Top 10 Favorite TV Shows of 2017!

Greetlings Earthlings! Today I’m doing my favorite shows of this year! I have done one for winter, I have done one for spring, I have done one for summer, I have done one for fall and now I talking about my favorite ones of this year! Not all of these have been on my previous lists but most of them are.

Let’s began!

#10 This is Us


I started this show right after I finished my favorite shows of fall and I watched all of season one and the parts of seasons two that where out in two days. I’m all caught on it and I can not count the number of times this show as brought me to tears! I love it so much and it’s amazing and wonderful. Everyone should start watching it and i think everyone is watching it. It’s a marvelous show with great actors and fantastic storylines! It’s just so good!

#9 The Mindy Project


I can’t believe it’s over! AHH! I loved it so much! This show was so funny and amazing and I was so worried about this last season because season 5 wasn’t so great but season six was just the perfect goodbye to the show and I loved it! I don’t know what else to say without giving spoilers about the shows finale. I would recommend this show if you are looking for something to binge watch or if you just want something to watch. I am going to watch her new show when that comes out because it seems like that could be pretty good.

#8 Victoria


This show is coming back in a month and I’m so excited! There was a screening where I live so I got to see the first episode of season two and it’s gonna amazing! I’m so ready for what to happen next! It’s gonna be great! This show is great and if you like period dramas then you should watch it and love it because it’s great!

#7 Gravity Falls


This show fucked me! I didn’t think it would but somehow i watch all of it in two days and i cried and cried and cried. Literally no one tells you this show comes with an emotional punch but then you start watching it and you finish it and it’s so amazing and wonderful. I’ve rewatched it more times then I can count and every time it feels like I’ve been beaten down. This is a fantastic show and I recommend to everyone.

#6 Speechless


This show is super funny and great. This is a show that is thirty minutes that will make you laugh but it also can be heartfelt and amazing. It’s just so great! This is sitcom that honestly is just a good time to watch. You’ll have an amazing time watching it. I blow through this show because I was having so much fun watching it. It’s funny as hell and it’s real and I love it. Guys go watch this show, it’s on hulu and season two is on a break right now for Christmas.

#5 Superstore


One of the funniest shows ever and it a very weak beginning.  It follows an odd group of people who work at a store that is like Walmart and all this random stuff happens and it’s just the best thing ever. This show takes a couple episodes to really kick in but after that it’s like non stop humor and I really love it. This show that you’ll love no matter what it’s just the best you really have to watch. I can’t wait for it to come back!

#4 The Bold Type

the bold type

The show I never expected to love! I have a review about it you can here if you want. I talked about how from the commercials I thought it was going to be another cheesy freeform chow but it really isn’t! This show is just so amazing and wonderful! We have been confirmed for both a second and third season so we have thought to look forward to which I’m excited for because I miss this show! I re watched the finale and I was just reminded of how much I love this show because it’s soo good! This is one of the best things on FreeForm and just watch because you’ll love it.

#3 Parenthood


This! Show! I! CAN’T! EVEN! It was so good! I watched it all in like one or two weeks and it was so worth it! This show is a mix of comedy and drama and you will cry and laugh and it’s great. Watch it because it’s so much fun. You’ll have a good time when you aren’t crying.

#2 BBC Class


This should have been expected. All I did was talk about this show and how much I loved it for awhile. Unfortunately it got canceled which sucks because it was so good and amazing. I have a review for it here if you want to read it. WHY DID NO ONE WATCH THIS SHOW? WAS EVERYONE WATCHING STUPID RIVERDALE? This show was everything we could have ever asked for but IT GOT CANCELED! This show deserved better! IT DESERVED THE WHOLE WORLD! I’m technically I watch this show in 2016 but the emotional impact carried into 2017. Look I’m still pissed at BBC for canceling this and I wish Patrick Ness could release like a book form of what could have happened next. That sounds great. Or maybe we can get like a revival either way I loved it and i hate everyone who didn’t watch it.

#1 Miraculous Ladybug


Class was going to be number one but given that I’ve made four different posts about this show I knew that I had to make it number one. This show ruin my life. I’ve watch so many times now that I can’t watch it anymore because I start writing theories about season two and what’s gonna happen next which isn’t healthy. Season two have been postpone in American so I have wait long which scares me even more. I’m so scared about what’s gonna happen. Like we all saw Dark Owl trending on Tumblr we know that things are only going to get more intense. I love Adrien if you didn’t know that and Marinette is adorable she needs to be protected. This is show that you never expect to break you but somehow it does.

And that is favorite shows of 2017! It’s also then end of 2017 lists and I hope you guys enjoy these. I thought about doing a least favorite tv shows but that’s basically just a hate rant on Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why and I don’t think anyone wants that *if you do though then tell me and i’ll gladly do it I will be doing a list for winter of 2018 so look out for that. Next up is either a Gameplay or my review of Turtles All the Way Down. I also might do this thing where I talk about 2017 but given how terrible 2017 has been I don’t know if I should. Do you guys agree with what I’ve said? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If not you really should. I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 list! Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!

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Top 10 Least Favorite Books of 2017

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m going my least favorite books of 2017! I did one for last year which you can check out here. Remember these are my opinions and no one else and everyone in the world has different opinions. Like I said in my favorites list, I read over 200 books and I liked some, I love some, and I hate some and today we are talking about the ones I hated. Let’s get started!

#10 You Were Here by Cori McCarthy


This book wasn’t the worse but honestly I expected better and I was really disappointed in it. I only liked one character and he didn’t even talk the whole book. The story wasn’t really interesting and I was kinda of bored the whole time. The characters weren’t that great and I knew that they were going through some had times but still. One thing that I did like about this book was the fact that it had pictures in it which is something you don’t see a lot.

