Top Five Favorite Youtuber Books (because some of them are actually good)

Greetings Earthlings! Now I don’t really know why I’m making this as I feel like everyone should understand my feelings on youtubers books but I’m making it because I do like some books by Youtubers, I just never review them. The only one that I’ve reviewed and liked was Binge by Tyler Oakley. Surprisingly though some of these books are great and well written! I thought it would be nice to talk about the ones I like. ALSO BEFORE I GET STARTED I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THAT I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THESE YOUTUBERS OR THEM WRITING BOOKS. It’s the books I have problems with, not the people who wrote it or the fact that they wrote a book. Okay okay. Let’s began!

But first some dishonorable mentions.



*this should literally come as no surprise and they both have sequels that i meant read some day when i feel like spending money on nothing. read my reviews for both here and hereI shouldn’t be too mean to Children of Eden, I mean it started out fine and I was enjoying and it’s different from most dystopians but like I said before it wanted to do too many and it could have done all those things but this book is too short for all that. The writing is also not the best thing. Now Girl Online: On Tour is just terrible. It’s the worst thing ever. It makes Children of Eden look like a classic. It’s cheesy, it’s badly written, all the character go through storylines that underdeveloped them instead of making them grow as characters, and I didn’t enjoy it.

And some honorable mentions:

connor franta

I would put this book on my list because I remember readings and liking it but it’s been so long and I don’t really remember this book. According to my review from two years ago, I loved this book. Here’s that review: I don’t know why I thought this was being to be bad! Maybe it was because I didn’t really like Zoe and Grace’s books. This book was beautiful written and it had gorgeous pictures to go with the beautiful writing. Probably the best book I’ve read by a youtuber yet. I’m wondering if I should re read this but I haven’t watched a Connor Franta video in soooo long and I don’t really like him anymore but that’s because I haven’t watched him in like fifty years. Also I hate that this is called memoir because if I remember correctly he talks about more then one part of his life making it more autobiography then memoir.


*i got this book as an arc at ALA This would be on my list because I did enjoy this book but I was going through a book slump when I read it and I feel like I didn’t appreciate to the fullest level. I want to appreciate this book because it is good book and I love Sasha Alsberg, she is so sweet and was the first booktuber that I ever watched. I will reread this book and appreciate more to the level that it should be appreciated at, and then I will do a full review on it. I’m planing on doing that closer to the release date but I’m not of my slump and I’m like I NEED TO RE READ NOW!!! I’m getting ready to move in a couple months and I had to pack up some of my books which was really hard for me and I left Zenith out just in case I decided to re read early. Besides all that though, I enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, I loved the writing, and it was so good. This book is available for preorder and I know that because it’s not coming out until January of 2018. Go Preorder now!!!

Okay Rant over. Let’s began for reals!!!!

#5 Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

zoe sugg.jpg

+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

This book mainly has a special place in my heart as it was the first thing I ever reviewed on this blog and you can read that review here. But just because it’s one of the first books I reviewed does not mean I like it. This book is cheesy but like cheesy in a good way sort. It’s like a bad tv-movie romantic comedy in book form which makes it both good and bad. The different from why the second book is worse is because this has new and different elements and the characters were likable. But with book two nothing really new was added and the characters were underdeveloped and I knew what would happen in that book before I even read it. One of things I don’t think about this book, and it still carries on in the second book, is that there is nothing real in this book. Nothing to make the characters relatable or for you to feel something from them. Penny has anxiety but it’s only mentioned like we don’t get a scene if I remember were she deals with it which I would have liked as a person with anxiety. There is also a lot surrounding this book as it was ghostwritten by someone else which is an interesting thing but we aren’t going to talk about that.

#4 I Hate Everyone but You by Gaby Dunn and Alison Raskin


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

This book is not out yet, well it’s not out as I’m writing this, but it is available for preorder. I got this book as an arc, well I didn’t really get it I went to ALA and when I was waiting in line for Lemony Snicket and I found this in a book in a box and the cover of the arc is so funny that I had to get it. SO if you left your arc in a box at ALA then I took it and I’m sorry…… not really I’m so glad I took this book from the book. I’m clearly the better book owner here so it as destiny that we found each other okay. DEAL! This book is pretty great and it is so funny. After I read this book, I was like I have to go and watch their videos and hopefully they are as funny as this and their videos are so funny and amazing and I love them. This book also feels real which was something that I liked and some writers need to learn from when writing books *COUGH! i need to stop throwing shade at Zoe’s books…… haha never! Go read this book guys. Well go preorder this book if it’s not out yet. I have no clue when this is coming out.

