if they really liked each other then he would have stayed or she would have gone with him but that’s just my opinion and I don’t ship them so.

If you are wondering any over characters from Sherlock or Bram Stoker appear they do! The person that brings Evaline and Mina together is Irene Adler aka the Woman which I thought was coolest thing ever! She reappears through out the books and is like the girls boss. Sherlock and Watson appear every once and awhile at some of the most awkward moments but it’s still cool that they where there. Bram also makes couple appearances and he was pretty funny. You are probably thinking that Mycroft is in this books a lot but he doesn’t show up until book three because he works all the time. Either girls don’t really have any parents around like Evaline has Bram and his wife but not really anyone else and Mina’s mom left and Mycroft is never around and when he shows up in the third book it was like so cold and she calls him sir and I like half expect there to be a show down between the two.

It didn’t happen but I half expect to though. That’s really sad now that I think about them not having parents. At the end of the second book we found out that Mina’s mother was actually Evaline’s trainer and then the book just ends and I started freaking out. Then the wifi at my house went down so I couldn’t go out get the next book and I got really upset and I tweeted about and Colleen Gleason liked it. That was cool!

Evaline and Mina are both such stronger female leads and I just want to protect them. When Evaline got attacked by that Richard guy who lets be honest was pretty shady because he just kept asking her to dance and I was just like dude she said no. Anyway so he just attacked her and I was just like my child what happening will you live? LIVE LIVE FOR ME!!!!!! But it was okay she lived and I only suffered a heart attack and Grayling found out vampires so it all good I guess.

I really enjoyed these books they are just so much fun. You guys need to read these books because they are just amazing! I need book number four right now seriously I need it right now! I already miss these characters  and I just need to know what happens next! Book four is called the Carnelian Crow and according to goodreads it should be coming out this year hopefully that is true because I NEED IT!

These books are just the greatest maybe one of my favorites this year. Have you guys read these books? If you have did you love them as much I do? I hope you guys enjoy this review and are following my book club here and other social media links. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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13 thoughts on “Steampunk Vampire Hunting, Solving Mysteries, & Badass Female Leads | Stoker & Holmes book 1-3 by Colleen Gleason review

  1. I love the Stoker and Holmes books! I like the blend of mystery, steampunk, sci-fi and paranormal. I also love the frenemies, not quite friends but almost there relationship of Mina and Evaline. It’s fun! Although, about the whole time travel thing: I do think Mina and Dylan genuinely liked each other. But it isn’t like moving out of state with someone, or going to another country. This is another time, so if you go there, there’s no going back. You’ll have lost your family, friends, and, in a way, culture. I’m not even sure true love, realistically, would work that way. But yeah, I’m not a fan of love triangles in general, and that’s why I wish Gleason would’ve chosen one of the other, because, let’s face it, whether it be Mina X Dylan or Mina X Grayling, it’s complicated enough. But I’m gonna wait and see how everything goes before I choose a ship. And I do think Pix needs a little character development too; simply revealing snippets of one’s past isn’t development.
    Whew! That was a long comment! Sorry. Also, I have one question; if the wifi was out, how did you tweet that message? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this comment! I love hearing about people’s opinions on the books I’ve read. It’s also helps that you agreed with me on some of this stuff. About the tweet, so I buy all these books on my kindle because they are cheaper that way and so when the internet went down my kindle doesn’t really let me do anything but my phone lets me go on the internet so that’s how I tweeted that post. I probably used up data because of it. And if you are wondering why I didn’t just buy the book on my phone well because I don’t know how to do that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also enjoy reading comments on people’s opinions on books I read and shows I watch and Webtoons I read. It’s always interesting; it’s nice to have a rant when someone agrees with you, and it’s fun to talk about differing opinions. Ah, that makes sense…yeah, I can see buying books on kindle. They are cheaper. And of course! I forgot about data on phones. (U don’t have a smartphone 😅) but it’s nice to see someone talk so much about Stoker and Holmes; it’s such a painfully underrated series.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ditto. Whenever I do a book tag and there’s a question about an underrated book series, I always say Stoker and Holmes. I mean, it’s fun, unique, skews clichéd tropes (two female leads relationship, love triangles, and just meshing genres in general), mysterious, has good writing, and steampunk! What’s not to love?

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      3. I know!!! There is just so much in these!! Everyone needs to read them because to me they’re a mix of Sherlock and Buffy but with a bunch of cool other stuff thrown in!

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      4. Yep…I just like it when authors mix genres in general. Like, I don’t understand the need to keep science fiction and the paranormal separate. X-Files basically did that, but kept saying it was science fiction…I dunno. And besides, Mina and Evaline are such unique female leads. They’re both strong in different ways.


  2. Yassssssss! Agree with what you said about Mina and Grayling! They are perfect for each other and have soooooo much chemistry, especially in the fourth book (I read it already). I love Dylan and you’re completely right about him being a cinnamon roll, but I like him and Mina as friends. Her and Grayling have got so much chemistry. As for #giveevalinelove2017 in the fourth book, you are are gonna be disappointed but I’ll let you figure it out for yourself when you read it. Amazing review. I wish this series was more popular so I could have more people to talk to about it. Have fun reading the next book!

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