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Top 10 Least Favorite Books of 2017

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m going my least favorite books of 2017! I did one for last year which you can check out here. Remember these are my opinions and no one else and everyone in the world has different opinions. Like I said in my favorites list, I read over 200 books and I liked some, I love some, and I hate some and today we are talking about the ones I hated. Let’s get started!

#10 You Were Here by Cori McCarthy


This book wasn’t the worse but honestly I expected better and I was really disappointed in it. I only liked one character and he didn’t even talk the whole book. The story wasn’t really interesting and I was kinda of bored the whole time. The characters weren’t that great and I knew that they were going through some had times but still. One thing that I did like about this book was the fact that it had pictures in it which is something you don’t see a lot.

#9 Insurgent by Veronica Roth


We all know that I think Divergent is overhyped but I thought the first book was okay and I thought Carve of the Mark was okay so I thought maybe I should read this book and maybe I like it…… I didn’t like. Tris is probably one of the worse heroines I’ve ever read and when I say heroine I mean a lead girl who doesn’t sit around and just cry and doesn’t speak for herself *you know who i’m talking about. While Tris does make her own choices she manages to make stupid decisions while annoying the shit out of me. Despite all of Tris’ flaws, the book still isn’t interesting in my opinion it honestly just feels like the first book just with some new faces and something different to chase after. I probably won’t read the final book as I already know what happens in the end and I don’t want to sit through another book.

#8 Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare


I know that Shakespeare is very popular and his story are very well liked but I don’t really like any of them. The characters in this story are idiots and really annoying and they don’t seem to have minds of their own as very time a person tells them something they believe it without a doubt even if that person is a known liar. Maybe in the times it was written everyone would it funny and enjoyable but in modern times I don’t like this story and I had to read it twice.

#7 Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

*there was original something else here but I like that book now so here is hopeless

I’m sorry what the hell Colleen hoover? What was this book? I couldn’t even finish it. This book is boring and terrible and there is nothing I like about this book. It’s just so bad.

#6 Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa


I have a whole review talking about my problems with this book which you can read here but I recap what I said in that review. This book had the potential to be good story and for the first part of this book it’s a pretty good story but then the more it went on the worse it got as the book tried to do to many things and if I remember correctly this book is less then three hundred pages which isn’t a bad thing but the book kept trying to add new plot points and subplots and love triangles and suddenly it’s a mess of different things. Now if the book had been longer then all these would be okay and it wouldn’t have been so rushed. There is a sequel and I don’t really want to read given how much I didn’t enjoy this book and I’m still unclear with how it ended. Maybe I’ll read it and make a review if this gets fifteen likes.

#5 Sasquatch, Love, and Other Imaginary Things by Betsy Aldredge and Carrie DuBois-Shaw


I picked this up at ALA this year thinking that this will be a funny read and I read it on the way back home and this is so bad. The summary sounds funny and cute but this book was awful. Nothing about this book was funny or cute in fact this book was more annoying then cute as all the characters try to play off as angsty teens or stereotypical characters from stories I had already read before. There is also the plot with this book that doesn’t really seem to happen until nearly the end of the book and when it does happen it’s still the worse thing in this book. It doesn’t help that this book is short, short to the point that there isn’t time for anything to happen.

#4 Jek / Hyde by Amy Ross


Another book that I got at ALA and it was another one that disappointed. The reviews on goodreads for this book were good so I figured that this book might be and I was always curious about the tale of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde so I picked it up one night and it was so boring and dull that I don’t even think I brought this book home with me. Honestly it was so bad. The leading lady was terrible she annoyed and was so dull that I couldn’t stand it and Jek and Mr. Hyde weren’t great characters either. This book is basically a giant snore.

#3 The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee


I’ve said this already and I’ll say it again STOP PUTTING BROTHER / SISTER COUPLES IN BOOKS! I know that sometimes one of them is adopted or they step siblings I don’t like this story and I don’t like story lines that takes teens and have them tear each other and go against each other because they jealous over a guy. This book has everything I don’t like in it and honestly I don’t plan on reading the sequel.

#2 Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

little monsters

Same thing goes for this one. Everyone else in the world loves it while I can’t stand this book one bit. This book is basically Riverdale in book form and like Riverdale it is boring, slow, and has really awful characters that I can’t sided with even though the book wants me too. The ending is also confusing for me as you learn one thing but it seems like something else was happening. I know a lot of people liked this book but I can’t sided with what it is about and what it is trying to say. I don’t like the characters and how they act. The main girl is so weak and not interesting and boring. I recommend anything else but this book, in fact if you want a good book with good characters and mystery I recommend Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty or anything on my favorites list.

#1 Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater


This was the worse thing ever! I’ve read other Maggie Stiefvater books like the Raven Boys a series in which I haven’t finished yet and I have her new book waiting for me to read but this book was just the worst. It’s so bad that when I finished I regretted not taking notes while reading it and I almost thought about re reading just so I could get notes and do a review for it. I didn’t though because I didn’t want to go through this book again so I ended up not taking notes and doing a review. This book had really dull characters with a boring storyline that didn’t began until more then halfway through the book and the fact that this book is filled with hints of bestiality through out the book and the fact these character’s don’t really seem to have any parents looking out for them. I think the lead character’s parents are in the beginning of the story but then they disappear and her and the guy character just hang out in her house and make out and have sex all the time. I didn’t really understand the ending as I stopped caring at that point and I was just glad to have finished it.

That’s it for my least favorite books of 2017! I’m sorry if I put on your favorite books in this list but I’m not really sorry these books weren’t the best. I think I used the dull and stupid and bad so many times I think they can be used anymore. I hope you enjoyed this list and look out for my top favorite shows of 2017. That should be the last of my favorites of 2017 and then we are back to reviews. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I made a second blog that I post on monthly which you can check here. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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