#9 Insurgent by Veronica Roth


We all know that I think Divergent is overhyped but I thought the first book was okay and I thought Carve of the Mark was okay so I thought maybe I should read this book and maybe I like it…… I didn’t like. Tris is probably one of the worse heroines I’ve ever read and when I say heroine I mean a lead girl who doesn’t sit around and just cry and doesn’t speak for herself *you know who i’m talking about. While Tris does make her own choices she manages to make stupid decisions while annoying the shit out of me. Despite all of Tris’ flaws, the book still isn’t interesting in my opinion it honestly just feels like the first book just with some new faces and something different to chase after. I probably won’t read the final book as I already know what happens in the end and I don’t want to sit through another book.

#8 Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare


I know that Shakespeare is very popular and his story are very well liked but I don’t really like any of them. The characters in this story are idiots and really annoying and they don’t seem to have minds of their own as very time a person tells them something they believe it without a doubt even if that person is a known liar. Maybe in the times it was written everyone would it funny and enjoyable but in modern times I don’t like this story and I had to read it twice.

#7 Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

*there was original something else here but I like that book now so here is hopeless

I’m sorry what the hell Colleen hoover? What was this book? I couldn’t even finish it. This book is boring and terrible and there is nothing I like about this book. It’s just so bad.

#6 Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa


I have a whole review talking about my problems with this book which you can read here but I recap what I said in that review. This book had the potential to be good story and for the first part of this book it’s a pretty good story but then the more it went on the worse it got as the book tried to do to many things and if I remember correctly this book is less then three hundred pages which isn’t a bad thing but the book kept trying to add new plot points and subplots and love triangles and suddenly it’s a mess of different things. Now if the book had been longer then all these would be okay and it wouldn’t have been so rushed. There is a sequel and I don’t really want to read given how much I didn’t enjoy this book and I’m still unclear with how it ended. Maybe I’ll read it and make a review if this gets fifteen likes.

#5 Sasquatch, Love, and Other Imaginary Things by Betsy Aldredge and Carrie DuBois-Shaw


I picked this up at ALA this year thinking that this will be a funny read and I read it on the way back home and this is so bad. The summary sounds funny and cute but this book was awful. Nothing about this book was funny or cute in fact this book was more annoying then cute as all the characters try to play off as angsty teens or stereotypical characters from stories I had already read before. There is also the plot with this book that doesn’t really seem to happen until nearly the end of the book and when it does happen it’s still the worse thing in this book. It doesn’t help that this book is short, short to the point that there isn’t time for anything to happen.

#4 Jek / Hyde by Amy Ross


Another book that I got at ALA and it was another one that disappointed. The reviews on goodreads for this book were good so I figured that this book might be and I was always curious about the tale of Jekyll and Mr. Hyde so I picked it up one night and it was so boring and dull that I don’t even think I brought this book home with me. Honestly it was so bad. The leading lady was terrible she annoyed and was so dull that I couldn’t stand it and Jek and Mr. Hyde weren’t great characters either. This book is basically a giant snore.

#3 The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee


I’ve said this already and I’ll say it again STOP PUTTING BROTHER / SISTER COUPLES IN BOOKS! I know that sometimes one of them is adopted or they step siblings I don’t like this story and I don’t like story lines that takes teens and have them tear each other and go against each other because they jealous over a guy. This book has everything I don’t like in it and honestly I don’t plan on reading the sequel.

#2 Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

little monsters

Same thing goes for this one. Everyone else in the world loves it while I can’t stand this book one bit. This book is basically Riverdale in book form and like Riverdale it is boring, slow, and has really awful characters that I can’t sided with even though the book wants me too. The ending is also confusing for me as you learn one thing but it seems like something else was happening. I know a lot of people liked this book but I can’t sided with what it is about and what it is trying to say. I don’t like the characters and how they act. The main girl is so weak and not interesting and boring. I recommend anything else but this book, in fact if you want a good book with good characters and mystery I recommend Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty or anything on my favorites list.

#1 Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater


This was the worse thing ever! I’ve read other Maggie Stiefvater books like the Raven Boys a series in which I haven’t finished yet and I have her new book waiting for me to read but this book was just the worst. It’s so bad that when I finished I regretted not taking notes while reading it and I almost thought about re reading just so I could get notes and do a review for it. I didn’t though because I didn’t want to go through this book again so I ended up not taking notes and doing a review. This book had really dull characters with a boring storyline that didn’t began until more then halfway through the book and the fact that this book is filled with hints of bestiality through out the book and the fact these character’s don’t really seem to have any parents looking out for them. I think the lead character’s parents are in the beginning of the story but then they disappear and her and the guy character just hang out in her house and make out and have sex all the time. I didn’t really understand the ending as I stopped caring at that point and I was just glad to have finished it.

That’s it for my least favorite books of 2017! I’m sorry if I put on your favorite books in this list but I’m not really sorry these books weren’t the best. I think I used the dull and stupid and bad so many times I think they can be used anymore. I hope you enjoyed this list and look out for my top favorite shows of 2017. That should be the last of my favorites of 2017 and then we are back to reviews. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I made a second blog that I post on monthly which you can check here. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Top 10 Favorite Books of 2017!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing my favorite books of 2017! I read 236 books in 2017. I may have read more after this comes out but for now that’s my number. Now I usually don’t a list because I never want to list but now I always have so many books and I thought I would do a list so that I could be more organized. This was so hard to make because I’d loved all these books. And I like doing Top 10 lists with you couldn’t tell. I have done a list for 2015 and a list for 2016 so you check those out. Please I want attention…… Okay! Let’s began!