#3 Dan and Phil Go Outside by Dan Howell and Phil Lester

dan and phil.jpg

-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

I love Dan and Phil. They are my favorite youtubers and I ship them and I’m like marathoning all of their gaming videos but that’s not important right now. When they announced the first book, I was liked YES THIS IS THE ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT! When they announced they were going on tour in america I was so excited but I didn’t get to go as one i don’t think they went anywhere near me and two I was in school during that time so I wouldn’t be able to go. Then they came out with those movies about the tour and I was excited but then disappointed again as it was only available on Youtube Red which is 12.99 PER MONTH!! that’s dumb. I mean I did watch it I bootlegged it on the internet *don’t judge me but still I was sad. So when a book came out that had their journey on tour, I was like yes! That’s all this book was, just them talking about the tour with all their pictures from tour which was still fun and I very much enjoyed. The only problem is that this book was hard to read on kindle.

#2 Binge by Tyler Oakley


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

*just a weird thing that I just learn you can change the sizes of pictures in wordpress…. HOW AM I JUST FIGURING THIS OUT NOW? I don’t know why 2015 Grace thought A Work in Progress was her favorite book by a youtuber book because that same year this book and The Amazing Book is Not on Fire come out that year and I was so excited that I preordered them and I don’t preorder a lot of books. Maybe I read that and then read this book. I loved this book it was so amazing. It made my favorites list for 2015 if you remember or seen that post. I love Tyler Oakley so when he announced that he was writing a book, it was the first time I ever cared about a youtuber writing a book. I have a whole review talking about  how much I loved this book which you can read here. It just so great. Honestly concerned this tied with the number one book but I wanted an odd number for this list. This book is funny, it’s heartwarming, it makes you laugh and it will make you cry. Go read this book.

#1 The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

The book that I own to copies of which breaks my number one of books that I will only own one copy of a book. I first got this book on kindle and I preordered it but because I live in the US I didn’t get the book until five after the book came out in the UK and I was so mad because I was so looking forward for this book and the date that was supposed to be world wide wasn’t world wide. I still got it and I was happy that I got it and my anger disappeared but like with DAPGO it’s a very hard book it read on kindle. BUT THEN for Christmas, my friend was getting rid of her copy and I was like no give to me as a present   because I want a hard copy and she did and it’s so beautiful and I love it so much. I’ve read it like four times because i love it so much. It’s like their channels in book form and they are my favorite youtubers and I like rewatch their videos so many times. I’ve always wanted to review this book but it would be such a hard book to review. Maybe one day, I’ll review it but I don’t know what right now.

Well that’s it for this post. It wasn’t even a top 10 and it’s the same word count as a top 10. There are more youtuber books out there but either they aren’t out or I don’ remember reading them. I thought about putting some John Green books on here but I didn’t. Did you agree with what I had to said? If not then tell me. What are some of your favorite books by youtubers? Tell if you think I should read. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Books I Read This Month! | August

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about all the books I read this month! So if you didn’t know, I was going to do my Summer Reads again like I did last year but I read so many books this summer that I just give up and I decided not to post it this year. Hopefully I’ll continue doing this and not give up on it like I did with the Summer Reads thing. This is basically I wrap up which a lot of people do but I’ve never done one because a lot people do them and I like to be away from the crowd and two because I read really fast and I don’t have a life so I read a lot of books very month. But I’m doing this because I have lots of opinions and I don’t review a lot of the books I read which makes me sad. So I’m doing this and I’m not calling it a wrap up because I like pretending that I’m like I have a different idea! *it’s basically a wrap up but i’m in denial. this is a really long intro

Let’s begin!

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith


+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

I enjoyed this book which was surprising as it was a lot happier then I thought it was going to be. I mean it’s not the happiest book in the world like a lot of the characters have real issues that they go through and it’s sad but it’s a book about a lottery and a girl in love with her best friend and the lottery has an effect on their relationship. Like by that small summary which I was given by watching book tubers, I was just like this book will probably be sad and emotional and angsty and I love me so angsty books. Like everyone hates New Moon but that’s my favorite one the whole series because ANGSTY central. But this wasn’t as angsty as I had hope as I had thought that the lottery would have a negative on their relationship but it didn’t. I did enjoy this book and I would recommend this book to people who are interested in it and like books like this.

Dying to Return by Trish Marie Dawson

dying to return.jpg

F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

Wow this was really and epically disappointing. You know when you read a series and the first book was AMAZING and the second was ALSO AMAZING! And I was looking forward to reading this book and I started it and um this book was terrible. Okay so the main problem I had with this book was that it completely changes from what the other two books had. The first two books in the Station series is about a girl who commits suicide and she wakes up in this place called the Station where people who committed go after they die and they are given the job to stop others from committing suicide. But then book two ends with our main lead being taking away and I thought maybe they’ll bring her back to life or send her to hell but instead she’s taken to another planet in space……. where they communicate through their minds…… YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT! It’s probably explained better in the book but I was too busy being in what the hell mood to try and understand. I couldn’t even finish it like I was so mad and disappointed cause I spent my birthday amazon gift car on this. Turns out there is a book four which I will only read when it’s on sale or free at the library.

