The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro!


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

“I tended to spend too much time with my favorite things, loved them too hard until I wore them down. After a while, they became more like a shorthand for who I was and less like things I actually enjoyed.”

I have a review for the first book which you can read here. If you have read my review for the first book or you follow me on twitter then you probably saw that I was so excited for this book and that all I have done is think about the characters and the story because I love it so much. It came in the mail yesterday *i’m writing this on saturday the 17 of 2018 and I was excited. I tried not to read it because it was 12 and I would go be go for the rest of the day and wouldn’t be back until later. But I have no self control so I read this book and oh my god!! There is only one word to describe this book is shook. I have never had a book made me feel this shook since Lord of Shadows! Every page I felt like I was going to cry. So much stuff happens in this book and it’s crazy.

This book takes off a couple weeks after the first book ended with Jamie and Charlotte meeting up and hanging out after winter break. When I finished the first book I was so hoping that when this book started off we would get these fun and cute moments between Charlotte and Jamie and then all the drama would start but boy! That was not the case! We start the story and they are already fighting. So Jamie and Charlotte are spending time together in his house in London and we are told that all these cute and wonderful moments happen between them and then they are talking he tries to kiss her and but then things get awkward! When Charlotte said that she wanted to talk to him but she knew that they would fight so she decided not to say anything I break me because they love each other so much. This whole book I was waiting for them to kiss because they so wanted to but everything with August and everything else things were crazy. When they finally kissed and Charlotte asked him if thats what he wanted and they started fighting and then he told her to leave. Then she went out and used drugs and I was so upset because I just care about them so much.

After the thing with Jamie and he is in the hospital and they do stuff and she says that she just wanted to do something before he hated her it just broke me. The whole thing with her family just reminded me that they all need to go to group therapy. They don’t treat their daughter right at all and it sucks. They kept all this stuff from her so shit happened and AHHHH! We finally met Leandar but he isn’t around a lot because he goes missing and doesn’t appear until the end of the book. He carefully does care about Charlotte and he treats Jamie so nicely. I think that his part will grow as the books go along. Milo is in this book a lot more and like with the first book even though they don’t say it he and Charlotte really do care about each other in their own weird way. But with the end and he kills August! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! He shot August! He thought that he was his brother and he shot him! And then tells Charlotte that it’s her mess. THEN THE BOOK FUCKING ENDS!

I said it in my review for the first book I don’t trust August and through out this book I still didn’t trust. He was going do something shady and I wasn’t gonna let him hurt my children. Then when I finally allowed myself to like him HE DIED! I was upset! It was Aaron from the Silver Mask all over again. August is a good character like everyone else morally grey and maybe should get some medical help. I do have an issue with this book and it’s the same with the first book which is the fighting between Jamie and Charlotte. Their fights are repetitive and they never talk because every time they tried to talk things don’t go well. But if they never talk their relationship will become hella toxic and I don’t want that. Another thing is where this book is going with Charlotte and her mental health and drug abuse. She needs help and Jamie knows this as he has tried to tell her she does through out the book. I’m scared that this book will go down the Love can heal Mental Health and that’s just a trope I can’t see past. I’m scared that she will just be like I just have Jamie and I’m fine. I hope that their relationship can give her a reason to go and get help. I haven’t read a Case For Jamie and I’m scared because I’ve read the sample pages and I’m scared about what the hell is going to happen because they aren’t talking.

For Question for Holmes I’ve come up with an ending that could work and what the question could. I think that a possible ending is Jamie and Charlotte fake their deaths like Sherlock Holmes but they do it together and then Milo takes them into hiding and it’s like the Mockingjay ending where they adjust to their lives together but then one day they are like ‘hey let’s get together’ and they get live happily ever after. After then that I think could happen which doesn’t have to go with that weird theory but basically the A Question for Holmes we get like a flash forward to an older Jamie and Charlotte and they are together and happy and the question is Charlotte will you marry me and then she says yes and it relates to the first books ending with like ‘He always says yes’ but now it’s with Charlotte. Let me know if you think I should write this fanfiction. I’ll do it don’t think i won’t!

So in short this book messed me up and I love it so much this has honestly become one of my favorite series. I love it so much. I will totally be reading Case for Jamie whenever I can because my love is too great! These characters are just so amazing and wonderful and they all have problems and I hope that they get help and a happy ending. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? Did you like it? I hope you guys liked because I thought it was great. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. I like my next post is a Miraculous post because its been a while since I’ve done one of those. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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*crying noise* | They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera review

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera!



+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

“I cannot tell you how you will survive without me. I cannot tell you how to mourn me.  I cannot convince you to not feel guilty if you forget the anniversary of my death, or if you realize days or weeks or months have gone by without thinking about me. I just want you to live.”

So if we are being honest I read this book in 2017 but I had already posted my favorites of 2017. I told myself when I got it that I need to wait for 2018 so that I could put it on my favorite list because I knew I would like it but unfortunately I’m impatient. So I read it and I loved it but I felt like I was on edge the whole time like wondering when they were going to die and if they were go to get together that I was unable to put fully put myself in this world. So I decided when 2018 came I would re read this book and I would love it and put it on my favorite lists! basically I love They Both Die at the End. I have read Adam Silvera’s other books and I loved them as well but this one might be my favorite because I cried reading it. With History is All You Left Me and More Happy than Not I did this weird thing were I just hyperventilated because I have so many emotions. But with this one I just cried because even though the title tells you what happens I was still sad with what happened in the end *i also just took my act that day so i was really tired.

They Both Die at the End is about two boys who receive a phone call saying that sometime in the next 24 hours they will die. There is this app called the Last friend app and they meet through it and shit happens and it’s very sad shit and thinking about it is making me tear up. This is a great book and it is one of my favorites of 2018 so yeah. This  book was just wonderful and amazing and I love it! The relationship is so beautiful and wonderful and I loved the characters are so great. I was so upset that Mateo was never going to talk to his dad again and how he went to see him. After he died and Rufus went to the hospital and left his dad that note telling him about their lats day and that’s honestly the moment when I started crying. I mean I had like teared before that but I was like sobbing *i’m tearing up thinking about it. 

I loved how you can also see the other points of views of other characters around them. It reminded me of The Sun is Also a Star whenever it did that which was also a book that I really loved. I thought that worked really well with this book as you do focus on Mateo and Rufus but you see everyone else and it just made the world and everything around it all read to me. I don’t know what I can say about this book another then the fact that it was perfection and I want to rereading until the end of time! Favorite book of the year! If you haven’t read this book then I highly recommend.

I love this book. It’s beautiful and heart breaking and beautifully heartbreaking. So hopefully the next I talk about this book I won’t tear up. I can’t guarantee that though. I’m really excited for What If It’s Us even though that book will fuck me up more than this one because both Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli are both writers that make me cry. Have you guys read this book? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m review A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro!

a study in charlotte

-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

“We weren’t Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I was ok with that, I thought. We had things they didn’t, too. Like electricity, and refrigerators. And Mario Kart.”