Honorable Mentions

Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky

kill the boy band

This book was weirdly brilliant and funny and clever and I had such a good time reading this book. I couldn’t stop talking about this book a long time because it was so interestingly weird. I had never want to read this book before because the title just seemed so silly but hell this book was so good and I wished I picked it up sooner!

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover


Whoa. I went into this book expecting another Colleen Hoover book but I got so much more then that. This is probably my favorite book by her. I was not expecting to go the way it did and it was so real and beautifully written and I loved this book. Colleen Hoover’s to me have always been these romance books with intense love stories but I thought this book was going to be like that but the more we got into it, it stopped being a another romance story and it became it’s own story. Guys read this book because it’s so amazing and you’ll cry.

#10 The Sun is Also A Star By Nicola Yoon


I read this book because I had just read Everything, Everything and I enjoyed that book. I had been hearing this about this book for a while so I thought I would pick it up and I read it on the way back from Sectionals and it was just so amazing and wonderful and oh my god it is so great. If you didn’t know this already but I’m not the biggest romance fan. I just find most romance books cliche and unrealistic and the same thing seems to happen in every book. But every once and I found a romance book that is so beautiful and wonderful because it is everything that I want! And this was that book! I don’t know what I can say about this book that hasn’t been said. This book is amazing and the love story is amazing. It was just such a great book.

#9 The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

handmaid's tale

I have a review for this book so check that out here. I started this book because my sister was watching the show and I was like shit this show is so intense. And so is this book like the title of my book review is ‘This book scared the shit out of me’ and that’s true. Like I’m so scared of this book really happening. Never has a dystopian book scared me and made me love a dystopian novel so much. It’s so good! The show is also really amazing so I recommend reading the book and then watch the show. The show is pretty accurate but it can be out of order with somethings. Whatever this book is amazing and it’s so good that it will scare you about where society could go. 🙂

#8 History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


Dude this book is hella sad and hella amazing and this is the whitest sentences I’ve ever said. I did a review for this book and I read it on Valentine’s day because books are the only love I have and if you want to read the review you can it read here. This book break my heart it was so good. I mean More Happy Than Not was also really sad but I didn’t have the same affects on me that this book. I mean I still loved it and you should also read that book. Whenever I finished one of Adam’s book I don’t really cry I just do this thing where I have so many emotions that I just start hyperventilating. thing is there I have read both of Adam’s books in public which has caused me to get a couple weird looks. Every time I thought I knew what was going happen the book was like fuck you! guess again! enjoy crying! If you enjoy LGBT+ books with mental heath then you’ll love this book!

#7 Stoker & Holmes by Colleen Gleason



I have a review for the first three books here and I have a review for book four here so check those out and you can read about how much I love those books. I blew through the  first three fast and I waited for Carnelian crow to come and I got it and I read it and it destroyed my life and now we only have one more book coming out and I’m scared and excited for what gonna happen. Basically if #giveevalinelove2018 doesn’t happen I will be upset because she deserves to be happy. She doesn’t even need a lover just given her someone that respects and treats her the way she needs to be treated. Also Mina needs to be happy and if she is not then I’ll be very upset.

#6 Dear Martin

dear martin

I don’t know if the book is in the right spot. I loved this book it was amazing and I cried reading it because it was so amazing but I loved all these another books. They are all amazing and this book is amazing so should it be higher on this list? I don’t know. This book is great though. I got an of it at ALA and I read it when I got home and upon finishing it I loved it. I’d cry because this book is amazing and so wonderfully written and I loved it. Maybe it needs to be higher. I don’t know! READ THIS BOOK! You’ll love it and cry and love it because it’s amazing.

#5 Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty



I have three reviews for this book which you can read here, here, and here and you can learn how much I love these books. Book three just came out last month and it broke me. I was so sad but again I saw it coming as we know who Sherlock and James Moriarty are and we know that they are enemies and seeing their relationship come together and then fall apart made me cry. I feel like this list is just if you made me cry then you get on this list……… wow.

#4 Lord of Shadows


Yeah this book was one that I was waiting a long time for and oh my god was it worth because I had so many opinions on it that I wrote a three thousands word review on it which you can read here if you want to read that. Um…. this book gave me so much anxiety and it was worth because it is amazing and I need Queen of Air and Darkness now because I need to know what happens next!

#3 Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


My review for this book isn’t out yet but basically I love this book and it might be my new favorite John Green book. I loved the way it was written and I loved the characters and the story and it’s so amazing and wonderful and you should read it if you haven’t!

#2 The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


If you don’t know what The Hate U Give is then have YOU BEEN LIVING AROUND A ROCK  THIS WHOLE YEAR? SERiously! This book was literally number one on the New York Best Seller List for I think more than 300 weeks because it’s that amazing. If you haven’t read this book then you are missing out because it’s amazing and great and the story is wonderful and it deals with a topic that is happening in the real world and it doesn’t try and play it off as something that it’s not and there is a movie coming out and if you to go to see it without reading this book then that is a big mistake because you will miss out on experiencing one of the best books ever. I like the rest of the world highly recommend this book and it is one of the best thing out 2017 and if you don’t agree then kindly fuck off.

#1 I Hate Everyone but You by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin


I read this book twice this year that’s how much I love it. I got this book at ALA and started reading it the day I got it and I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it at dinner and my mom got upset because she wanted me to be social but this book was too good to stop reading. I really connected with this book because it deals with mental illness and coming out and sexuality which are two major things that I had to deal with this year and I also loved how beautiful this book deals with it. Like most funny books that this deal with mental illness and sexuality or mainly just sad books with funny lines which I do like those books but I found it great that this book was funny with some heartfelt moments. I loved the friendship in the book and all the things they go there. If I’m being honest I cried at some parts because it hit my in the feels. I love at one point there is a reference to their channel. This book is amazing and I highly recommend it.

