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Writing with Grace! | Part XI

Greetings everyone! Welcome to another writing post!


“Don’t classify me, read me. I’m a writer, not a genre.”
― Carlos Fuentes

I have more writing post which you can read but I’ve made ten of them so I’m not going to link all of them because there are too many of them. If you would like to read more writing post from me then go to the side bar and click on the thing that says writing. I can link the category where all my writing post so I’ll do that. If you would like to read more post about me and writing you can click here. I’m doing something different for this post because I have to talk about something but first before we began I have some fun and excited new! After a year and nine months I have finally finished Annabelle Strange! I finished it at the beginning of September and I was 2,000 words from 50,000 but I felt like I stretching it so I finished it and I was so happy! I need to get back to Daybreak which I’m excited about and I have made the decision to take a break from Space Between Us which was hard but I have to do it. Okay now to the post!

This post is mainly about my non fiction story which I have been talking about and I have been writing. I’ve now written 2,000 words more than I had last time we talked and I’m writing this pretty early in September so it could change in the future. I’m also at 105 pages which is pretty great. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my book like I spend most very second thinking about this book because now that I’m back into it I want to finish and start doing all this stuff to it. Something that I’ve noticed while thinking about my book is that it has a lot to do with fear. The character’s fears, my fears, characters that are based off fears, my fears for the reactions about this book, and what people are going to compare this book to. So today we are going to be taking about the fear that has something to do with my book.

I haven’t really given out any information about this book, I think, and I’m just going to tell you that it deals with a controversial topic but the main focus isn’t supposed to me that topic. The main focus that I want the book to be on is depression and family and fear  and grief but I’m scared that no one is going to focus on that. They are going to focus on that controversial topic and compare to other books with that topic and I don’t want that! And I’m scared that people are going to judge it on that topic. The quote I picked for this goes with what I feel. I know they say you shouldn’t care what reviewers say and I know that I probably won’t read the reviews for my book. I only care about what my family thinks and I’m scared to let them read this book for lot of reasons. One of them being the controversial topic. Another reason being my family knows me better than anyone and I put a lot of things that are inspired by things that have happened in my life and a lot of things are inspired by them, mainly my sisters.

These characters and things are different and have become their own things but I don’t want them or anyone else thinking that this is want I think about them because I don’t. One of the main things is grief and people go through grief in different ways and I’m trying to show that by having them going it in different ways but I think that they might be hurt by what I have written. I haven’t let any of them read it and I’m keeping it like for awhile. My dad looked at my screen while I was writing and it was in the middle of a really hard scene and I scrolled away so that he couldn’t read. Him and my mom started talking about how I ever let them see my computer screen when I’m writing and it’s because I’m not ready for them to read my story!

A lot of my fears have found their way into my story and the main character has some of my fears and some of my fears have become their own characters. One of the fears my MC has that I have is disappointing the people I love and care about. She talks about how she’s going through the life and she doesn’t know who to talk to because she wants them to have this great and strong image of her and they already have that of her and they tell she amazing and great thinking that it will help, it drags her deeper down. Another thing about this story is that is also walks the line of anyone can have depression and not just these stereotypical characters but people who seemed happy. You can never really know what’s going on in someone else brain.

Fears that have become their own characters are like my friends and I will be pulled part because they become focused their relationships or they realized that they are better than me and move onto a different crowd. Another fear is relationship not keeping up or relationships falling apart like any relationships. I giant fear I have always had is my friendships just falling apart because they always seem to and I try to hold onto them tightly. Another is caring what people think of me and having that used against and saying terrible things about because they’ll go after what’s in this story.

Well that felt so good to talk about. I’m really glad I do this post. It’s the first time I’ve had anything to talk about in these post because they are normally like updates on where I’m at but now I have something to talk about. Also another thing I’m looking into self publishing which is just a fun fact. I don’t know I feel like I have some much going on that self publishing is easier. Also I think my parents read these so I might have a fun talk with them if they read this. You guys should comment questions and other things that I should talk about because I don’t have a lot to talk about for these posts. Or let me know if you want to see more posts like this. Also what stories are you guys writing let me know! If you would like to read one of the stories that I mention like Annabelle Strange then go to my links page. I hope you enjoy this rant! I post once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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