If you have been on my blog for a while then you probably know that I didn’t like this book. I hated the characters, I hated the story line, and I wasn’t interested in it. But recently I decided to give this series another chance because I didn’t like Clockwork Scarab when I first read that but then I gave it a second chance and I love it! IT’s become one of my favorite series. Also Rocky from Blonde with a Book talks about this series and I was just like maybe I should give them another chance. I also read this book at time were I was on like missing Stoker and Holmes and Lock and Mori high. Now that Lock and Mori has ended and Stoker and Holmes is ending soon I needed a new series to read so I went this one. I’m really glad I gave this another chance because I had a lot more fun the second time around then the first time.

This story follows Jamie Watson who is the great great great something grandson of John Watson and Charlotte Holmes who is the the great great great something granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes. After Jamie goes to a school in Connecticut he and Charlotte finally met. After some things that happened, the two don’t get along but then a murder happens and the two find themselves the main suspects of the murder. The two come together and to figure out what happened to the kid at their school and other things and it’s all interesting and I love it! This book is a lot of fun and even though at some points I was a little like can we just stop fighting and tell each other secrets! Please! I love Jamie and Charlotte! I love them as characters and as a couple and I have not read The Last of August so no spoilers!

So for this whole book I on the edge of my seat with what was going to happen because so much kept happening and if you weren’t careful you could miss something. Despite reading this book before I did not remember who killed Lee so when I found out it was Bryony and I was ‘WHAT?’! I was not expecting her to be August’s fiancé or the one behind all everyone! I love when Charlotte tells him that she is taking the blame and he says that if she does that then he will die out of spite and I was like AHHHHHHH! I love them so much! But like I can tell that it will hurt because in every Sherlock retelling the relationships always crush me! Mina and Ambrose, Lock and Mori, and now Charlotte and Jamie and I can’t handle it! I love them but they are causing me so much pain! When Jamie fights Lee and Charlotte comes out and is like I don’t need you to stand up to me I was just reminded of that moment in Star when she tells him that she doesn’t need a hero! Maybe it’s because I miss Star but like that’s all I could think about.

Charlotte is probably the most extra version of Sherlock I’ve ever meant. I do know that sometimes they can pretend to be someone to get these done but the whole being Haley and pretending like her and Jamie were a couple I was like girl seriously? Jamie is like Watson but somehow even more stubborn. He doesn’t let things go and gets upset about somethings and I was annoyed at some moments but I did like him. The sass in this book was on point! I loved it! It was a lot of fun. One of the things that I didn’t like was how much Charlotte and Jamie fight and I get that they are very different people so like they will fight each other. It just happens a lot and so much that I hated! Charlotte doesn’t tell him anything and Jamie keeps doing stupid stuff and I was just like BE BEST FRIENDS! Sometimes the fights would be mentioned and that’s were you have to pay attention comes in as you can miss them. I know this because I missed a line that said her and Jamie had a deal which was she would smoke instead of doing drugs.

The scene where Charlotte does Oxy and sees Jamie and tells him about her past and how she started taking drugs to not feel anymore and it was so sad and I just wanted to hold her because she is just trying to get by and I love her. When she said she was mean to him so that he would go away my heart broke! She doesn’t deserve this pain! Even though I do love her I do like that she needs to get help. Like with her drug problem and her mental health because so much has happened to her and her family clearly isn’t helping. I really hope that she gets help and that the whole series isn’t like Jamie somehow cures her mental health and problems because if they do then I will be so mad because it is my least favorite trope. Again I haven’t read the rest of the series so I don’t know what route this story will go on but can someone somehow just tell me that these books don’t fall into that trope. I don’t like Tom and that’s just because of him giving information on Jamie and I was like HOW COULD YOU! Maybe he gets some development later but for now I’m not his biggest fan.

Milo is just like Mycroft in the sense that he is so shady and I can never tell what side he is on. Also I have been saying his name wrong. He does care about Charlotte and she cares about him because this family is weird you have to like really read into to see that they care. I don’t trust August either like we haven’t even met him and I don’t trust him. My first guess was that she and August had some sort of affair and then he went crazy and did something bad because I was thinking it was a Lock and Mori *another sherlock series i’m obsessed with situation going on. I was wrong so Charlotte did like him but he rejected her and she got him arrested and he then faked his death and is now working for her brother. I don’t trust him and he will probably cause trouble between Charlotte and Jamie and I can’t deal! He will probably be working with his brother and will be a bad person and I just want things to be happy! I just want Charlotte and Jamie to be in a happy relationship because I love them. I was waiting for them to kiss and then they did and it was short and I wanted more! If I don’t get more then I will cry for a million years. I’m so obsessed with them like every song I listen to now I’m just like ‘Omg this is so about Jamie and Charlotte’ and I messaged Rocky and I was just like every sad song I listen I just automatically believe it’s connected to them.

When they were at the dance I thought it was so cute that Charlotte was just singing a long to dancing queen. Then they started dancing and I was just like yes I’m going to get a cute little dance scene between them but then the slow music comes on and they both just run away from each other and I was so upset! I wanted a cute slow dance scene! When I finished this book I was so hoping that I would get some cute Charlotte and Jamie traveling around London having a good time then the angst would come and then I read the sample and we just skip right to angst! I’m not ready! I’m not! Even though Jamie gets on my nerves I do love him. I just wish he didn’t give Charlotte such a hard time I mean clearly this goes both ways but either of them are handing it well! It’s a little realistic but still they need to chill. Jamie is fun and he goes through a lot of shit and I want him to be happy and to be happy with Charlotte. I liked the way the book ends with Charlotte like reviewing Jamie’s story and that line where she says that he is so great and he always says yes and AHH!

I really enjoyed this book and I will be continuing on with the sequel soon. It should be coming in the mail tomorrow *tomorrow as in Friday the day this is published but i’m writing this on Thursday and I’m so excited. I keep messaging Rocky about this series because I can’t stop talking about it and I continue reading the pages online because I needed it! I needed it so much! Hopefully I can start it tomorrow but I have a date and and then my family is coming into town and I have work but I need to read the Last of August. I need it! Then I need the Case of Jamie. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? Did you like it? I hope you guys liked because I thought it was great. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Yes I just read that | Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James review

Hello Everyone. Today I’m reviewing Fifty Shade of Grey by E.L. James.






F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

“Why don’t you like to be touched?”
“Because I’m fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia”

Yes. I read this book. I read this book because I’m doing a post about romance books and I thought to myself maybe I should read the book that has the biggest controversy about the relationship. Before I start this review I would just like to say that I do not support anything in this book and if you claim that I support anything in this book then fuck you. I went into this book, not knowing what to expect. I mean I know details about this book such as the relationship, the names of the characters, the fact that this was a Twilight fanfiction, and the fact that is about ‘BDSM’ and it does not show BDSM correctly. I didn’t know if I was going to hate because there have been a lot of series that I thought I didn’t like but I ended up liking them. That wasn’t the case with this book.