And that was my top 10 favorite books of 2017! I hope you enjoy this post because it was very hard to narrow down which book was my favorite and which one should be in the top ten spots. What were some of your favorite books this year? Did you guys read any of the books on this list? If you didn’t you should! I might do a review of some of this books in the new year but who knows! Next up is my least favorites of 2017 which some people won’t really like but what the hell that was easy to make. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Top 10 Favorite Shows! | 2017 Spring Edition

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing a top 10 of all my favorite shows of spring of 2017! I did one for winter in February which you can read here. It’s a little late. It’s very late as it’s almost June but I wanted to do this now before we were too deep into the summer. Let’s began!

#10 The Vampire Diaries


You’ve probably heard of this show given it came out in the 2009s when everyone was vampire crazy. I’ve been watching this show for a while and I’m only on season two because I’m watching it with my mom and we are always busy doing stuff. We tried to start watching it again but we didn’t remember anything that had happen but it’s fun show to watch that I don’t have to take that seriously.  I read the book and I didn’t like but this show is a lot more enjoyable than the book was. I really like Ian Somerhalder though because he has really pretty eyes and a nice face. I hate Bonnie though Oh my god is she a hypocrite.

#9 Reign


Again this is another show on CW that I have fun watching and I don’t really have to pay attention to. This show follows Mary, Queen of Scots and I’ve wanted to watch this show for a long time and now that I’m watching it I’m not loving it but I’m not hating it. It’s an okay show that isn’t at all historically inaccurate when it comes to history which I think is hilarious. One they play modern music through out the whole thing, two the outfits aren’t correct for the time period as some of the dresses Mary wears show a lot skin and her elbows which wasn’t allowed during that time because they were weird and hated women, three their is a lot of magic involved with the storyline which I know didn’t happen. But I’m liking this show and if you like CW shows then you’ll love this one.

#8 Supernatural


I put this show on my last list and I know I raved about it because at the time, I was in love with it. I’ve been in love with it since I was 14 and even though it slowed down a little bit in the later seasons but I loved season 11! It was the best season that they had had in a while and the first half of season 12 was great and I was having so much fun but then the second half of season 12 was so boring and I hated it. Well I I didn’t hate but I was just disappointed with it. Supernatural seemed like it was going to be starting to get good again. The British men of letters thing was boring and the anti-christ storyline was too American Horror Story. Don’t even get me started on that season finale like I’m soo mad! How can they do that to me?! I won’t spoil you on anything but I hope that it doesn’t stay like that for long.

#7 Luke Cage


Again another show that it’s taking a lot of time for me to watch. I’m enjoy it though and I need to watch more of it before Defenders comes out and I also need to finish Daredevil and watch Iron Fist before Defenders. Luckily I’ll have some free time soon as summer break is near like I have a week of exams and then I’m out of school! I hope to catch up on a lot of shows during my free time. I will finish Luke Cage! I’m enjoying it so far and it’s great! I love all the characters and the story line right now and Mahershala Ali is amazing on this show.

#6 Brooklyn Nine-Nine


This show is so much fun to watch! It’s like Scrubs or Psych you know it’s in a setting that most shows take seriously and do overly dramatic plot lines but it doesn’t take itself to seriously and tries to just fun. Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a group of people who work at  a police station in New York if you haven’t guessed and they all have different personalities that make them work together. I love Jake and Amy they are so cute together and even though they have different personalities as he is laid back and she is a giant nerd but they seem to make each other better. I love Terry and I love Rosa! And I just love the whole thing!

#5 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Season three just came onto Netflix and it’s completely random! I love it though. The lemonade parody was amazing and so funny. This show is just a fun and completely random show and you’ll just be laughing really hard when you watch it. It has a really naive main lead who was trapped in a bunker for 15 years and she doesn’t know much about the world. Her roommate Titus is the funniest thing ever and I love the way they interact together. Just go and binge watch all three seasons because it’s so much fun.

#4 Gilmore Girls


I’m actually re watching this show because I love it so much. I just wanted to get the feel that it gave me when I first watched it two years ago. I’m on the beginning of season four which isn’t my favorite season as you know Lorelai and Rory are in different locations aren’t together most of the time and there’s the whole Dean thing. But I do love seeing young Jared Padalecki, I don’t love his character later in the series and if you are a supernatural fan then you probably thinks it funny that his name is Dean on this show. I’m just going to say this to get it out in the air……*takes a deep breath.… I hate Jess. Sorry not sorry. He’s a jerk. I mean he gets better later like in season 6 and in A Year in a Life.

#3 The Mindy Project


I need this show to come back on because it’s the final season and I need to know what happens. So season five did something that seemed like Mindy was happy about but then in the last final seconds it shows Mindy looking sad about what she decided to do. I want to know how this last season will play out. Will Danny come back because I miss him? He needs to work out his issues with Mindy and come back because I don’t like Ben that much or at all. I’m sad that it’s the last season because I love Mindy Kaling, she is hilarious and she is so great on this show.

#2 BBC Class


Again this was on my last list but it’s on airing in America and I’m showing it to my mom and  I love it! I have a review for it which you should totally read here. This show is amazing and it was created by Patrick Ness who is amazing and he never tells the same story twice every and this was a spin off series to Doctor Who! You guys need watch this show because so many people don’t know anything about it and I want a second season because I need to know what happens next! Go watch this show please. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 Parenthood


I binged watched this series so hard. All six seasons. In a week. I got mad binging skill. This show is a mix of comedy and drama and you will cry and laugh and it’s great. Watch it because it’s so much fun. You’ll have a good time when you aren’t crying.