Warcross by Marie Lu


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

So I’m doing a full review which might be out by the time this is out. Probably not. But the point is I’m not going to give my whole opinion on the book right now so that you all will have to read that review. I got this book at ALA as an arc so it’s probably not out yet. It comes out September 12, 2017 so if you are interested in it then you can get then. I have a story with this book. So I went to ALA and I was looking at who was going be there and I saw that Marie Lu had a signing the first day at 10:00 and I was like no way am I missing this. So the next morning I’m ready to go and get my signed book but my family isn’t ready. A couple minutes later we ready to go but then my cousin is like wait I’m not ready give me a couple more minutes. A couple minutes turned out to be 15 minutes and suddenly it’s ten clock and I’m still at the hotel! We finally leave the hotel and i get to center and it’s 10:45 and then there is the sign that says the line is closed. On day three of ALA I’m still a little sad but then my sister and I see a sign that says Marie Lu WARCROSS signing and I’M LIKE YES! Almost missed her again because the Alexandra Bracken signing was long but my mom held my spot in line and I got to met Marie Lu! I very much enjoyed this book which didn’t surprise me as I love Marie Lu her books are so amazing. I honestly thought though this was going to be more emotional then it was. I guess I’m still hurt from the impact that the Legend books had on me *if you’ve read those books then you understand. I did enjoy this book and I would say more but I want you to read my review so look out for that.

A Whole New World by Liz Braswell

a whole new world.jpg

+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

I love fairytale retellings! They are really great! When I say fairytale retellings I mean new things are added and the story line is changed so that you can still feel the original story but it’s not the same. Which is great if you don’t like some of the elements of the original. I don’t mean the whole let’s copy and paste the original story, change the names and the setting, and instead of losing her shoe she loses something like  her phone, her iPod, her virginity or her fish whatever it’s gone. I read As Old as Time which is also apart of A Twisted Tale series and I really enjoyed that book so I figure I should read another one. The whole point of this series is that Liz Braswell takes a fairytale and adds or changes something from the story and it creates something a interested fairytale. I liked this a little more then I liked AS Old as Time because As Old as Time the half of that book is Beauty and the Beast the movie in book form before it’s changes things up but with this book it changes into a different story faster and even though there are still somethings from the movie but the dialogue is different so yeah. I did think that As Old as Time was a little more interesting then this as sometimes I was enjoying it and sometimes I would be like okay can we just move forward. Oh yeah this is an Aladdin retelling by the way because I didn’t say before.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer


-A: Good story with characters that got better and a slow plot line

Again I love retellings and I also love retellings of villains or villain back stories because a lot of time you get to look at them a different way and that’s what you with this book. I feel like I should start with the fact that this was heartbreaking! I always forget when I start books about what villains are like before they become villains that the books aren’t going happy ending. I started reading and I got Lock and Mori flashes backs because I know this isn’t going to be happy in the end because we all know about the Queen of Hearts and how she is crazy for chopping off heads. I love / hate origin stories of villains because it makes you care about them and you watch their lives go down hill and suddenly they become bad people and it’s sad! I enjoyed this book even though I had a hard time getting into it as I remembered what was probably waiting for me. One thing I do like about reading about villains before they were villains is see that final push that shoves them over that psychotic edge and how Catherine it broke my heart. The boy she loved was killed and the guy was going to be freed and married someone she didn’t want to marry after all that her parents are just like ‘are you sure this what you want? because if it’s not then you don’t have to do’ and if I’m being honest I wanted to scream when I read that scene like she told what she wanted in the beginning and you were like NO and now after everything your finally asking that question! I liked this book Marissa Meyer as done it again and I would recommend this book to others.

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

upside of unrequited.jpg

+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

This was written by the author of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda which is a very popular book and is being turned into a movie soon so that’s cool and has nothing to do with this book. This book is about unrequited love if you couldn’t tell and it follows a girl who has had twenty six crushes in her life and has never had a boyfriend. Her twin sister on the other has hooked up with people and had girlfriends. The two sisters have a good friendship but once her sister begins a new relationship that has an effect on their friendship. I related so hard to this book as a person who has had a lot of crushes but never a boyfriend. Like I read this while I was backstage at my show and I had to stop because I was going to cry and I had blue and purple paint on my face and if I cried it would have ruined my makeup and people would yell at me for messing it. The one day I wear make up is the one day I need to book cry.  But yeah I really enjoyed this book because what the main character was describing was how I feel whenever I have a crush a someone and they are into someone us or have a girlfriend or just aren’t interested in me.