Fifty Shades of Grey has a lot of flaws and they are really hard to ignore. I tired but I just couldn’t get like it. I listened to the audiobook *fun experience by the way and I read the book because I had to go back and take my notes. Even though this book is terrible the audiobook is funny because the narrator sounds so done with everything and sarcastic and I found it really funny. For a while but then it gets more terrible as it goes along and I wanted to die! In the beginning parts of this book are funny like the writing, the fact that it is a lot like Twilight, and the way the characters but then they come up some many times that it gets old and I’m wishing that it was more original content and that writing wasn’t so shitty and that the characters were better!!!

For the people who don’t believe when I tell them it’s Twilight fanfic then you clearly haven’t read this book. You’ll see in my notes which are listened at the bottom of the review then you will see me talk about Twilight a lot *you will also see that I will get angrier because this book is terrible and that is because it’s basically an aged up, modern versions without vampires, Twilight. They don’t even try to change it. Maybe it’s because I read this right after I finished re reading Twilight so I see more of the comparison but I still. At first it was funny but then I got annoyed about how unoriginal it is. It’s bad. While reading this book I had this thought which was how come people make a bigger deal about this book then they did Twilight? It’s basically like this Twilight takes place in a fictional world while Fifty Shades takes place in the real world. Twilight has vampires and werewolves and it can be as stupid as it wants to be and that’s okay because it’s fictional world. Fifty Shades on the other takes place in the real world and when it does stupid shit, it offends real people.

With Twilight you can’t offend vampires they aren’t real but Fifty Shades makes BDSM look terrible and bad and the thing is BDSM is real and people do it. E.L. James makes BDSM look abusive which according to the research I did on BDSM it isn’t. In real life if you do BDSM both parties are into it and they probably aren’t going it because they have mom issues, they are most likely doing it because they want to get off. Ana isn’t into anything that happens in this book, I mean she gives consent which matters but she is only into Christian. Also you cannot force what you are into onto anyone. Just saying. There are also some lines where there is slut shaming, homophobia, and it sort of felt at moments it tried to erase asexuality. That may have just been me but at some moments it sure felt like that.

Let’s talk about the characters for a second. Ana is basically a fourteen year old girl. She acts younger then she really is. I’m not kidding. She is basically a teenage girl dreaming about getting fucked by a guy. How am I supposed to believe that she is 21? There is one scene where she is talking about how she has never gotten drunk before and the statement is the thing I have a problem with as some people don’t like drinking or don’t drink at all but the way it’s write makes it seem like Ana is a young girl under the drinking age going out with her much older friends. She acts like a teenager in her first relationship for the first half of the book. It’s so annoying. Ana is also really judgmental about the people in her life like when she sees her friend dancing with a guy she just met and she starts thinking about how Kate barely knows him and how she needs to go tell her to be safe and that she is stupid because she is going to get her heart broken. Her friend is a grown woman who can take care of herself and she allowed to do whatever she wants. She is even judgmental towards her mom at some points and it’s just rude.

I also had a hard time believing that she was an English Major or that she was smart as she knows she has the interview but she just doesn’t do anything research. We don’t know when Kate got sick or when she asked Ana to do the interview but still I imagine at some point she has time to look up who the hell she is interviewing. She uses the word subconscious incorrectly like she uses to talk about this voice in her mind that sort slut shames her or tells her the things that Christian does isn’t cool. That’s not what subconscious means!!!

“My subconscious is furious, medusa-like in her anger, hair flying, her hands clenched around her face like Edvard Munch’s Scream.”

A lot of the reasons I hate Ana is because of the writing, mainly the writing is why she is such an awful character. Let me just tell you though I wanted to punch her in the face because she is just the worse. She knows everything that Christian is doing is stalkery and creepy and she just brushes it because he is hot. You are probably thinking that I’m just overreacting but I’m not. It’s a thing. She also gets mad at him a lot and just continually goes along with him and she is so annoying! Ana is also turned on by almost anything Christian does. They touch fingers at one point and she acts like she just had an orgasm. There is a scene where she uses his toothbrush and she talks about how she feels naughty and how she loves how the brussels feel against her teeth and I’m just sitting here reading this thinking about HOW PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK AND FIND IT HOT!!!

Christian is mainly the worst part of the book, I mean the writing is also really bad. He is so abusive and controlling and I hate him so much. He completely ignores what Ana wants. He buys her things that she doesn’t even want them and his reason for doing so is simply because he can even though really he is just trying to use his money to win her over. The book tries to give him this hard back story so that the reason is like this makes it okay but it doesn’t. Yes what happened to him is terrible but it doesn’t make up for what he is doing. He also barely has understand of what BDSM is like which is mainly the authors fault for just going off a small summary of what BDSM is. He is such an ass. I wanted to kill him. At least Edward was sarcastic. All Christian does is tell Ana what to do and gets upset when she doesn’t listen to him even though she hasn’t even signed that stupid contract yet so she doesn’t have to do anything that he tells her to do. *ahhhhhh

Let’s talk about the writing because it is where the book gets most of it’s flaws from. Sometimes when a book has something wrong with it, I can look over it because of either other characters or if the writing is good but Fifty Shades of Grey did not have good background characters or good writing. OR A PLOT! It’s just them having poorly written sex. And this book is like 500 pages long. Nothing happens in those 500 pages and the writing so super bad. The book repeats a lot of sentences and phrases even though it doesn’t need to. DO you know many times I read Ana say either Oh my, Control Freak, and that was so hot. There is one line where it says that Christian’s pants are hanging off his hips ‘in that way’….. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? There is also a lot of details given that aren’t need such as the fact that Christian has long fingers which you probably think ‘Um.. okay that’s just a character description authors do that all the time’ and yes they do but do they say this almost every other page???? Because this book does!!! Other details that aren’t need are Interstate Five which is mention more then once. The book tries to be sexy but that doesn’t happen as from terrible lines such as this one.

“I want you to become well acquainted, on first name terms if you will, with my favorite and well cherished part of the body. I’m very attached to it.”

I started laughing so hard when I read that line that my sister had to ask me what was wrong. There is another thing that bother which is the fact that Christian’s mother is happy to figure out that he isn’t gay…… which just adds to the fact that I already thought this book was homophobic. The Are you Gay question was already bad enough but EL James had to go a head and make this book more homophobic then it needs to be. Homosexuality isn’t a joke for something for you to make fun and fuck you for thinking that was funny. Just to add on the terribleness that was the book, Christian doesn’t let Ana pay for things then because he is the man and the man has to do these things and when she tries he excuses of robbing him of his masculinity……. I HATE THIS BOOK!!!