Well this was fun. I enjoy talking about tv shows, I should do it more. If you were expecting 13 Reasons why and Riverdale well I’m sorry but I don’t watch trash. I’m sorry Riverdale is trash. 13 Reasons Why is just a show that I don’t agree with some of the choices that were made. Do you guys agree with what I’ve said? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If not you really should. I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 list! Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!

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THE MOST AMAZING EVER!! | Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review

Greeting Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast staring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.





Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

If you didn’t know, I’ve been looking forward for this film for a long today and last month it finally came out! Unfortunately I took me forever to go and see it but now I’ve seen it and I have soo much to say because it was so beautiful and perfect and I cried like five times because I have a giant emotional attachment to the original film *stops to catch breath. So yeah I’ve talked about my excitement in two different posts, one talking about my excitement in general which you can read here and then another talking about everything that I was looking forward to this year and this was the first thing on it which you can read here.  I also reviewed this original movie which you can read here.

I love the original film, it was my favorite disney movie ever and every time I watch just fall in love with it again. I just love the story and the characters and the love and the music and the whole damn thing! IT’S THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! So I had high hopes for this film for one it’s a live action version of one the best films ever and two it’s got Emma Watson playing Belle.

This was a great casting choice in my opinion, Emma Watson is just so amazing as Belle and in the beginning of the film all I could think is damn why do you get to be so pretty? because she is so beautiful. I loved her sing in this movie and I didn’t even know they were going to sing until a couple mouths before the film came out and I was freaking out because I had never heard Emma Watson or Dan Stevens sing before. Everyone was great in this film with the singing and everything! Another reason I was looking forward to this movie was DAN FREAKING STEVENS!!!!!!


Oh my god! I love him! Look at that face!!!! LOOK AT IT!!! *oh yeah a discovery that i have made is that i’m basically in love with every british male actor and sometimes actress ever!! it’s a problem but i think i can live with it. I watched him on Downton Abbey and he was soo great on that show but then he left and IT BROKE MY HEART!! But I found out that he was in this and I was so excited and I got really excited when I found out that they sang! I was ready to find out if he could sing and they never released any clips of him singing, they released clips of everyone else singing but not him. And then the film came out and everyone was talking about Evermore which is the song that the Beast sings.

I didn’t listen to it because my rule was not to listen to any of the songs until I saw the movie and I did just that and it was WORTH IT!!! I was sobbing during the song, my friend looked at me like I was having a stroke. I’ve been listening to this song everyday for weeks now. I REGRET NOTHING!!! Dan Stevens was great as the Beast and he and Emma did such a great job with their characters and their songs. One of my favorite things during this film and the scene where I was every emotional that my friend had to hold my hand to calm me down was the dance scene where the two dance and she was wearing that dress and the main song is playing and IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!


Emma Thompson who played Mrs. Potts did a great job singing Beauty and The Beast during this scene. For a second I thought they were going to play Ariana Grande and John Legend’s cover of the song which is the worst in my opinion but then they didn’t which made me really happy. I thought the iconic yellow dress looked good at some moments and then some other moments it looked boring but I still liked it.

The film had good moments and unlike what the trailers show you, it isn’t a spot on remake of the original version. They add different thing like they showed happened with Belle’s mother, the Enchantress’ who cursed the beast shows up more than she did in the first version, more new songs were add and they were pretty good, and we got some new characters and we also saw Mr. Potts. I thought Gaston was great and what I mean by that is I mean the actor Luke Evans did a great job of making him a horrible character because Gaston sucks. His death was also another thing that was changed and Le Fou became a better person in the end and realized that Gaston wasn’t making the right decisions. They also made him dance with a guy at the end which I don’t have a problem with but it was just thrown in there and I’m like if you going to make a disney be with someone of the same sex then give them a bigger storyline then just one moment.

My least favorite thing about this movie was Be Our Guest which is one of the most iconic songs and scenes in a Disney movie but in this film it was performed Ewan McGregor who did the voice of Lumiere and he did an okay job. The whole thing was a GI mess and crazy and I was cringing the whole time. Another scene that I cried really hard in was when the Beast was injured by Gaston and he is on the break of death and the last petal falls and everyone turns back into still objects and it’s so sad!!!!

This was a great movie and I’m glad to have seen it! I laughed, I cried, and I loved every second of it. What do you guys think about this film? Did you love like I did?  Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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10 Top Favorite Shows! | 2017 Winter Edition

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing a top 10 of all my favorite shows of winter of 2017! I have always wanted to do something like this and I was going to do it with my favorites list but I’m going to do separate list and I’m going to do one for each season. This should be fun! I hope you guys enjoy this!

#10 Daredevil


Yeah I know you are probably thinking how are you just now getting into Daredevil! I know and I’m disappointed in myself. I started watching it when it first came on but then my family wanted to watch together so then we watched that the first two episodes then my dad went and watched it without me and then after watching Jessica Jones, I decided to start watching Daredevil. I’m still working on season one but it’s hella good. I understand why everyone loves it. I’m loving all the Marvel Netflix shows. I just love any Marvel superhero stuff. It’s my life.

#9 The Crown


 Another Netflix original show that follows Queen Elizabeth II coming to power and follows her and her relationship with her husband, her sister, and a lot of another people. I mainly wanted to watch because it’s got a blonde Matt Smith and I love him. Also I like watching shows that take place in different times because I love seeing all the clothes because they remind me that I was born in the wrong era! I really love shows with British people which again is like my life. I’m almost done wit the first season and I haven’t heard anything about a season two but hopefully that’s happening.

#8 How to get away with Murder


*they all look so sexy in this picture

This show is one of those shows that stresses me out so much. If you couldn’t tell by the title this show has something along the lines of murder and getting away with it and that’s all I can really say with giving anything away. I went into this show before season two aired and I didn’t know that much about and then I watched like the whole season in one day then I started season two and I was just like screaming because this show is just TOO GOOD!!! Viola Davis is just amazing in this show she is just so amazing. Every episode is like hey Viola Davis invented acting. Everyone else is really amazing too they have such a great cast. Season three B started and man it’s good!

