Hello! I’m Grace and I’m the creator of this blog! I’ve had this blog for two years now! I’ve always been an opinionated person and I got inspired by people like Christine from Polandbananasbooks, Sasha from Abookutopia *who was the first booktuber i ever watched, Jesse from Jessethereader, and Natasha from Tashapolis, and Chris Stuckman. I do reviews for many books but I tried to do shows and movies in that mix. I also do Top 10s and I sometimes do video game reviews which I called Gameplays but despite the fact that I have a lot of fun doing those reviews no one likes them so I don’t do them. I write stories too so I have a series which is just me complaining and talking about writing. I’m a giant Marvel fan and will basically read or watch anything.


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  1. (I tried to find a Contact page but failed)

    I stumbled upon your review and love of the Wheel of Time. I’ve been hearing a lot about those books, but never seem to have the time… maybe now I’ll finally get around to it. I’m actually an author myself, and have crafted a story that a few readers have compared to WOT (hence my research to see what I was being compared to), as well as the works of Homer (a compliment that I truly cherish), The Lord of the Rings, and even Harry Potter (a couple liked my first Maldene novel better than the first Potter one).

    Being an independent, reviews are my source and life blood. Would it be okay to send you a copy (ebook only currently) of Volumes One and Two of Maldene? This comprises the first full novel (330,000 words in total) of my epic little series (series total = 13 books, 5.2 million words, and close to 250 characters) . I would really appreciate an honest review that I could point to.

    Thank-you ahead of time. Basic info on the book is below.

    -Mark Anthony Tierno

    Book: Maldene (published as “Maldene Volume One”, and “Maldene Volume Two”)

    Book Web Site: http://www.maldene.com

    Book trailer and further info: http://www.maldene.com/maldene-book-trailer

    Genre: Epic Fantasy

    Format: Kindle ebook

    Availability: On Amazon

    Maldene Volume One- B00BA4K2UI
    Maldene Volume Two- B00XZZXW66


    1. Hello there!

      First off the reason you couldn’t find a contact page was because I don’t have one. I’m sorry if you spent a lot of time looking for one. That’s very cool what you are being compared to and your books sound cool and they have great ratings on amazon and goodreads so yes I love to for you to send me a copy of Volume One and two of Maldene. I’m also a big fan of Epic Fantasy books and I’m always looking for more to read. Let me know what I need to receive a copy. Thanks!


      1. Hello:

        Got a little update for you. You’re probably finished with Maldene Volume One (and may even be finished with Volume 2 now, for all I know) by now, but I’ve been doing a bit of error-trapping. Did some re-reading, corrected a few typos and what-not, updated the world map to include a few new place names (some of which are now inserted into Volumes 1 and 2- a couple of ocean names, mainly), and now have a nice new update for Volume One (still re-reading Volume 2)- which is not only now updated on Amazon but attached to this email (hope it makes it past your filters).

        -Mark Anthony Tierno


      2. BTW: The ebook version of “Maldene II: Mysteries Of Olde” has just finished conversion and I am planning a release for about May. let me know if you want a pre-release review copy.

        -Mark Anthony Tierno


  2. Good to hear. Oddly enough, a friend who’s read all 13 books was once trying to think of the right writer to compare me to in terms of how epic the story gets, and he compared me to Homer, author of the Odyssey (and so much more); that’s what I considered a real compliment that I will never forget.

    Oh, and just wait until later books in the series when you can throw a bit of Star Wars into the mix. 🙂


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