November 9th by Colleen Hoover


+ A: Perfect story with get characters and fantastic plot line.

This is like my fourth time re reading this book. It’s the second time I’ve read it this year. I usually only allow myself to re read a book once a year but for some reason I decide I need to re read this book. If I’m being honest it’s because I finally read Confess which is my September book of the month and once I read a Colleen Hoover book I have to read all of them because her books are like crack and I’ll read them over and over again then I’ll stop and then she’ll release another one and I’m back in the same boat that I was in before. This used to be one of my favorite ones by her but I recently read It Ends With Us and that makes was sad and real so you know I love it. I just like this book because it’s a fun romance with lots of drama. The only thing I have to complain about is Colleen Hoover gives her male characters a giant flaw that you makes me wonder if I should still like them or not. *spoilers because i need to talk about this See in this book we learn that the male character, Ben, sets fire to Fallon’s house before they started dating when Fallon was a teenager and she is injure from it. He didn’t mean to hurt her, he was mad at her dad and didn’t even know about Fallon but every time I read this book I still don’t know what to do with this relationship. Tell me what you think.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


-B: Could has better and was too slow and only got good at the end

This was the first book I read by Colleen Hoover and it’s not even my favorite but for some reasons I keep re reading it and I have no idea why. Again I’ve read this twice this year for some reason! The thing about this book is that it’s very cheesy and I knew that they were going to get a happy ending and compared to all of her other books I just don’t love it as much as her other books. I’m being so negative right. I’m not saying I hate this book, it’s a good book with again another male character with a giant flaw and I don’t know if I’m supposed to still like him and feel bad or grossed out. But it’s a good book!

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

little monsters.jpg

F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

*sighs I got this book at ALA and I got it because Kara Thomas wrote the Darkest Corners a book that I have not read or planing on reading after reading this book but it was a book that everyone talked about. I picked up this book because it was the Bookplosion book of the month and I never have the book that they pick out and I was like I HAVE A BOOKPLOSION BOOK FOR THIS MONTH I mean I got weirdly happy that I finally had their book of the month. My excited so died when I read the summary and I’m like this sounds like Riverdale and my brain was no put the fucking book down but I was like let’s not judge it just by that. It’s just summary. I’ll give it a try, I mean I did give Riverdale a try and I ended but hating it but this could be different. I could like it. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I didn’t like this book. Well let’s just start with the fact that it has underage drinking, step siblings hooking up, an ending that I’m not to sure about how really killed that chick, some very questionable friendships. So yeah I guess this could be Riverdale in book form. Like the point is I don’t support the things in this book and I didn’t find the main lead interesting and I wasn’t able to connect with her.

Here’s my goodreads review: Well I was pretty bored reading this and then the ending came and we learn things about then main character that I didn’t like. I didn’t sign up for Riverdale in book form

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


+C: A work in progress. Okay writing, not so great characters and story line but pulled through and was readable.

I went into this book with really low expectations for this book which is what I think made me like more then I thought I would. I had to read this for my english class and I read it like two hours because it’s so short. I honestly I didn’t hate this book, I mean is it the best book in the whole Universe? No I mean the character in this book aren’t that likable and are flawed and Gatsby and Daisy aren’t even that great of couple. Daisy annoyed me so much like every other sentence she’s asking who someone is like even at one point she asks who Tom is and I’m like girl that’s your husband! I found this book okay, I didn’t find any reasons to love but I didn’t find any reason to hate it either so. It’s an okay book.

Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

once and for all.jpg

-C: Was expecting more than I got. Characters didn’t get any development until halfway.

I don’t know why but for some reasons I can’t get into Sarah Dessen books. This is the third book I’ve read by her and again I can’t connect with any of this book. Every time I pick her books, I read the summary and the book sounds great but then I read it and I’m disappointed. The same thing happened with this book it sounded so cute but I didn’t really like it. I couldn’t connect with the story or the characters and did Ambrose and Louana even get together because I feel like they didn’t even have any romantic scenes together. I didn’t really enjoy this book I enjoyed the idea of this book and I wish I had went and gotten Big Little Lies instead of getting this book because I wanted Big Little Lies more but I thought I enjoy this book more so I didn’t get Big Little Lies.