#7 Sherlock


Season four just finished and I have mixed feelings about it. I thought the first episode was okay. I called the ending of the episode which disappointed me because Sherlock had never been predictable. The second episode was great! It was really crazy and some great moments happened. I was laughing while crying at the same time because even though what had happened in episode one was predictable it was still pretty sad and it had a giant affect. Episode three was just crazy crazy with a capital C shit went down in this episode. I was told that season four was the final season and they made it seem like the final season with how episode three ended. I was happy with how it ended but now I’m seeing all these different articles about season 5 happening and I’m just like what? If there isn’t a season five then I’m happy but if there is I’m still happy.

#6 New Girl


This is one of the shows that I’ve loved for along time because it is soo funny. This is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. It’s currently on season six and I think that it might be coming to an end soon because stuff is happening and it’s making me wonder if it’s coming to end which I don’t want because this show is so amazing. It’s so much fun to watch. Every episode makes me laugh. All the characters are so unique and very weird which makes them brilliant. I love Jess, Nick, Cece, Coach, Schmidt, and Winston.

#5 Supernatural


12 SEASONS BABY! Oh my god I’ve loved Supernatural forever! It went through a rough patch but when season eleven came on it was the best thing ever. After a couple seasons of only focusing on only angels and demons they went back to other supernatural beings and then all the stuff started happening and it’s so good. I love Cas he is my favorite. This show is one that when it ends I will be really sad. I said that like it is ending soon but it’s not. I think. The second part of season 12 just came back on and it was so great. If you haven’t watched Supernatural then what you are doing?

#4 A Series of Unfortunate Events


I have a review talking about why you should watch this show here. Oh my god this was the best thing that ever happened in the month of January. I finished the books just before  watching the show and so when I got to watch it after finishing up it was amazing and so great seeing all the characters I love on tv. Neil Patrick Harris was just fantastic as Count Olaf he was mean, evil, and funny all at the same time which is basically Count Olaf. I never saw the film version of A Series of Unfortunate Events and I’ve heard mixed feelings about it but as far as I know everyone loves this adaption.

#3 Superstore


This show just came back on which I am so happy about because this show is just the best thing. It follows an odd group of people who work at a store that is like Walmart and all this random stuff happens and it’s just the best thing ever. This show takes a couple episodes to really kick in but after that it’s like non stop humor and I really love it. This show that you’ll love no matter what it’s just the best you really have to watch. It comes on NBC on Wednesdays.

#2 Victoria


I liked I said I really like watching shows that take place in a different times and that are British. This show has the adorable Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria and it follows her journey through being queen. This show only has four episodes out right now in America and I’ve never loved thing any more. This show is fucking fantastic! I’m really into shows right now with royalty right now if you couldn’t tell. And anything with British actors. I’ve always loved Queen Victoria. I saw the film with Emily Blunt and I’m planning on reading this new book that came out on like last year. Jenna Coleman is so amazing as Queen Victoria she is just so freaking cute and she really shows Victoria grow as a character. I look forward to very episode each week and I need the new one right now!!!!

#1 BBC Class


Again I love British television. Technically I watched in 2016 but you know what I’m rewatching it so I’m putting it on the list. I have a review for why you should watch this show which you can read here and after you read that review then you need to go watch this show because it is the best thing ever!!! You may think that Class is one of those shows where it takes place in high school but they casted a bunch of people who are in their twenties and are way to beautiful to be high schoolers which is true but you ignore that you finally watch the show and realize THIS SHOW IS TOO AMAZING FOR ME TO CARE ABOUT THAT. This show needs a season two really I want a season two. GIVE ME A SEASON TWO! WHY DON’T I HAVE A GOD DAMN SEASON TWO! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! OR AT LEAST GIVE IT TO ME IN BOOK FORM! Sorry I just really love this show and I really want another season two. Everyone needs to watch it. Don’t watch for me, watch it for Patrick Ness and the beautiful people on the picture.

Well that was a lot of fun to write. I hope you guys this top 10 list. I’m planning on doing this for Spring, Summer, Fall, and all do something like this in December of this year then maybe next year. Do you guys agree with what I’ve said? Have you guys watched any of these shows? If not you really should. I hope you guys enjoy this top 10 list! Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links and check out my link page for more ways to find stuff by me!


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Least Favorite Books of 2016!

Greetings earthlings! This the year is coming to an end and I’ll my talking about my least favorite books this year. I just published my favorites list which you can find here and I decide after writing that I wanted to make a least favorite books of this year. They don’t have to be published this year but I have to read and dislike a great amount. Please don’t be offend if you like one of books, it’s just my opinion and these are in no order.….Let’s get started!

Trap Jam by Steven Barwin


I got this book at ALA and I don’t really know what made me grab this book. I don’t even know why I grabbed this book. When I decide to read this year, I went back and I read the summary I was just like what the hell is this?

Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame


Again I don’t know why I got this book! It is about a girl who is a major push over falling in love with her stepbrother. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH UP? The main lead is horrible character as she lets these horrible ‘friends’ of hers push her over, body shame her, pressure to do shit stuff, and these dumb ass teenagers also do drugs which is the cherry on top of that predictable sunday. Her step brother is the worst human being in this book, every time he talked I wanted to punch because everything he said was the douching thing ever.

She talks about how he is the best thing to ever happen to her and I’m like he took you to a Coke party against your will, remember that. I hate those female characters who just forgive guys who do douching to them because they love them with all their hearts and I’m like that’s not how love works. This books is worst and it was originally published on Wattpad which should have been warning number one. Wattpad has good stories but they don’t publish those, they publish the crappy romance with douche bag bad boy characters and bad female leads.