Let’s just talk about it the relationship in the book, it’s not healthy and it is super abusive. He tells her want to do, he controls her life even before they got together, he makes her feel bad for stuff that isn’t even her fault. To the people who will reply that it’s just BDSM well you are wrong as Ana isn’t into it, she is into him which is different. He puts her though so much pain and she isn’t into it, she just wants to have sex with him. That is not okay. I HATE THIS BOOK!!! WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT! This book is terrible. It is so terrible that I can’t find the words to describe how bad it. Honestly one of my worst fears is that someone young will read this book and believe that this relationship is healthy. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? Did you like it? I hope you guys liked because I thought it was great. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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– Oh boy

– Bella?

– Pretty sure she didn’t decided this but okay

– As tribute?

– oh poor you! you have to drive!

– Like a chicken coup?

– Rosalie?

– Wow such important information

– Do you hate her? Do you love her? I can’t tell

– What a jump… a really weird jump to the next scene

– How is that funny?

– She went from funny to sad in like two seconds… girl needs to learn how to make fun of herself better

– You could have just asked

– Is this supposed to be funny?



– Edward?

– I know this is a real thing that people say but it does not fit here

– I think he is mocking you but okay

– Didn’t you try to do some research?

– Okay book you can’t just say that this girl is shy and then have you sassing this guy just like that

– Girl you have no idea

– Kinky

– Has he been doing that the whole time and the book just never mention it?

– Kinky

– I don’t know anything about business but I don’t believe any of this

– Kinky

– Are you like a sixty year old man? What is with that reaction?

– Again hard to believe this

– Is he smiling? Could we not just say that?

– Then are they really your friends?

– Girl you could have said no


– so he smiles but it’s not a real smile????

– Aren’t you supposed to be smart? Doing research on anything is like a basic thing to do and as an english major you should know this

– Again you can stop yourself from saying this shit! Also is this supposed to be funny?

– Has no one said your name before?

– Did she not say that already?

– You never have to do anything you don’t want to do

– I really want to react to this line because it’s really dumb but I can’t

-Again you could have said no!

– You did that before?

– What does this book have against blondes?

– There wasn’t even any humor here before

– Okay you are both lying! That was the most awkward thing I have ever read

– Dude she was being sarcastic 

– Literally all she talks about is how uncomfortable he makes her feel weak and uncomfortable how is this a good relationship??

– Did she just orgasm at their fingers touching?

– Because nothing says sexy like exchanging names

– Did it just start raining or was it raining the whole time?

– Honey you just met, all he did was talk down to you, and make you feel uncomfortable that is not love!

– Again weird jump to the next and a little unneeded

– If he makes you feel this way THEN WHY DO YOU DATE HIM????

– Yes focus on the negatives


– Okay this is the second time you’ve mentioned this interstate and I’m beginning to think it’s a secondary character

– Girl you are driving!

– Focusing on driving! You know what I don’t care 

– Because he is 107 years old… wait this isn’t twilight?

– Interstate 5 is my favorite character

– I thought freshmen had to live in dorms? Did she know Rosalie I mean Kate before she went to college?

– Okay who saves pajamas for just certain parts of their life? I would wear these pajamas all the time!

– This is a weird friendship


– 107 years old
– Something tells me he’s been 27 for a while….

– Weird jump: a trilogy

-You know who else worked at a hardware store??? Bella Swan

– Weird scene jumping: jump strikes back

– Who the hell talks like this!!!

– Weird scene jumping 5: jumping back into actions

– Seriously? Not it’s not that hard

– Your heart races a lot you should go to a doctor

– She isn’t even pretending like this girl isn’t Bella

– Because you know as women we see one good looking man and suddenly bam we’re in love!

– My eyes hurt from rolling them so much

– *cough* homophobic *cough*

– Another weird jump…. great

– That was the first night I dreamed about Edward Cullen I mean Christian Grey

– Can there just be a smoother way of opening a new scene???

– Renee? Also is she shaming her own mother?

– You got that from I’m fine!

– Charlie?

– I hate the fucking scene jumping just start started a new chapter

– Jacob?

– The writing is so bad

– This is so problematic I can’t

-Even though I hate her I can relate to this sentence

– You keep using this word and I don’t think you’re using it right

– Sure Jan

– I hate this book and I’m only on the second chapter

– Sure Jan

– Because the book can’t just say Christian Grey smiled


– I mean he is clearly stalking you but okay

– Okay……

– Because he is stalking you

– Again with that word!

– Is this some kinky foreshadowing thing?

– This is a normal question but she is acting like she just told him her deepest secret

– Trust me you’re not funny AT ALL

– The author write like one so it fits

– Weird description

-Why does always introduce her best friend like a million times?

– What’s a lost look?

– Mike Newton?

– Is everyone possessive about this girl?

– She finds the weirdest things attractive

– Pretends to be shocked

– Yes because he is stalking her!

– Unlike you she did her research

– No means no

– How is that sexy?

– I don’t know! How are you into this?

– Well that’s one way to describe a sex dream

– Yay weird details I don’t care about

– Someone is extra

– Seriously?

– Really? It’s not think you haven’t said that a million times!

– Is this into hands?

– I do not understand this friendship

– Jacob….. Edward

– Because that’s nice

– No means no!

– George Takei

– Girl you were shipping this like a couple pages ago

– Yes you don’t support the relationship because you think she should stay human… wait this isn’t Twilight?

– The writing is so bad

– I mean no one says you have to get coffee

– How did they met? Because she said that they had been living in that apartment for all four years and normally freshman live in dorms? I’m so confused

– I don’t believe that

– Why would you think that?

– I mean same though

– Smooth

– What’s with this girl and fingers?

– No she shouldn’t 

– Because he can’t read her mind…. yes I know this isn’t Twilight but come on!

– We have ready talked about this

– She is really judgmental

– How is this supposed to be funny?

– I honestly can’t tell if she likes her mother 

– *cough* Carlisle and Esme *cough*

– *cough* Emmett and Alice *cough*

– Again with the smiling

– What?


– Just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend doesn’t mean he is gay

– How did you get over here so fast? I mean was that some version of the car stopping scene from Twilight???

– You shouldn’t be my friend omg this is so Twilight I can’t!

– It was an adrenaline rush you can Google it

– Sure

– He wanted to turn her into a vampire Rosalie!

– Do you ship them? You were telling her not to see him and now you’re like he likes you? Stop flip flopping!

– what

– I mean this is a weird way of describing dreams! Am I the only who feels this way? Is it just me?

– she acts younger than she is

– Thank you for repeating that

– Really? Because at some points it doesn’t seem like that

– Good point

– You’ve said that so many times

– Did we just have a scene where she goes to the bathroom??

– I hate you

– What

– If she said No Way Jose that would have made the whole book

– Girl you haven’t done anything wrong

– Emmett!!