Well that was fun. I enjoyed ranting about the books I’ve read this month. I can’t wait to do another one of these again. Hopefully you agreed with everything I had to say, you probably didn’t let’s be honest. I read two books this month that were Fs. I’ve never so many Fs in one month. Hopefully it’s just a one time thing. Please let it be a one time thing. This was surprising long. I mean 3000 words. Guess I had too much fun ranting. I hope you enjoyed this review *many reviews and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m announcing Epic Adaptations September book of the month!


Hey! I have finished my Still Star-Crossed reviews which if you would like to read those then click here and here. I hope you guys enjoy those reviews I was a lot happier reviewing this book and this show more then I was with 13 Reasons Why because I liked Still Star Crossed and I hated both the book and show 13 Reasons Why. Okay I’m done talking about 13 Reasons Why! I’m excited for the September book of the month which is Confess by Colleen Hoover!

I recently read this book and I discovered that you can watch it online for free so I will be reviewing the book and watching the show so look out for that!

This is my third time picking a book that’s been turned into a show. I mean to pick more movies! It might be a while because October is going to be the Handmaid’s Tale which is also a show. I could review that movie that they made in the 90s or the 80s but I’m not going to. If you would like to join the book club then click here to join or just stay tune on this blog to find out what book is coming next. Well that’s all I have to say about this, I’m excited for it and I hope you guys enjoy. Follow the blog if you would updates for when I post and follow my other social media links. I post once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Still Star-Crossed TV show review | Epic Adaptations

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about the tv show, Still Star-Crossed, based off the book by Melinda Taub which is my August book of the month!


So I should have my review for the book for this by now which you can read here. If you don’t know I have a book club called Epic Adaptations where every month I pick a book that has been turned into a TV or movie. Last month was 13 Reasons Why and this month, I had a poll on Twitter to decide what book I should do this month. It was between the Handmaid’s Tale and Still Star-Crossed and Still Star-Crossed won! If you couldn’t tell by the fact that I’m reviewing Still Star-Crossed. It was also on my Top 10 Shows of Summer which you can read here.

This show was soo good! Yes I did watch this before I read the book but that’s because I had no clue it was a book until I was on like episode five and we only had two episodes left in the seasons. I did read and finish the book before the final episode so there’s that. I had such a good time watching this show I loved it so much! I loved all the actors and how well they played their characters. I loved that we get to see more of the characters in depth because the story in the book mainly focus on Rosaline and Benvolio. This was a pretty good adaptation of the book but they changed the ending so that they could have a season two but they ended not getting a season which I’M VERY ANGERY ABOUT! All the episodes should be on Hulu for you to watch so go and watch this show! That’s all for my nonspoilerly part of this review. I know it’s short but I have to talk about this show!



OKAY GUESS WHOSE MAD ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY CHANGED THE ENDING OF THE SHOW SO THAT THEY COULD HAVE A SEASON TWO BUT ABC CANCELED THE SHOW?? ME! You can’t just do that, well they can actually. But I can be angry about it. It’s so dumb that 13 Reasons Why is getting a second season a long with Riverdale and this show and Class aren’t. It makes me mad. A lot of shows I’ve watched this year have gotten canceled or I’ve just lost interest in. It makes me sad that’s happened.

I loved this show! It was so good and I’m so sad that there isn’t going to be a second season. But I’m done talking about that……for right now at least. The show is very fun and it’s very good and I enjoyed it very much. I posted my reactions to the season finale on Tumblr which if you followed me on, everyone seemed to enjoy. The show starts off pretty accurate but as it goes on they clearly wanted to do a second season so they started changing things and it was still good but I would have liked the book following better because it was happy and we aren’t getting a second season. I loved all the actors in this show and we got some great ones like Bash from reign, Gillies from Buffy, Earl Grey from Scream Queens, Elody from Before I Fall, lots of people.

The show is also very pretty as the pilot was filmed in Rome and the outfits are so pretty. I guess I should talk about this show now. This show follows after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet and the war between the family gets worse. To make sure that war stops before everyone kills each others, Ecalus the new prince decides that we needs to marry a Capulate and Montague to try and bond the families together. IF shit wasn’t bad before then it’s very bad now as people are killing each other, protesting, basically do anything to stop this from happening. We focus on Rosaline and Benvolio, the people who are getting married, Escalus and his sister Isabelle, the head of the two families, and just the families in general.

Watching this show unfold and see everything that was happening and who was behind  all the attacks was so great. Spoilers: Turns out Paris wanted to be the new prince and he tried to kill everyone and it went badly and I wished Livia had never saved him. I’m so mad that it happened. I can’t believed he just used her like that! NOW WE’LL NEVER SEE PARIS GET WHATT HE DESERVES AND OR HAVE LIVIA FIND TRUE LOVE!!! IT MAKES ME SO MAD! Another thing that makes me mad the fact that Isabelle and that Blonde chick whose name I don’t remember according to twitter they kissed but then it was taken out of the finale!!!! AHHHH! Now I’ll see their relationship evolve into some good loving! Okay I need to chill but I can’t BECAUSE I’M SO FUCKING MAD! I do like this show okay. I’m not mad at the show I’m mad at ABC for canceling it. I should stop.

