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Confess by Colleen Hoover Book Review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing my September book of the month Confess by Colleen Hoover!


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

“Selflessness. It should be the basis of every relationship. If a person truly cares about you, they’ll get more pleasure from the way they make you feel, rather than the way you make them feel.”

I love Colleen Hoover books even though sometimes I don’t agree with some of the things that happen in them. I love them though and I’m trying to read all of them. My favorite one used to November 9th but I recently read It Ends With Us and it was so real and beautifully written and I loved. It’s super sad though and November 9th has sad moments but none of those compare to the moments in It Ends With Us. I need to stop talking It Ends With Us because I’m supposed to be talking Confess.

I’ve wanted to read Confess for awhile and I’ve had it on my list for so long. I was on hold for it for SO LONG! It finally became available in at the end of July so I checked it out and I read it and it’s a good book. It’s a Colleen Hoover so I’m gonna love it because I always love her books and I wanna say I loved this one but compared to my love for her other books I was like it’s good. I wasn’t like blow away or anything but it’s still a good book and I would recommend it and yes it has some sad moments which if you didn’t know I love sad things.

This book follows Auburn who lives in Texas I think. Like I thought it was Texas and then I watched the show and it’s like I’ve only been to LA once and I had to pause because I was shook. I couldn’t remember if the book took place in Dallas or LA. If you’ve read this book can you tell which one because I’m confused. Also this will come up again in my TV review if no one tells *let’s be real it’s still gonna be in there. (Update: I just watched Natasha’s review of the show and IT’S TEXAS PEOPLE) She does not like where ever she lives and wants to go back home to Portland. When she was younger, she moved because  she was in love and he was really sick and he did died. She mets Owen who runs this art studio called Confess and they start a relationship and it’s dramatic and it’s fun and it’s so good!

The whole time I’m wondering why the hell she didn’t just leave, I mean I know money problems and stuff but still. You then learn that she had a kid with her old boyfriend and she was so young that she gave his mom custody of him and kinda of figure that she would get him back but Lydia keeps him and has Auburn on like a schedule for when she can see him. There is also Trey who is a creepy little shit let me tell. I didn’t like him from the moment we met him. I was like you are shady as hell. He is just such a dick and I hate him. Like the things he says and the things he does like oh my god. Like when he relieves himself to be a complete asshole and hurts Auburn, I was surprised of what was happening but yet I was like I saw this coming.

I did like Owen, he was so good and so nice. Like his dad has some serious problems and he takes care of him and even goes to jail for him. He treats Auburn so great. That middle part with the time jump. I wasn’t too sure about but I liked that it was there. I didn’t like that she got with Trey because he is a creep. I loved the all the paintings that are in this book and I love the cover for this book. There are just so many good things about this book and if you are a Colleen Hoover fan then I would recommend it.

Is this my favorite book by her? No I mean it’s good and it’s enjoyable but it didn’t keep me on toes and have me losing my shit over what was happening. It’s still go through. Have you guys read these book? if you have what did you think of it? The GeekyGalaxy instagram is currently going under the works as I hate so I’m change it and making it like an business instagram and will have like little side posts on it. Also I have big news coming soon and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. My review for the show is next week so look out for that. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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