– It’s so hard for me to like this character

– What

– No! I did not sign up for slut shaming

– What way?

– There is so many things wrong with this sentence but most importantly I don’t think that means what you think it means

-That doesn’t mean it’s okay

– What if I’m the bad guy?

– Stop treating her like a two year old

– She isn’t your property

– Kinky

– No

– Omg no!

– Please don’t make me read about this girl masturbate

– You are such a shitty friend

– I think she was you ass!

– Can you just be original for two seconds?

– You don’t need to know!

– Obviously it just said it in the line before

– Jesus Christ

– I hate the writing

– Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

– You are so stupid

– Didn’t you already say this line?

– Sure

– Yeah that’s your name

– Emmett

– Jesus Christ

– Yes thanks for that information

– Yeah what

– Stupid

– He is trying to be nice

– Hahahaha how is this supposed to be cute?

– You are so stupid

– Sure

– Okay book let me give you a lesson. According to the internet he can’t do this. A dominant can’t just chase after someone and make them a submissive, That is a wrong. Also a submissive has to be into BDSM which she is not

– They are the same person

Shut up

– I have a hard time believing any of this

– Okay she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to

– *looks up like jim from the office*

– You are such an ass

– Good question

– oh come on

– Dude

– she is not into it!

– I laughed so hard I started crying

– Of course she has my name

– You are the worse

– Dude she is not hungry

– I hate you

– I know the fact that he was abused is supposed to make him look better but it doesn’t excuse his behavior

– If he forces her to eat one more time…

– Insert Twilight joke I’m too lazy to write

– She is making it sound like Ana is special

– Really?

– Tone? Dude this is an email

– What

– Jasper

– No

– Interstate 5

– Omg Carlisle

– Alice

– Thank you for repeating that for 100th time

– This is not romantic

– No

– Really? Mom if you’re reading this please be nothing like the mom in this book


– No he doesn’t

– Ummm okay

– Stop

– You aren’t asked

– Yeah thank goodness


Top 10 Favorite TV Shows! | 2018 Winter Edition

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing top 10 favorite TV shows of winter 2018! I did some for last year so remember to check those out. I didn’t watch that many shows is time around. I rewatched two shows and they are still on this list because I need something to added on to this list. Let’s began!

But first some honorable mentions!

The Runaways

I like this show. I’m not in love with it. I mean not get me wrong it’s a show that you can enjoy and I see why everyone is likes it but I don’t love as much as the rest of world. I did read the comics for awhile and I kinda feel the same about them like how I do about this show. It’s entertaining and it’s enjoyable and you’ll have fun with it.

Parks and Rec


This was a rewatch. I rewatched it because I didn’t have any new shows to watch so my sister and I just watched. I love this show. It’s soo good! I miss it so much! If you haven’t watched this how then I highly recommended it.

#10 Ouran High School Host Club


This show is so random and so weird. This is an anime about a club at a school and oh my god! Just thinking about it is like making me laugh. Look it’s kind of stupid and 100% ridiculous but I’m having a good time watching it. I don’t know what I can say without giving spoilers.

#9 Miraculous Ladybug


So I’m rewatching Miraculous because there is a chance that season two is being pushed back again! I know I shouldn’t be upset because you know they need to get things done and I don’t want to things to be rushed. I still love season one but there is only so many times that you can rewatch season one. I also started a Miraculous fanfic so I just wanted to watch it. I have also watched a bit of season two. Not a lot but as much as I can. I’m still watching when it comes out in America because I will most likely rewatch it about twenty different times.

#8 Trollhunters


I started watching this show because my sister was watching and I was like this could be good and it is. I’m still on season one and like I can see where things are going and I’m kind of scared to watch it’s downward spiral. Like things are getting dark. Fast. I like can’t have a Gravity Falls 2.0 because do you know how many tears were shed over Gravity Falls? This was created by the guy who directed Shape of Water by the way which is like a very popular movie by the way. Hopefully I’ll get back to this show soon because it is very good and I do love it.

#7 Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


I have a whole review coming for this show which may be out already. This show was created by the same people who made Gilmore Girls It’s about a female comedian in the 50s and it’s so good and super funny. Some of the episodes can be super sad at super points but I still love it. I’m excited to see where the next season is going. I hate Joel he is the worst.

#6 Cheers


I started watching Cheers because it was on Netflix and I did something new to watch because I was tired of rewatching Parks and Rec. It’s a very good show and I understand how it was popular in it’s time. I think I like the earlier seasons more then the later seasons as they became copy and paste. It is funny and enjoyable. I do think that some of the jokes won’t have pasted over now days as there is a lot of slut shaming and the way that woman are treated is a little wrong but it’s still a good show.

 #5 ER


I don’t know if I can make it through all of this show as there are 15 seasons and each of the episodes are an hour long and each season as like 22. Also I’ve been told that it gets really dramatic and most of the cast leaves. I really like the cast of the first season so I don’t think that I will continue after they leave. But I’m really enjoying so far and it’s so good! It’s on Hulu and my mom and I are watching it together.

#4 Fraiser


The spin off to Cheers which I’m really enjoy because the characters are so salty and savage it’s just so great. I wouldn’t say you would have to watch Cheers to watch this show but you may be confused about somethings. It’s still really funny and I want Niles and Daphne to get together!

#3 Galavant



#2 The Crown


Damn this season was great. There were so many great episodes and so many of the many you feel different things. I recommend this show to everyone because it is so amazing and wonderful and heartbreaking.

#1 This is Us


This show fucking broke me! Do you know how many times I’ve cried watching these episodes???? Too many time!!!! I love this show with all my heart and it is amazing!

And that is my favorite shows of Winter 2018! Do you guys agree with what I’ve said? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If not you really should. I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 list! Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!

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Books I Read This Month! | February 2018

Hey guy! Welcome to another blog post about what I read! So my last entry wasn’t great as i gave up half way through writing it. I read so many books last month that I had to take a break from not only reading but forming writing because i had the biggest stress headache ever! Also I didn’t read anything that I had a lot of opinions on. I either really liked it or didn’t like it and I re read so many books because I was stressed and I didn’t want to get into a new world. I read more then 15 books this month! Hopefully that is different this time around. I mean I still re read books because I’m me.