Accuracy: 85%

The show started out pretty accurate but as it went on they changed the show so that they could have a second season. The characters were pretty much the same. The only character I would said changed a lot was Isabelle but I would say that she was changed for the better. I liked that she wasn’t married in this storyline. I wished the ending hadn’t been changed so that I could have gotten a happy ending instead of it ending like it did! But another then I that I liked this show and I’m giving it an -A.

Rating: -A for being amazing but it just left me hanging so

I enjoyed this show and I’m so sad that they changed the ending so that they could have a second season and they didn’t get renewed. At least I have the book ending which was happy. So for next month I will probably do Confess if I can get the link to work or if I can find somewhere to bootleg it *I’m not a good role model Have you guys watched this show? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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I enjoyed this more then I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet! | Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub review

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing my August book of the month Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub!

still star crossed

+B: Had a weird pace and took me a while to like the characters.

In fair Verona, enemies still walk the streets. Two news hearts. Same two families.”

So I feel like I should start with the fact that I started watching the show before I read this book. I’m sorry. DON’T JUDGE ME! I didn’t know that this was based off a book until like episode four and I couldn’t get the book for awhile and then I finally found it the library and then I read it and then I finished the show and it’s now my book of the month so here we are. I also feel like I should say that I don’t like Romeo and Juliet or Shakespeare that much ….. again with the judgment. I’m sorry but Romeo and Juliet is so instalovey and they knew each other for three days and they got married and died. That’s not the best relationship ever. Why do all the weirdest relationships get praised as the best things ever and relationship goals. Like Catherine and Heathcliff, Edward and Bella, Tate and Violet, that Grey guy and his girlfriend *i don’t know their names, and of course Romeo and Juliet. They aren’t healthy! I don’t like Shakespeare because his characters also make the wrong decision instead of DOING THE REASONABLE THINGS AND JUST TALKING!!! Okay I’m done talking about that let’s get on with the review.

This book takes place after Romeo and Juliet have died but instead of the families coming to peace like they did in the book, they start fighting again and it’s even worse this time around. Juliet’s statue is destroy and chaos is going through the streets and the prince Escalus decides that he needs these people to stop. He decides that two of these people need to get married from the families and the two picked are our leads for this story, Rosaline and Benvoli. I enjoyed this story, it’s very fun, it’s filled with romance and action, the relationships are great. This is so much fun and I loved it.

I loved Benvolio and Rosaline’s relationship. It wasn’t instalovely like Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. At first they don’t really get a long but then they do and they start trusting each other and they fall in love and I love it. It’s better then Romeo and Juliet in my opinion. I love when they reunite and she tells him that Ecalus proposed to her and he is like what did you say and she just keeps talking and making him wait and he’s like ‘just tell me what you said’ and she tells that him that she can’t marry Ecalus because she loves him. It’s just so cute! Unfortunately the book ends like the next page after this scene and I’m like I wanted more.

Ecalus is an okay character, he is kind of a dick in this book. I like TV Ecalus better, I mean he has his issues but he was nicer in the beginning. I also like TV shows Isabelle more then book Isabelle but that’s because we don’t see a lot of her in this book. Can we talk about that she is marry to Don Pedro who is a character in Much Ado about Nothing and she mentions Benedick and I’m like I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!! I even if  I didn’t like Much Ado About Nothing… again his characters need to talk shit out before completing actions.

I enjoyed this book so much and I would recommend this book to romance lovers and people who like happy making books. Have you guys read this book? If you have did you love it or did you hate it? I hope you guys liked. My review for the tv is coming soon, like it’s scheduled to come out next week. I have so many new post schedule. Like I have the rest August and the first two weeks of September. I’m excited for the next couple weeks. I like that I will do Confess by Colleen Hoover or The Handmaid’s Tale. I might save the Handmaid’s Tale for October as I’m not that done with the show and the society scares the shit out of me. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Writing with Grace! | Part X

Greetings everyone! Welcome to another writing post!


Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness”
― Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

In honor of making ten writing posts, I have made a new banner. Isn’t cute? I didn’t take that picture though, I just added the filter and the words. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a writing post but it hasn’t. It’s only been a month which I guess can count as a while. I have another writing journeys which you can read  herehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. I have finished the first half of my book and I’m at 25, 158 words and 97 pages and I haven’t write a lot since I finished Camp NaNowrimo. Like I’ve only written a hundred words since then and I’m very upset.