Don’t read this book. Just don’t!

The Awakening by L.J. Smith


The saying the book is always better then the show or film has never been more false.

Matched by Ally Condie


Do I really need to explain this one?

The Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin


I have a review which explains why I hate these books. Check it out here.

Girl Online: World Tour


Here are my notes which describe how I feel about this book:

-why are we talking about the panic attacks that were barely focused on in first book
– everyone hates exams penny
– what parents act like this!?!??!!
– alexiot really?
– stereotyping again
– talking about a classic won’t make this book one
– more crappy jokes
– nemeses you’re in high school! You can’t have nemeses! And weren’t you in love with one them????
– more stereotyping
– I’m glad these characters aren’t real
– what no montage with cheesy 80s music or will that just be in the movie
– whose this chick again?
– does zoella even know what sass is????
– you just talked how she was nemeses now you just like sure I’ll get you tickets even though you bullied me
– saunters?
– pennylicious?
– he just got back and your going to a concert? No hey I love you and miss you how have you been??
– you probably got an f on chemistry because you’re lacking it with every character in this book
– there’s a difference from cute awkward and awkward awkward
– what? Why is Larry now Whitney?
– if he didn’t like then he wouldn’t be dating you
– she isn’t even now that blog anymore
– if your having fun then it’s going to be short
– your nicest makes me sick
– who’s the sketch?
– I knew that Noah wasn’t that famous
– For the first you feel out of place?
– shut up Blake
– shut up penny you know nothing about this
– music makes me cry too
– you creep
– yes I stole your phone because there need to be something interesting in this story
– go away Megan
– no
– larry is really nice you don’t even know him
– more more stereotyping
– no f** crappy drama
– I don’t believe you
– like you know what halo is
– rude
– i need to stop rolling my eyes they hurt
– that was lie
– shut up Blake
– she got hit by speaker and only cares about her camera and she could have moved
– who emails that fast
– who’s this chick
– because you’ve been panicking?
– I still don’t get who’s she writing to on theses blog post
– where you expecting rock stars not to party
– why did that need to be in caps
– shut up Blake
– I don’t care
– no
– Megan is now that friend
– leave landslide alone
– stop trying to funny
– gross
– not funny
– yes that is what you are
– crap I sort of feel bad for her
– again so does everyone
– I don’t know anyone
– you love it when she spills drinks on you
– you crappy friend
– you don’t need makeup to feel good
– shut up Blake
– no badly written cliche drama please!!!!!!
– cliche sequel drama
– its hard to make fun of it now
– no I’m a queen
– good songs
– you’ll be fine
– who this guy?
– stop it
– this is so unrealistic and this is in the real world
– the eye rolling is uncontrollable
– please no sequel!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this list and are following my book club here and other social media links. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Favorite Books in 2016

Greetings earthlings! This the year is coming to an end I’ll my talking about my favorite books this year. I did this last year which you can read here but I’m only doing books this year! I didn’t read that many book as much as I did last year which was 252 and I read 153 this year. I recording everything that I read to this year because I forget most of the things I read last year.  I according everything that I read to this year which I didn’t do last year and I regret that.….Let’s get started!


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


First on my list is the first book I read this year, which is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and that was first also the first book I read last year. This is the fanfiction that Cath writes in Fangirl which follows Simon Snow and Baz and they fall in love and it’s so beautiful I love it! I pushed this book on like fifty different people including my sisters and my little made a tumblr for this book. I need like sequel no I need a whole series for this book. I loved the characters and I ship Simon and Baz so hard!

Wheel of Time books 6 -14 by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson


I had the first five Wheel of Time books on my 2015 list and since then I have finished the series and written two reviews on this series which you can find here and here. I never stop mentioning these books because they are awesome and I love them. If you have been around then you have probably heard the many stories of my journey with this series and if you haven’t then just go read my reviews.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare 


I just redid my review for this book like two weeks ago so check that here. This book was kickass and emotions and I loved it! I know that most people don’t put first books on their favorites list but I’m doing for this one and my next pick because they were so amazing!

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty


Again this is a first book in a series but it’s still going on this list because this book is great! I love the characters, the plot, and all the magical elements in this book and it takes place at Baltimore which is an awesome house and I don’t live that far away from it so I go there all the time *not all the time but you get what I’m saying. I have two copies of this book one on my kindle which is the one I read the first time and then I went to ALA where Robert Beatty was signing and then I got another hardcover copy signed and then a signed arc of the second book which I haven’t read. Robert Beatty follows me on twitter so I think that’s awesome!

November 9 by Colleen Hoover


I like Colleen Hoover books like they are fun and easy to read but I’ve never called one my favorite but this one just blew me out of the water! It was beautiful and crazy and I’ve read so many times this year it’s crazy.

The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kirstoff


These books are epic! This is coming from a person who has read like three science fiction book including these. They are so pretty too! One of the reasons I started Illuminae was because it was so pretty and written in such a creative way. Funny story about my copy of Gemina, I got it at ALA when I was looking for a pair of rainbow sunglasses for my little sister and I find a pile of Gemina copies and I grabbed one and it had a giant sticker on it talking about the audio book. I spent like an hour trying to get the sticker off without ruining the book and I WAS SUCESSFUL!

Wonder by R.J Palacio


From the moment I started this book, I knew that I was going to cry. I was in the car when I was reading it and my mom was like ‘you aren’t allowed to cry in the car!’ so I was just trying to hold in tries.The book changes point of views giving different views on Auggie. Man this book was hard to get through not because it was boring but because it was so heartbreaking. It was still so cute at some point and this book was amazing.