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I weirdly liked this book. A lot more then I thought I would. I liked Hawthorn as a lead and the way she feels like she has to figure out what happens and how she puts herself into Lizzie’s life. It isn’t perfect. I found the last half of the book to be the best part of the book. The rest of it is good but I would lose interest from time to time. I had fun and liked some of the elements this book had.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

I love Kody Keplinger because her books are cheesy and fun and I always have a good time reading them. I did have a good time reading this book but out of the three books I’ve read by this author including this one it’s my least favorite. In case you didn’t know I’m not a big fun of the party going teenagers cliche it can ruin a book for me. This trope isn’t a big part of book it did come up which sucked. This book has a lot more cliches then her other books which was a downer for me as her books have been fun and cheesy but they have felt real and this one didn’t. I did like this book and how all the girls come to together and talk about sex without judging each other which was nice because there is slut shaming and judging girls for not having sex in this book. I don’t like slut shaming or judging girls for not wanting sex so that moment was great. This book is fun and I did like it even though there were a lot of cliches.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I read this book because Christine Riccio has been talking about on her youtuber channel. Yeah. It sounded real cool though like people aren’t dying and there are people who control who dies. I will be reading the sequel when I get my hands on it because this world is so cool and amazing and I loved reading about it. There were so parts were I was bored because there was a lot of information in this book so I’m hoping that book two won’t be as slow because we’ve learned so much about this world. I enjoyed this book and I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and dystopians and sci fi because I don’t know what to call this book.

After We Collided by Anna Todd


F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

*this review wasn’t supposed to be this long sorry! Does this book have a toxic relationship? Yes
Does this book make a character who was tries to help get the girl out of this relationship look bad? Yes
Is this book written well? No not really
Is the plot good? There isn’t a plot really

This book as a lot of flaws (The four main ones are the ones up there) and the relationship is toxic. Super toxic. The characters aren’t the best. Tessa tries to be a strong heroine but a lot of time she isn’t. Hardin is one of my least favorite male leads I’ve read in a book. Sometimes as this book as chapters in his POV I would feel bad and think he was growing as a character but then he acts like an ass and we are back to square one. The character Zed is made to look like a villain even though he is just trying to get Tessa out of this relationship as all Hardin does is betray her and treat her like she is beneath him. Landon continues to be my favorite and he is in like less then five percent of this book. Also the plot is Tessa and Hardin breaking and getting back together and then breaking up again and then getting back together. It’s annoying and barely a plot. The sex scenes are so bad I couldn’t even read them. I tried to but the writing is so cringing. Half the time they have sex in public places or with people around and you have to wonder don’t they see?

Look this book has its flaws and I wouldn’t say that I loved it as I’m not a romance lover. I don’t know if I’ll continue this series unless book three is on sale or I somehow get a copy for free. I’m not saying it’s bad I mean at some points I was weirdly interested in the story but then Hardin would do something stupid and over react and Tessa would cry and I wonder how these two haven’t realized they need to break up? They need to through there is a scene where Tessa tells Zed that all the bad things Hardin has done is her fault which ISNT TRUE!! God this is so unhealthy! I got what I wanted out this book. I wanted a read that I didn’t have to focus on and read easily, something that I knew I wouldn’t love but I wouldn’t hate. Also is no one talking about the fact that the author took a line from Wuthering Heights and people are now crediting her for that line. Just me?

Speaking of Wuthering Heights this book really wants to be Wuthering Heights as both the leads are compared to Catherine and Heathcliff but hey AT LEAST WUTHERING HEIGHTS WAS INTERESTING!!! The author also really wants Hardin to be like Will Herondale which isn’t possible honey. There is one Will and you can’t replace him!!!! I think I like the first book more even though I didn’t really enjoy that book either as like this one it’s about six hundred pages long and nothing happens!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I should see the movie when it comes out because that would be one fun review.

Also the slut shaming in this book is terrible. Why do we always have to turn girls against each other to cause drama? I have a full review coming soon. 

The Shining by Stephen King


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I really enjoyed the Shining. I didn’t like I would because there is a lot of hype over this book and I don’t like scary things but I really enjoyed this book. It was more creepy then scary and it’s super intense. That last half was probably as I was on the edge of my seat scared about what was going to happen. Watching the path the characters go down is so interesting to read about. Honestly it was great book and I’m glad that I read it.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

This is my third time reading Twilight or forth I can’t remember but I like it. Okay shut up leave me alone. It’s not perfect, it’s far from perfect but it’s enjoyable and I like it which is all that matters. Yes Edward is not a perfect boyfriend and Bella is far from a great female role model but I can relate to her with her love of books and weirdly even though he isn’t a good boyfriend Edward can be entertaining at times. They are both sarcastic. I do see it’s flaws and I understand why people don’t like it but I’m entertained by this book and for me that is all that matters for me.

Wide Awake by David Levithan


D: Nothing seem to happen. The characters had a bad attitude or were boring until the end. Story didn’t know what it wanted.

David Levithan is one of my favorite authors and I’ve wanted to read this book for a while but unfortunately I didn’t like it. Maybe if I read this at a different time then maybe I would have liked this more. Look I liked the relationship in this book and I wish that they had more of a focus in this book but they didn’t. It’s more about the politics and how it affects everyone. The book is also really short which before with most of his books but with this one that was an issue as it felt as if the story started and then it ended. The drama was over in like a flash. It was like I’m here you just can’t see me! I loved David Levithan and I’m so sad to say that I didn’t like one of his books. But I still have Every Day!

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

This is like my third time reading New Moon and New Moon is my favorite book in the Twilight series. Everyone hates it because Edward wasn’t there and they broke up but I loved it because of how angsty it was which was amazing! I love sad romance books! They are my bread and butter. Twilight was like fake angst but this is the real stuff! Only problem is Jacob, who is my least favorite character ever. He is so annoying and the unrequited love crap with Bella was just NO! It wasn’t just a jealousy thing it was he was just so annoying and passive aggressive and I hate werewolves. All the werewolves shit was terrible. All I cared about was Bella being sad and Edward being really sad.

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

It was so beautiful and wonderful and I’m crying. I’m doing a full review soon but basically this was my second time re reading this book and I think I loved it more the second time around because the first time I was so worried about when they were going to die. This time though I felt more of impact because I wasn’t on edge and I loved this book so much. I’ve learn cried reading an Adam Silvera book I usually just have a break down but this time I cried and I feel like I have to cry more even though I can’t seem to!!! This book is amazing everyone should read it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

I love Harry Potter. That’s not a secret. I read this after the ACT because I just wanted to read something fun and good and Harry Potter always comes to mind. Chamber of Secrets is a great book and I recommend to everyone. Even though I’m pretty sure that everyone has read it. This book is always fun and I like to hold onto that fun before the series gets dark and all I do cry….. Harry Potter is great!

A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger


F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this I DON’T LIKE INCEST STORYLINES IN BOOKS! SERIOUSLY! I went into this book again hoping to just have a good time but unfortunately the female lead isn’t great. She drinks even though she is underage and sleeps with her soon to be step brother and she is upset that he is choosing to pretend that what happened with them different happen even though she was the one that told him she didn’t want to see him anymore. I think the Duff is the only Kody Keplinger book that I don’t like. I couldn’t even finished this book but I’ve read enough books like this to know what the hell happens in the end.