I want to write but I’m drowning in trying to read, doing plays, and SCHOOL!! I have sent  the first few chapters out which did give me an push to start writing but again I have no time! My friend did respond and gave me some feedback and because it was just the first few chapters, I was scared that negative would like make me not feel great about the story and so I was like nothing too major please. When I have finished the story and I have sent it all out then I’ll be asking for more major things. Another thing that is pushing me to write is that I started a writing playlist.

I never had a writing playlist before, I want I did before was watched TV and videos on Youtube *like dan and phil or polandbananasbooks which do help me but I’ve run out of things that can keep me writing. So I’ve found a lot of music that I enjoy and I’m adding it to my playlist and I’ve found a lot. Right it has three La La Land songs, Joanne by Lady Gaga *so good and I got the recommendation from one of Christine’s videos, the new Superfruit album, Dear Evan Hanson, a new Bastille song that they made for the show the Tick *IT’S SOOOO GOOD! and Welcome to the Black Parade. I’m excited for this playlist and hopefully I can write with it usually I can’t write with music, it’s only ever been tv shows that I write to. My older sister can write with music, silence, and sometimes tv but she has like writing tv shows, my sister can also like write like 10, 000 words in one days so.

On another note, I’m two chapters away from finishing Annabelle Strange as of last night  so that’s cool. Annabelle Strange has become the fanfiction that I’m focusing on right now as I’m almost done with it. The next chapter I hope will come out this week but I’m not sure as it’s my week of real classes this week. I want to get it out this week but I don’t want to rush it and have it be a bad chapter because it’s the final showdown you can’t have the final showdown go down badly. And if it’s written nicely then hopefully it will be a long one because that’s how it was with Skyfall. I wrote that break up chapter and eight thousand words came out and it was so good! Well I thought it was. I need to get to back to Daybreak and Space Between Us because I miss writing those. I miss Skylar and Renesmee with their unnecessary dramatic romance and Troye being angsty as hell.

That’s what motivated me to start writing Annabelle Strange again because I had been gone for so long that I missed everyone and when I started writing again it was like a breath of fresh air. I need to figure out a writing schedule because as you can tell I do have a structured way of how I write my fanficitions. It used to be I write them every week and then suddenly life got crazy and I wasn’t able to keep doing that. Maybe I should start doing that again as I’m done with my play for this month.

Okay I’m done ranting for now. My Still Star Cross review is coming out soon so look out of that. I hope you guys did better then me on Camp NaNoWrimo and doing a better job at writing your stories with a good schedule. You guys should comment questions and other things that I should talk about because I don’t have a lot to talk about for these posts. Also what stories are you guys writing let me! If you would like to read one of the stories that I mention then go to my links page. I hope you enjoy this rant! I post once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Life is Strange: Episode One | Gameplay

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing a gameplay of the first episode of Life is Strange!

*should I tag spoilers because I talk about a lot of things that happen in this game. if you don’t want to know about the game and the choices you’ll have to do then don’t read this. 


So I’m doing another Gameplay even though no one really likes these posts but you know what I’m playing this game, I just finished episode one and I want to talk about it so you know what just deal with it. Okay so this is a video game that follows girl named Max who goes to an art school and after seeing a guy named Nathan shoot a girl, she discovers that she has the power to rewind time. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again I’m not very good at video games. Like I always make the wrong choices and I panic and mess things up. But I’ve played like two video games before I played this one *that i have reviewed here and here and I’ve had a little more experience with playing on the Play Station Four so I was prepared! Sort! *not really

I didn’t really know much about this game. With Alien: Isolation and Until Dawn, I knew about those games because I had watched Markiplier and he had played them but with this game I didn’t really anything. My dad just came home and gave it to me and I read the back but then I didn’t touch for like a week. I like that didn’t really know anything about it because when everything was happening I was like SURPRISE! Also side note if you’re wondering what happen to part three of Until Dawn, I finished the game and then I restarted it because I wasn’t happy with how it ended. I meant to write part three but then I started forgetting everything that had happened so right now I’m just gonna finish replaying and then do part three. Okay so the first sign of trouble in this game was when I start the game and the words ‘your actions have will have an effect on what happens’ pop up and I’m NO! Not a butterfly effect game!


Until Dawn was a butterfly effect game and I failed that so hard like I made all the wrong choices and only four people out of nine or ten characters survived. And I like I said before I make all the wrong choices or I miss things that can help me or I panic do the wrong thing! The plus side to this is that Max’s powers allow you to go back in time and change your decisions but the down side to that is that her powers can only go back so far that you have to go back at that moment or else you’re stuck. I have no idea which choice is the right choice. Whenever I pick a choice I feel confident but then the butterfly or rewind thing in the corner will go off and make noise and will be ‘go back and fix that’ or the very threatening ‘THIS ACTION WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES!’ and then I’m like did I make the right choice because I have no clue what this game whats from me!

