This is too awesome to be annoying! | City of Glass by Cassandra Clare review

Greetings everyone! Today I’m posting my review of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, the third book in the Mortal Instruments series and my bookclubs book of the month!



Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

She could ask for anything, she thought dizzily, anything–an end to pain or world hunger or disease, or for peace on earth. But then again, perhaps these things weren’t in the power of angels to grant, or they would already have been granted. And perhaps people were supposed to find these things for themselves.”

If you didn’t know but you should know by now that I’m rereading and reviewing the Mortal Instruments series, the Infernal Devices series, and the Shadowhunter season one*  up until the release of Lord of Shadows *may 23 baby. I have a review for City of Bones here, City of Ashes here, and I have a Lady Midnight review here. Now I’m reviewing the third book in the Mortal Instruments which is the book of the month for my book club on goodreads.

This book follows right the events of the last book with Clary trying to go to this place from all the shadowhunters go to hang out to met this girl who claims that she can save her mom. Jace is being an asshole to her because that’s what you do when you’re in love with someone apparently. Simon ends up in prison with this guy in that place where the shadowhunters hang out because he got there on accident. Jace called him up and was like met me here then Jace was like hey so Clary can’t come and I need you make sure she doesn’t come then shit happens and Simon ends up in that place. Alec and Magnus are going though some relationship issues and Isabelle is still hot as hell.

If you couldn’t tell I really liked this book. This book just kicks the other two out of the park because it’s great! Well the first part of this book isn’t that great because it’s just Clary and Jace being so fucking rude to each other well it’s mainly Jace but after Clary mets Sebastian she is kind of him back to him. I’m just like you guys keep talking about how much you two care about each other well WHY DON’T YOU FUCKING ACT LIKE???? Seriously like these two just did to get it together. Jace is just being an asshole to Clary I really hated him in this book. He is just like I’m Valentine’s son and I’m upset about so that means I just be a angst asshole. Clary is just trying to save her mother and you aren’t letting her do that why not because you’re an asshole.

And I’m suppose to sit by while you date boys and fall in love with someone else, get married…?” His voice tightened. “And meanwhile, I’ll die a little bit more every day, watching.”

Alec and Magnus are still in a relationship and this in book it’s not at it’s best. Alec has sort been in love with Jace in the last couple books and he is also dating Magnus and Magnus is kind of tired of only being there when Alec needs help so he just ignores him. Then he goes to the place where the shadowhunters go and Alec finds him and he’s just like hey man why haven’t you called me and they get into a whole conversation and Magnus is just like I love you.

Alec comes out in this book and it’s amazing. Like so after that conversation that I just badly describe, Alec tells Magnus that if they survive then he’ll come out to his parents and to be honest when I first read this book I thought that it that meant that one of them wasn’t going to make because whenever people say things like that it means that they won’t make it so I was so scared. Either of them died but after this huge fight Alec kisses Magnus in front of everyone including his parents and it was just amazing.

We are introduced to a new villain named Sebastian who was recently casted for the show. He is going to be played by Will Tudor who was on Game of Thrones.


So many people think that Sebastian is like one of those bad boy villains that we love like Loki but I don’t think that. I think that Sebastian is crazy and insane and he creeps the shit out of me. We find out that he is the one who is really Valentine’s son and Jace isn’t and Sebastian is also in love with Clary and he lets her know it in a very creepy way. The battles in this book are crazy intense! People died like Alec and Isabelle’s little brother Max which is just heartbreaking.

This book was a lot of fun and amazing to read. It kicks both the first and second books asses. Up next I’m reviewing the Infernal Devices which should be fun so look out for that.Have you you guys read this book? Did you like it? I hope you enjoyed this review and are following my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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