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Fandom: Twilight

Summary: Renesmee Cullen just wanted to get through the rest of high school again and hopefully her parents won’t make her go through all four years a thousand times like her dad and his siblings. It’s not she getting younger or older. That was before she met Skylar Fisher, new boy at her school.

A/n: So there was that weird thing with Jacob and Renesmee being soul mates and I thought it was weird sorry not sorry. So im writing this which is just twilight with their kid and characters I made up. I’m always not a big fan of twilight (i mean i like them but that big of a fan) but I had this idea and I want to write.

Status: Complete (3 / 11 / 17)

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Annabelle Strange #1



Fandom: Harry Potter Next Generation

Summery: Annabelle Strange’s life hasn’t been the same since her dad die three years ago. Her mother is trying to forget it and move away from magic, taking Anna and her younger brother with her. When Anna turns eleven she gets her letter to Hogwarts but her mother turns it away, telling Anna it’s to keep her safe. Then Anna’s uncle, Draco, cuts a deal with her mother which is Anna will go to Hogwarts with her cousin, Scorpius, saying that they’ll be safe. 

There they face many things, people who haven’t forget what the Malfoys have done in the past and kids who uses their parents success to people like them. But that’s not their biggest threat. A creature begins to stalk and harm kids at Hogwarts and gets around by taking the faces of other students. Anna teams up with Scorpius and Albus to figure out any thing about the creature and how to make sure everyone is safe.

A/N: Okay so this is a Next Gen Harry Potter fanfic. First off I’m not J.K Rowling so it’s not going to be like harry potter. Second there are like twenty next gen characters and I don’t know if i will put them in this and I haven’t figure out who will end up with who so that will be a surprise. Third thing is that i’m american but this takes place in the UK. I’ll try and make it seem as if their British but I can’t promise that.

Status: Still in progress

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The space between us


Fandom: Troyler

Summary: “I promised you that if I found answers that I would come back.” I said to him. He continued to look at the starry view in front of us, “I know.” Tyler said. His voice still seemed distance even though he was right in front of me. “I remember.”

It’s been years since Troye went to find answer about the Power and about his real family. He left everything behind even his best friend, Tyler. When Troye returns from his adventures, he doesn’t get the welcome home he wanted. He finds out his home has been taken over and Tyler is no where to be found. Troye and two other androids he mets go on journey to find he friend.

A/N: This takes place in a star wars like universe but isn’t based off the amazing movies

Status: Work in progress

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Original Stories

Son of a Demon



Summary: Blake can see things not that aren’t normal. He can see angles and demons but because he can see these things he has been in metal asylum for eight years. Along with Tyler who claims he sees ghost and keeps drawing trees.

One day, the angel Gabriel shows up and explains that his father is demon and his mother was human and when he dies he will go to purgatory but he can change that. If he can help and save the people that have been wrong by his dad, he may go to heaven but not everyone thinks that he belongs there.
When Blake finds out that his father has sent a demon to kill his sister, Blake teams up with Tyler and Gabriel to save her and hopefully himself.

The Wicked ( John Babbacombe Lee story )

A/N: A historical story about John Babbacombe Lee

Status: Complete