You can also take pictures of different things in this which I enjoy but I’ve missed a lot of things that you can take pictures of so I really hope that doesn’t come back and bit me later or else I’ll cry and cry and cry. Also you can talk to people and they can ask you things and I didn’t really do that. I talked a teacher at one point and signed a thing where the weird guard wants to put cameras everywhere and then ‘wonderful’ this action will have consequences pop up! It makes me question everything! I also stopped a football from hitting a girl on the head so that was nice. It took me like five years to figure out how to tamper with the paint to spill on the mean girl Victoria who I was then nice to because my goal is always the same which it is……….


I was nice and we got along for like for a couple seconds. Later I got a text saying that we weren’t friends and I was a little hurt if I’m being honest. Let’s talk about that asshole Nathan like this kid has issues and I think he is on like hardcore drugs and I think he’s insane or like borderline insane either way he’s insane and he shoot girl and he beat up that cool kid Warren I think that’s his name who had nothing to do with it. Also the girl who got shot was Max’s old best friend, Chloe, which I was surprise that it was her but not really because she kept talking about her so I was like she is probably important and she was!!!!

I’m very curious on what’s happening in this universe as the episode ends with it snowing and when the story takes place it’s summer I think. I bet you that we are going to be solving the mystery of what happened to the missing girl whose name I’ve already forgotten but then something is going to happen with Max’s powers which causes things to go wrong and it causes the storm that she keeps having dreams about because if I know anything about time travel, it’s that changing the past will have an negative on the future. That’s my theory right now it could change as the game goes on but right now I think I’ll stick with that.

This game is great and besides the paranoid feel that I have every time I make a goddamn decision, I’m very much joying playing this game. I have four chapters left and I will be doing post like this one where I just talk about them and how I make bad choices. I recommend this game to guys and if you enjoy time travel and another games that make you question everything. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Happy 2nd Birthday GeekyGalaxy!



It’s not my birthday, that was a couple days ago but I have had this blog for two years now and it’s great. Thank you to you guys for sticking around and hopefully enjoying all of my post. I’m 29 followers away from 100 followers which I like is pretty cool. Now let’s just enjoy some cake.


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Let’s talk about the Wayward Sisters!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about my concerns for the Supernatural spin off, the Wayward Sisters! *this is going to give me much hate but let’s just do it


Supernatural is a show that is has been on since 2005, has twelve seasons, is very popular, and is one of my favorite moments so the fact that it is getting a spin off should not come as a surprise. A spin off was going to happen and it was going to be called Bloodlines. They filmed a backdoor pilot episode but it didn’t work out in the end. Fans have been asking for a show about these girls Alex, Clarie, and Jody since they were all showed living together and a little before that. I wanted one and now we are getting one which is giving mixed emotions.

I am excited for this because I love these characters and I show about them could be great but here’s the two problems I have with it which is the writers, the network, and the Supernatural fandom. I’m going to tell you a story about a wonderful and fantastic show called Class I have a review for it here. Class is a story with a lot of diversity, great characters, a fantastic storyline, and was created by the great Patrick Ness. It was amazing and it was a spin off to Doctor Who a very popular show. Unfortunately Class did get treated well. By the Network and by the Doctor Who fandom as the network wouldn’t advertisement and the Doctor Who fandom wouldn’t watch it because it wasn’t Doctor Who. I’m telling you all this because I’m scared that the same thing will happen to this show as one CW isn’t the best network.

I’m scared that it won’t treat it fairly because it won’t be like Riverdale or Supernatural or it will expect higher views. And I say probably expect higher views is because I scared that the Supernatural fandom will treat it like because I’m sorry the Supernatural fandom is toxic and sexist to basically a lot of the female characters. Being a toxic fandom is common in very big popular fandoms but Supernatural us a very mean group of fans. They are sexist to any female characters and so are the writers and they are mainly mean to them because they don’t want them to have any chances of screwing Destiel. Guys you need to chill!!!! Give these characters a chance and the writers of Supernatural aren’t better and I don’t really want them writing this show. They’ll mess up it and we won’t get a good show.

That’s all I have to say but moral of the story is: let’s treat this show right, give it a chance, and just chill for millisecond. Are you guys excited for this show? Are you guys going to watch the show? And are you going to watch all the episodes and not just the ones with the Supernatural boys? Let me know! I’ll probably watch them if I have time. But right now I’m mad about Supernatural right now. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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