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

I have a review for this book which you can read here. I’m apart of Emmmabook’s the Dreg Society which is a read a long for all the Shadowhunter books leading up to the release of Queen of Air and Darkness which I’m so excited about holy shit December can not get here fast enough! City of Ashes is a lot better then City of Bones as I feel like the story moves faster and the characters are better. It’s still not my favorite as that title is currently being held by City of Heavenly Fire *my baby!. Each book in this series gets better with every one in my opinion so City of Glass is awesome. I love this series and I love like Alec’s attempts to find his relationship with Magnus it’s so good! Malec is my favorite ship.

The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan


-B: Could has better and was too slow and only got good at the end

I loved the first Apollo book. It was so funny and wonderful and I loved it. This book was not the same for me. I know I still like and I love these books I just like the first one more then this one. I don’t know I just felt like the first one knew where it was going and this one just doesn’t. It was all over the place and I found the humor not as funny as the first one. It’s still funny though and I love Apollo he is so sassy and funny. He is arrogant and a lot of people have said that they don’t like that about this series but I think it makes it funny. He reminds of Tahani from the Good Place because he name drops all the time and it’s soo funny! I still love this series and I will read the next book whenever it comes out. I think it comes out sometimes this year.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

My least favorite Twilight book. This book has so much Jacob in it and I hate it. He is so annoying!!!!!! I hate him so much! Also nothing happens until like the last half book and even then what happens is not that good. I mean it’s not that bad but I really hate Jacob and werewolves. Can we go back to the New Moon angst? Please! Also I find Alice super annoying is that just me? She is always there and getting on my nerves.

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris


+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

This is book is really cute! I picked it up because I thought the cover was the cutest thing over and I did enjoy the book. I thought the characters were fun to read about the storyline was cheesy and I don’t know how there is going to be a second book because I thought every was nicely finished. The writing at some points was kind weird but it wasn’t too bad. The drawings in this book were honestly my favorite parts as the just fit so well into the story. I enjoyed this book it’s cute and silly.

The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan


-B: Could has better and was too slow and only got good at the end

If you don’t know the 39 Clues series was one of my favorite series when I was little and it is. I recently decided to re read it because I wanted to and I got Maze of Bones at a used bookstore. This book is a lot of fun to read and I honestly flashed back to like my fangirl days over this series because I loved it so much. It’s not that great and it’s super short but I wanted to read it and have a good time and that’s what I got.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James


F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

I took notes while reading this. I hated this book and I have a full review coming out soon which is basically a rant. The characters are terrible, the writing is bad, and the story is boring. At first it was funny because of how terrible it was but then 515 pages it was so bad that I couldn’t do it anymore. The second half of this book is a complete blur as I just gave up.

Notes sneak preview:
– Oh boy

– Bella?

– Pretty sure she didn’t decided this but okay

– As tribute?

– oh poor you! you have to drive!

– Like a chicken coup?

– Rosalie?

– Wow such important information

– Do you hate her? Do you love her? I can’t tell

Slammed by Colleen Hoover


D: Nothing seem to happen. The characters had a bad attitude or were boring until the end. Story didn’t know what it wanted.

Oh Colleen Hoover I have no clue where I stand on your books. I used to love them but it’s been recently been pointed out to me how problematic they are. Let me just saying reading Slammed did not help me. I didn’t love as much I wanted to love it for many reasons. The relationship between Lake and Will is one of them. I just had a hard time getting over the fact that he was 21 and her teacher and I know Lake is 18 but still. I also didn’t love Lake and Will as characters they were pretty predictable and cliche. The back and forth thing is honestly pretty unhealthy in my opinion as Will knows that he cannot be with Lake but still he butts in on her life so that she can never forget him and then gets upset when romantic stuff happens. I didn’t totally hate this book though as there were many scenes where I was enjoying this book like the scene with Eddie’s foster Dad and the letter that Lake gets from her mom at the end. The poetry is okay. It’s cheesy and in a lot of this book. Also I founded a lot of class scenes really boring. I will probably read the sequel as I also checked that out from the library so I might as well read that.

Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover


F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

Wow this wasn’t need at all. Inspiring authors just because your book is popular does not mean you need to write a sequel unless it is need. Point of Retreat is supposed to be about Lake and Will’s life after Slammed but it’s mainly just about Will as Lake is in like 10% of the story. Unlike Slammed there was nothing about this book that I liked. It was boring, cliche, and I hated it. Also the title is basically want they call it when they make out but stop before they can have sex. Yeah. It’s dumb. I won’t be reading This Girl as I don’t want to.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

This book is kind of stupid but it’s enjoyable. Seriously. I mean this is the dumbest book in the series but hell I made a good time reading so that is all that matters. It’s still not the best thing in the whole but it makes the headaches go away.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertali


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

I’ve read this book three times and I love it so much! I read it first when it came out, then last year when stuff for the movie was being released and I got really excited so I re read, and I read it again because the movie comes out in a month and I’m excited and scared but excited! I love the characters, I love the story and the relationship. It’s just so wonderful! I think this is one of my favorite books of all time. It’s definitely a happy maker with a side of tears. If you haven’t read this book then go read it! It’s amazing!

This has been another Books I’ve Read This Month! 2018 will be filled of amazing new books that I want to read but i also wanted to read other books that I missed last year and I want to read some classics. I probably won’t make those goals but as long as I read some books that I have strong opinions on we’ll be okay! In other news I started a bookstagram account! It’s @pandabooklover on instagram so go check it out! Please check it out. I hope you enjoyed this review *many reviews and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel TV Show Review!

Greetlings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!



+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

This show is an Amazon Original and is created by Amy Sherman-Palladino who created Gilmore Girls which is one of my favorite shows. It follows Midge Maisel a girl who has a perfect life with a husband and kids and her husband wants to be a comedian. After a night goes badly, Joel reveals that he has been cheating on her and is leaving Midge and Midge goes out and does stand up and is amazing and it’s her being a comedian in the fifties and being a woman comedian. What can I say about this show? Um.. I think that people may have overhyped it a little bit for me or I overhyped for me. I didn’t hate it though. I had a fun time with some episodes but then some were sad and sometimes I didn’t have a great time.

I think that maybe I was expecting Gilmore Girls level of humor which I didn’t get. I mean it came close but it wasn’t the same. This show is so cute. I love Midge. She is precious and great and can be super funny and her standup is really great. This show is more like a drama with comedic moments sprinkled all around. I really hate Joel though like the guy can’t make up his mind on what he wants and gets whiny when he finds things out and I’m like can you shut up? You can really see the comparisons with Gilmore  Girls and this show. I’m not saying they are the same but they use a lot of the same tropes. Her parents are really funny. I enjoyed watching their relationships and how everything works with them. I love Midge she was an amazing character and I love her, her jokes are always so great and I love the relationship of her and Susie. They have a great friends and their relationship is amazing.

