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Books I Read This Month! | October

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about the books I read in the month of September of 2017! I made a post for the month of September which you can read here and please do because I had fun doing this. If you are wondering what this is, it’s basically a wrap up that I didn’t want to call a wrap up. I read eleven books this month and I enjoyed them….. Some of them! Let’s begin!

Final Fall by Heather W. Petty


 -A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I have a whole review coming soon once the book comes out so I’m not going to talk about all of my feelings right now. Also I would like to thank Heather for sending me the copy of this book. I won it a giveaway and she sent me an arc that was signed and had a super cool bookmark. I was so happy to read this book before it came out because I could not wait for November. This book broke my heart. It was sad and emotional and I can’t believe that this series is over. I finished thinking that there was going to be a book four but then I remembered that this is end. Well I’m guessing it’s the end. I’m not going to be mad if Heather was just like here’s book four I would love but I’m looking on the more realistic side which is that this is Lock and Mori’s final story together. This book was amazing again I would 100% recommend this series to Sherlock lovers and book lovers all around because it’s amazing!

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

I’ve made to book two ladies and gentlemen! Is everyone proud of me? You should be because this series is hitting the over hype scale. The first book was good and I talked about it in my last post and I really enjoyed it. This one however was not as great as the first one I’m not saying that I hated it but it’s not the best thing in the whole world. It was kind of a let down. I mean it was still a good book but we were kind of just drifting along through the story and I’m really had hard time enjoy this book. I like Mal a little more than I did in this first book but he and Alina’s relationships was so annoying. It’s the hero move were they clearly want to be together but they aren’t and they get kept getting jealous and upset like it’s so annoying. Also the Darkling felt more like a footnote in this book which I didn’t like. So good book but the first one was better.

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo


+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

Again this book was a let down. I didn’t really enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the first book because with this book I kind of realized that this book doesn’t really seemed to have a plot. Like the first book was setting everything up and leading up to this epic sequels but then with this and book two we honestly just feel like we are just floating around in this world and not really doing anything. And Darkling didn’t really have a path that made him good which made me mad because what the hell? You made me like him and then have him be a bad guy that feels more like a footnote to me. I was just so upset with this book and honestly guys maybe it’s just because this overhyped because everyone talks about it. Maybe her other series will be better like Wonder Woman or maybe I just don’t like the Grishaverse because I read Six of Crows *that’s on this list and again I find myself struggling to read it and like it. Leigh Bardugo needs to stop writing good books so that everyone will stop overhyping them for me.

I hate everyone but you by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

This is my second time reading this book this year. I got this book in July as an Arc and I read it and I loved it and then I started watching Just Between Us and I’ve been spending the last couple of months watching all of their videos *i’m almost done watching them. This book was on my Top Five Youtuber Books and if you go back and read that then you’ll see that I gave it an -A but now I gave it an +A because it took a whole second read to realize that this might just be my favorite book of 2017. Thing is I really need this book this year because it deals with a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with and this book just deals with all of it so well with taking away from the humor and not romanticizing anything which is a hard book to find now a days. One day I was feeling sick and my head was filled with a lot of thoughts because I was super stressed and I was trying to calm down so that I wouldn’t cry and have like a panic attack. I was watching some JBU videos and they were talking about the book so I just picked up my copy and started re reading the book and I just loved it soo much!! Guys go read this book and go watch their  channel. I feel like I should review this book. Maybe I will who knows but I like I have all posts planed out until December so it won’t be out for a while.

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh


+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

I might re read this book because I feel like I didn’t appreciate the normal amount. I like Renee’s other books the Wrath and the Dawn and I’m currently reading The Rose and The Dagger so I went into this book thinking it was going to be The Wrath and The Dawn which it is not. There is definitely a difference between this and her other books. This book is okay like I said I need to re read it. I don’t really have a lot to say about it right now…. I’m sorry.

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

I’m doing a full review for this book because I loved this book! The review won’t be out for awhile because like I said earlier I have the month of November and December planned out so it probably won’t be out for a while. I have posts out for November so that’s all filled out and then I have more reviews in December and then after that I have my favorites post things are so stressful right now. So safe to say I loved this book because damn was this relatable as hell! I got so sad at so many parts and it was just so good. I would recommend going to into this book not knowing anything because that’s what I did and I’m glad that I did that because I avoided me probably overhyping the book for me. I also got this the same week it came out so I also avoid all the reviews that also would have taken part in me overhyping this book. When I finished this book, I wasn’t sure about who I felt about it and then like five minutes later I was like ‘Whoa that book was amazing’. This might be my favorite John Green Book I’m not sure yet but I  really loved it.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


-C: Was expecting more than I got. Characters didn’t get any development until halfway.

I’m sorry!! I really want to like this book. Everyone likes it but I can’t get into it. It’s just so boring and I’m not at all entertained. I tried to read Crooked Kingdom too and the same thing happened. I just can’t with this. I’m sorry.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

This. Book. Was. Insane. Like I thought it was going to be an LGBT+ contemporary that took place in the different time but then suddenly there are pirates and kidnappings and they are running away. It wasn’t what I expected but it was amazing and I’m really glad that I didn’t expect any of it because that’s why this book was so amazing. I love Monty and I love Percy their relationship was just so great but here’s the thing for a lot of this book I was just like ‘Will you two just get your acts together and kiss already?’ I would recommend this book to people who love LGBT books.

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line

So I started this book like last month. I got the audiobook and I was listening to it and it give me so much anxiety that I couldn’t finish the book. I stopped at 100 pages and then decided that I had to go and read the actual book to see if it would stress me out less. Nope! This book isn’t supposed to stress you out, it’s suppose to be a nice book with a good message with some hard hitting moments. I was just so scared about everything and I just wanted Willowdean to be happy and I didn’t want anything to bad to help to her. This book though was really great though and I’m so excited for the film that is coming out soon and it’s going to be amazing. I love the message this book has and it’s just so great! I cried at some points which I’m not going to talk about because spoilers but this book is amazing and if you haven’t read then you are missing out. Also there making a movie and I hope it’s amazing.

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

It’s the return to the Lunar Chronicles Universe. This is a graphic novel which I was excited to read because I love the Lunar Chronicles. I did enjoy this book but there was just something about it that just kept me from totally loving it. It’s super cute though in some scenes with Wolf and Scarlet and Cress and Thorne and I enjoyed seeing things again. I wasn’t super happy that things weren’t working out in some ways which I guess is a different take but still I just want everyone to be happy.

Remember when I said I wanted to read something scary this month? Well I failed. Sorry not sorry it’s been a hard month for me. We’re sealing my house and then I had regions and school stuff. Also I didn’t read any F’s so hooray!!! But I still I only read a couple books that I truly loved this month that I didn’t re read. Look at for writing post coming next week and then my GamePlay for Life is Strange Episode two. I hope you enjoyed this review *many reviews and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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