Amy & Rodgers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson


This was the cutest thing EVER!! I can’t believe that I waited so read this book because it was great! This book made me laugh and fall in with the characters and the story. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about it. I never wanted the epic detour to end.

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan 


So much fun! The Percy Jackson books have always been fun and adventurous books and this book and Magnus Chase are going back to how it was in the beginning. I loved this book more then Magnus Chase thought mainly because Magnus Chase was huge and went on for a long time. This book was 200 pages less then Magnus Chase and it’s fun and so funny. With Apollo being a God and then becoming mortal and him thinking that he can do and have all this stuff makes it so much. Percy and his mom and many other characters make appearances in this book which is alway fun. The end leaves on a sort of cliff hanger and now I can’t wait for the next one.

Forever Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


I have a review for this here. I went to ALA and wait in line of this book of an hour and then read it in a day. It was so worth it. I’ve bee I love with this series forever and now I’ve finished and I just want to cry. This book was short like the rest but it still wrapped everything and had so much action and love and heartbreak and made want to hold onto Doon and the characters forever. It has a happy ending and this series will now hold a place in my heart.

Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon


Lorie Langdon keeps writing books and I keep falling in love with them. This is very different from Doon but it was still great. I did call who really did it through. I have a review for this book here.

Seven Tears at High Tide by C.B. Lee


 This book was so cute! It was basically a new take on the little mermaid. Even though Morgan is half human / half selkie. This book was so adorable and I love the relationship between the characters and how it grew throughout the story. This was just so adorable and I loved them together.

Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas


It took me so long to get into this series and I finally read it this year and holy crap it was amazing! Each book got better for each one! I thought that Throne of Glass was okay, Crown of Midnight was good, Heir of Fire was badass, Queen of Shadow was great, and Empire of Storms was fucking awesome! I have different reviews for all the books which you can find here, here, here, here, and here. The last books is coming out next year and I’m not at all ready for it come!

This fun! I may make a least favorite books list because that seems it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoy this list and are following my book club here and other social media links. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Greetings everyone and today I’m talking about Beauty and the Beast *this isn’t really a review this is just my fangirling!

So Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite films ever. I watched it all the time when I was little. I had a Belle ballgown that I wear everywhere seriously I’m not joking. I still like to pretend that I’m Belle. Basically the only thing that Belle and I have in common is that we like blue and yellow and books and have brown hair. Beauty and the Beauty and the Beast was my all time favorite movie and it still is. If you don’t know what Beauty and the Beast is then where the hell have you been!

This is a film came out in 1991 and the best disney movie ever but that is my opinion *it’s disney everyone thinks their favorite one is the best.  It follows a girl named Belle who loves books and everyone likes that she and her dad are really weird. One day her dad goes out into the woods and after some event that happened, he is in prisoned in a castle and Belle goes looking for him. She discovered that he is being held by a beast and she makes a trade  with him for her father’s freedom. Then her and the beast fall in love and other stuff happens and it’s wonderful!

I hate how people are always like say like the bad boy and good girl ships are basically like Beauty and the Beast. Those ships have people who are just like ‘how could you pick like your family over me? don’t do that’ and they acted like on and off again douchebags. Beast or Adam on the other hand isn’t that great in the beginning but after he and Belle both give each other a chance the two start to fall in love. And when Belle finds out that her dad is sick, he tells her that she should go to him. He loved her and he had to let her go because it was the right thing. It’s not like that in those romance novels where the two are forced together. I mean he gave Belle a library guys! LIBRARY!!!! THAT IS JUST SO ROMANTIC!

Don’t even get me started on the side characters. Adam became the beast after a curse was placed on him and everyone else in the castle so he became the beast and everyone became objects. We’ve got Mrs. Potts and her son Chip who is the cutest thing in the whole freaking world. There Lumiere and Cogsworth who are so funny. Then we have a lot more characters. You know that they are great after they stick by a man that got them cursed after so many years.

 Guys this film has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s how great it is. I’ve always wanted a live action version of this film. Like a real live action version not some random take on it. I mean Cinderella has like over thirty different live action films, come people pick a different princess. We have had different retellings of it that are live action but none of them left me satisfied *i will never be satisfied.

Until now! If you haven’t heard but you probably we heard, we are finally get a live action version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens aka Hermione Granger and Matthew Crawely!


I remember when they announced this like million years ago and I was so excited!! Unfortunately that was in like 2012 or something like that because Harry Potter had finished so the fact she was in it made me so happy and every year since I hoped and prayed that they would release something and this year I almost gave up but then they released the teaser trailer!!!!

This was released in May and I made a draft for it but I didn’t post it because I think it was like finals for me. Nothing else was released but then we got pictures and posters and then we finally got the full trailer.

I’ve watched sooooooooooo many times. I watch it in the mornings and when I get home from school. It just makes me sooooooooooooooooo happy. When those notes start playing in the beginning, the tears just start flowing. Emma looks so great as Belle and Dan looks like he is going to be a great beast. Gaston also makes an appearance in the trailer he is being played by Luke Evans and he looks like he is going to do a great job being  him. Josh Gad is in this film and he is Le Fou and Emma Thompson is in this as Mrs. Potts so Harry Potter reunion. We have Gandalf as Cogsworth which is so cool! We also have Ewan McGregor who was from the Star Wars prequels as Lumbiere.

I’m so excited for this film. It comes out next year so you know I’ll have a review for it. I’m hoping to go and rewatch the original film and make a review for it. And then watch it again because I love it soo much! I hope you enjoy this little fangirl post about a movie that is really close to my heart. Do you love this film as much as I do? Are you excited for the film in 2017? I don’t know if this posting three times a week thing is going to work because  I’m behind already on banking up post. I post review, rants, and other stuff one this blog once every weeks. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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