Sometimes though this show can get really intense as at one point when Midge makes fun of a comedian and she gets blacklisted from like every show. I mean it was funny but damn it caused trouble. I mean they figure it out because Lenny Bruce *who was a real comedian but i don’t know if the guy on the show and the real guy are the same person decides to help her out. I like the character Lenny. I thought he would be on the show a lot more then he was because he was in the first three episodes but didn’t appear again until the final episode. Maybe for the next season he will appear in more episodes but I don’t know maybe not.

This is an entertaining show and you’ll have a great time watching it. It can be sad and real at times but honestly that’s what makes it great. If I’m correct it has been confirmed for a season two according to IMBD but I could be wrong. If you hear any other news than please tell me. Have you guys watched this show? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Review!

Greetings Earthling! Today I’m reviewing the Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare which is book four in the Magisterium series!


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

If you have read the first couple Book I read this month most then you know that I’ve been reading this series for a whole. This book came at sometime in fall of 2017 and I was on hold for it for a while and now months later I finally got to read it and I loved it! This is probably my favorite book in the whole series which really surprised. I thought it would just be another book in the series and I wouldn’t like it as much because Aaron was killed off in the last book. But I really liked it! I read this book on the way to airport which was a two hour drive and I finished it before the drive was even over.

I loved the characters and story. I wanted this book to be longer and it’s same sizes as the other books! It just wanted it to last forever. I can’t believe that this series has one more book it in because I love it. So basically the book starts with Call in prison and him dealing with it. He gets out with the help of Jasper who I grew to love with this book. I mean I feel like with every book I learn to love Jasper a little. In this first book I didn’t like him, the second book I liked him a little more, the third book I liked him a little more, and in this book I had never loved him. His and Call’s relationship was great. He is just talking about his love life and Call is just like shut up.

Tamara and Call begin a relationship which I was just like what the hell? I mean I wasn’t against it just came out of nowhere. I mean I don’t know what I could say about. It was like Cho and Harry’s relationship in Order of Phoenix. I think that they are both going through stuff and they needed someone. It also was out of the blue because I just didn’t see them as a couple and suddenly they were kissing and say hey you’re my girlfriend and you’re my boyfriend. It was all so fast. So if you didn’t read one of my books I read this month I talked about how something happened in the last book and I was very upset by it. My favorite character in these books was Aaron and in the last book he was killed off against my will and it broke me! IT BROKE ME!

So basically I was wondering what would happen next and you know whenever a character you love dies you wish that they would come back from the dead and GUESS WHO DID!!! YEP! Aaron came back and I was so happy but unfortunately I have seen this before. When characters are brought back from the died you know that they are going to pull some shit that breaks your heart again so while Aaron was alive I was waiting for something to happen because i knew something was going to happen. So I spent the whole book waiting for something to happen and then I reached the end of the book and I thought maybe I was just crazy to think that something was going to happen and then something fucking happened! I was like less then twenty pages from finishing the book and for some reason I thought it would be fine but clearly I thought that the last ten pages of Lord of Shadows was a blood bath! So my favorite character died again.

I really loved The Silver Mask! It’s my favorite in the series. There was so much in the story and the characters were amazing. I can’t wait for the final book. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? Did you like it? I hope you guys liked because I thought it was great. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Chasing Red by Isabelle Rosin Review!

Greeting Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing Chasing Red by Isabelle Rosin!


D: Nothing seem to happen. The characters had a bad attitude or were boring until the end. Story didn’t know what it wanted.

“Caleb was like the sun. He was so warm, so big and bright that you couldn’t help but come closer. But what would happen when I get too close?”

I have been debating on whether I should do a full review but I have a lot of opinions on this book. I did a goodreads review which describes most of my opinions towards this book and it was a pros and cons list so we are doing that but going more depth with this book and my problems with it.


• Veronica is an good lead. In most romance books the female leads are the worst parts of the book as they are treated terribly, need a man to help, never really do anything. Veronica isn’t the best as she has some problems but she is probably one of the better heroines in romance books. She doesn’t let Caleb control her and she doesn’t like it when he calls her mine. Now she does have a past which is why she doesn’t like him calling her that but still. Also she can be kind of funny. I don’t really like how she treats Caleb though.

• Caleb isn’t a terrible person. Again in most romance books the lead guy is terrible. Most of the time they doesn’t respect the leading lady and they are complete assholes but Caleb is better. He respect Veronica and doesn’t get mad at her for stupid things. He respects her and let’s her go at her own pace. Now he can be a jerk at some points and I wanted to punch him at some points but he’s fine. He means well though but that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

• Their relationship is okay. It’s not completely unhealthy but there a lack of trust on Veronica’s side that leads to the down fall of their relationship. Veronica has a hard time trusting Caleb as he was formally a playboy at their college and she can’t really get over that and it brings a lot of problems in their relationship. Because she can’t learn how to trust him it breaks there relationship as Caleb decides he done trying to make her see his way.

• It has funny moments. Honestly though it stops being funny after like fifty pages in. Honestly the beginning is the best part of this story because it’s the part of the story where I like the story and the characters. Every thing sort of falls apart.


• It’s really boring. This book is 397 pages long and nothing really happens until your 90% Into the book and it’s still not that great. The drama is terrible and honestly this story should have just been shorter. It didn’t need to be so long. If you are going to write a book where nothing is happening make it shorter.

• You can predicted everything that happens. Some parts are original but not a lot. Most of this book is just cliche after cliche and it’s nothing you haven’t read before. Oh my god! There is nothing original here. It’s just another story with okay characters with no plot other then waiting to see how their relationship works out.

• Kara who is the sassy best friend chapter who is getting her own book isn’t funny. A lot of things she says are weird and not in a funny way like an awkward tempted to be funny. I hated her. She was so annoying. She isn’t a great and honestly she didn’t add anything to the story. Again she isn’t funny. How is getting her own book?

• The relationship is very fast like they haven’t known each other for very long and suddenly their in love and they live together. I mean the book starts with them moving into together because Veronica doesn’t have a home but their relationship starts early. I don’t know the original timeline of this story but I feel like they have a very fast moving relationship. Again this book is 397 pages and they get together at 100 pages. At least make the relationship last longer if you are going to make me read a longer.

• Girls hating on other girls. Enough said. Okay I’m going to say more. Basically near the end of the book where it tries to be interesting they bring in Caleb’s old girlfriend / childhood best friend. They tried to add like a love triangle which why? There is a lot of hate that is said about the other girl and even though she is villainize so that you don’t feel sorry for her but before that she isn’t treated nicely and she doesn’t treat Veronica nicely either. Why can’t we right romance books where girls aren’t put against each other over a guy? It’s 2018!

• There is no plot for this book unless you call Veronica and Caleb being ridiculous plot. There is plot in the first 20 pages and last 20 pages and that’s it. I guess this okay go in it’s long and boring category but it’s going to be it a whole another thing. There is no arc. There’s nothing happening here.

Look I’ve read better if you like romance you’ll like this. This book was basically just another remind to me why I don’t read romance books anymore. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and my other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week and sometimes more. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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