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Top 10 Favorite Shows! |2017 Summer Edition

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing a top 10 of all my favorite shows of summer of 2017! I did one for winter in February which you can read here and I did one for spring in May which you can read here. I have watched so many shows this summer that I had to remove things from this list so that I could other things to this list. Picking the order of this list was hard because I liked a lot of these shows and it didn’t know where some of them should go Whatever. Let’s begin!

Here are some honorable mentions: Hit the Floor, Fresh off the Boat, Voltron, and The Handmaid’s Tale. And one dishonorable mention: 13 Reasons Why *i’m not explaining this again.

#10 Glow


Probably the one that I didn’t question were it went. I liked this show. I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. I started watching because Entertainment Weekly would not shut up about it and my sister and I were just like let’s give it a shot. We did and it was okay. I wanted to see more of the wrestling then I got and I wasn’t a fan of the whole stereotyping storyline. It’s still a good show but is it the best thing ever? No not really.

#9 Young Justice


This would be higher but I’m not that far into it. Yeah I’m like on episode three and yes I’m enjoying but Superkid is too angsty for my liking and that’s says a lot because I love angst and he is so mean to Megan and she clearly likes him. Everyone else is great and I like how in the first episode we see like Batman and Flash and Superman who doesn’t want to bond with like his clone son. This show is great so far and I’m excited that I get to be around for season three.

#8 The Goldbergs


This show is so much fun and I love watching it. It’s just a silly sitcom but it’s so funny. I like how every character is based off a person from the shows creator’s life and like the end of every episode we see like clips of videos from the creator’s life. It takes place in the 80s which I love. I love reading about things that take place in different times and it’s not historical fiction. It’s like that 70 show but with more family and less drugs and it’s the 80s not the 70s. It’s still great! Go watch this show because it’s like already been confirmed for a season 5 and a season 6 which is great because I’m really mad at ABC. You’ll read about why later on in this post.

#7 Orphan Black


I’m still not sure if this is at the right spot because I love this show so much and I’m so sad that it’s coming to an end. Season 5 guys, the final season of Orphan Black and I only have a couple episodes left and I’m so scared. When I started this season I thought it was going to be about them defeating very things but now I’m thinking it’s about them escaping every things and I think that it will end of Rachel doing something nice for ONCE! I just want my kids to be happy because that’s all that matters and I don’t want anyone to die.

#6 Jane the Virgin

jane the virgin.jpg

I watched this show when it came onto Netflix and man was I spoiled on what happened. I’m not going to say but if you watched season 3 or have a tumblr then you probably know what the hell happened and I was so upset. There was under thing I wasn’t expecting which was still good and I was scared because normally in shows or movies when they do that it doesn’t work but it worked and I liked. Besides that I loved this season, this show is so much fun. I mean it seems stupid from the summary but it’s a great show and is super funny. Mateo is the cutest thing ever and I have so many questions about the finale and I’m scared about season 4.

#5 iZombie


Another season gone by and I’m seriously concerned about what’s gonna happen next because damn this season finale was insane on so many levels. Like OH MY GOD! I need to know what happens next with everything because you can’t just end it like that. The humor for this show is great and I feel like it gets better with every season with like the brains and her reactions with the brains it so good and I love Ravi, he is amazing and if anything happens to him or any of these characters…. CW has another fucking this coming. Go watch this show 🙂

#4 Happy Endings

happy endings.jpg

I started watching this show because of a scene I saw on Tumblr and I was dying of laugher. This show is a lot of fun and I have a hard time wondering why the hell it got canceled because it is so good. The characters are so great, it’s like a modern version of Friends. This show is so funny and amazing and I’m almost done with season 3 which was the last season before it got canceled. you guys go watch this show. It’s on Hulu and you can just marathon through all the episodes.

#3 Still Star-Crossed


This is my August book of the month for Epic Adaptations so a full review for this show will be coming soon so look out for that. I’m not going to say everything about this because of my full review coming soon but this show is so great and I’m so sad that it got canceled and that they changed the finale from the book so that they could end it on a cliffhanger and I’m so mad and sad. I’m smad, guys. I’m so smad like you don’t even know. And I’m so sad. I was like posting my reactions of the finale on Tumblr and I had a lot of fun doing that.

#2 Speechless


This show. WHERE DO I BEGIN? It is so good and funny and amazing and I love it so much. This is a show that involves a family and the oldest son is an a wheel chair and it’s just about their lives and it is so funny and great. I blow through this show because I was having so much fun watching it. It’s funny as hell and it’s real and I love it. Guys go watch this show, it’s on hulu and season two is coming soon and I’m so ready for it.

#1 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir


This should literally come as no surprised as I had to do two reviews for this show which you can read here and here because when I finished the first one I wasn’t done talking about this show and I had to go and make a part two because I didn’t what to add on to the first one. I’ve rewatched this show so many times this summer, I don’t even know where to start! Season Two comes onto Netflix in December and I’m so excited because balcony scene and a lot Marinette and Adrien scenes like who is ready for that shit!

And let’s been my top 10 favorite shows of Summer! I hope you guys enjoy this. Look for my summer reads post and my Life is Strange episode one gameplay coming soon. I’m like seriously debating on whether I should watch the neftlix version of Death Note, it’s my favorite Anime but I don’t really want to see  Nat Wolf as Light and anime adaptations sucks. Maybe that should be my September book of the month?? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If you have let me know what you thought of them. Did you agree with me? I bet like most you people were accepting Riverdale to pop up on this. No Riverdale will not be appearing on any of these list and if it does which isn’t likely then it will be in the dishonorable mentions category with it’s best friend 13 Reasons Why. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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