THE MOST AMAZING EVER!! | Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review

Greeting Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast staring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.





Rating: -A: Good book with characters that got better and a slow plot line

If you didn’t know, I’ve been looking forward for this film for a long today and last month it finally came out! Unfortunately I took me forever to go and see it but now I’ve seen it and I have soo much to say because it was so beautiful and perfect and I cried like five times because I have a giant emotional attachment to the original film *stops to catch breath. So yeah I’ve talked about my excitement in two different posts, one talking about my excitement in general which you can read here and then another talking about everything that I was looking forward to this year and this was the first thing on it which you can read here.  I also reviewed this original movie which you can read here.

I love the original film, it was my favorite disney movie ever and every time I watch just fall in love with it again. I just love the story and the characters and the love and the music and the whole damn thing! IT’S THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! So I had high hopes for this film for one it’s a live action version of one the best films ever and two it’s got Emma Watson playing Belle.

This was a great casting choice in my opinion, Emma Watson is just so amazing as Belle and in the beginning of the film all I could think is damn why do you get to be so pretty? because she is so beautiful. I loved her sing in this movie and I didn’t even know they were going to sing until a couple mouths before the film came out and I was freaking out because I had never heard Emma Watson or Dan Stevens sing before. Everyone was great in this film with the singing and everything! Another reason I was looking forward to this movie was DAN FREAKING STEVENS!!!!!!


Oh my god! I love him! Look at that face!!!! LOOK AT IT!!! *oh yeah a discovery that i have made is that i’m basically in love with every british male actor and sometimes actress ever!! it’s a problem but i think i can live with it. I watched him on Downton Abbey and he was soo great on that show but then he left and IT BROKE MY HEART!! But I found out that he was in this and I was so excited and I got really excited when I found out that they sang! I was ready to find out if he could sing and they never released any clips of him singing, they released clips of everyone else singing but not him. And then the film came out and everyone was talking about Evermore which is the song that the Beast sings.

I didn’t listen to it because my rule was not to listen to any of the songs until I saw the movie and I did just that and it was WORTH IT!!! I was sobbing during the song, my friend looked at me like I was having a stroke. I’ve been listening to this song everyday for weeks now. I REGRET NOTHING!!! Dan Stevens was great as the Beast and he and Emma did such a great job with their characters and their songs. One of my favorite things during this film and the scene where I was every emotional that my friend had to hold my hand to calm me down was the dance scene where the two dance and she was wearing that dress and the main song is playing and IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!


Emma Thompson who played Mrs. Potts did a great job singing Beauty and The Beast during this scene. For a second I thought they were going to play Ariana Grande and John Legend’s cover of the song which is the worst in my opinion but then they didn’t which made me really happy. I thought the iconic yellow dress looked good at some moments and then some other moments it looked boring but I still liked it.

The film had good moments and unlike what the trailers show you, it isn’t a spot on remake of the original version. They add different thing like they showed happened with Belle’s mother, the Enchantress’ who cursed the beast shows up more than she did in the first version, more new songs were add and they were pretty good, and we got some new characters and we also saw Mr. Potts. I thought Gaston was great and what I mean by that is I mean the actor Luke Evans did a great job of making him a horrible character because Gaston sucks. His death was also another thing that was changed and Le Fou became a better person in the end and realized that Gaston wasn’t making the right decisions. They also made him dance with a guy at the end which I don’t have a problem with but it was just thrown in there and I’m like if you going to make a disney be with someone of the same sex then give them a bigger storyline then just one moment.

My least favorite thing about this movie was Be Our Guest which is one of the most iconic songs and scenes in a Disney movie but in this film it was performed Ewan McGregor who did the voice of Lumiere and he did an okay job. The whole thing was a GI mess and crazy and I was cringing the whole time. Another scene that I cried really hard in was when the Beast was injured by Gaston and he is on the break of death and the last petal falls and everyone turns back into still objects and it’s so sad!!!!

This was a great movie and I’m glad to have seen it! I laughed, I cried, and I loved every second of it. What do you guys think about this film? Did you love like I did?  Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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THE BEST THING EVER!! | Beauty and the Beast 1991 Movie Review

Greetings everyone and today I’m reviewing one of my favorite films from my childhood and it’s still one of my favorite films now, which is Beauty and the Beast!

*the movie is 25 years old I shouldn’t have to put a spoiler warning. if you haven’t since the film then what is wrong with you?


Rating: + A: Perfect story with great characters and fantastic plot line.

Beauty and the Beast is a film made 1991 and is about a girl named Belle who likes to read books and when her dad goes missing, she goes looking for him and finds him locked up in abandon castle and is being held there by a beast. To let her father go, Belle makes a trade so that she is the end that has to stay in that castle forever. At first her and the beast don’t get along but then they start to have feelings for each other and it’s beautiful!

I made a post about Beauty and the Beast the other day and I talked about this film and the up and coming live action version which you can read here. I said that I would make a review for this film and the one coming out in March next year and now we are here and I just want to around all day and watch it a thousand more times. This film was my favorite when I was little. I had a Belle dress and I wore it everywhere and watching this film took me back.

When I started watching, I felt like I was going to cry. Then when I was in middle of this movie I felt like crying. When was done watching this movie, I just let like crying because this film is the best! Man I only watched this film once today and it really messed me up. I just love it soo much! I literally went on ebay and started looking at Belle ballgowns and sent them to my mom because I might as while go back to being to being two year old me *it was a better time anyway.

This is me watching the film:


One of my favorite things in this film is Belle.


I love her. She has always been the person that I like to say I am. She is nice, loves to read, likes the colors blue and yellow which are my favorite colors, and has brown hair. Belle is a really nice person who believes in her dad  even though everyone else thinks that he is crazy and when people think that the beast is a bad person, she still sticks up for him and tries to stop them from killing him. Don’t say that is she not a strong female lead because she is. Belle only had to saved once by the beast because that she was being surround by wolves and she only had a stick. I’m pretty sure that you can’t fight off wolves with a stick.

The Beast is a good character.


He just got turned into a creature when he was eleven and was young and didn’t know that much about love. On top of that he has been alone most of time. I know he has the people who used to work at the castle but other then them, he doesn’t really have anyone. When Belle comes into his life, he sort doesn’t know how to act but he tries to make her feel at home and because she helped treat his injuries he gave her a library! A LIBARY GUYS! HOW SWEET IS THAT!!!

Let me say something to all the haters out there, Belle and the Beast relationship isn’t Stockholm syndrome. They didn’t like each other in the beginning but after he saved her, they both gave each other a chance and that’s how feelings began. Relationships with Stockholm syndrome are like Rapunzel and Mother Gothel in Tangled not like their relationship. Mother Gothel didn’t let Rapunzel leave like at all but Beast did let her go because he knew that if he really loved her then he couldn’t keep her there and that is much different. Their relationship is one that I have always loved because it is soo great!

Another thing that I love about this movie is Chip and Mrs. Potts.


When Chip appeared on the screen, I was just like the ultimate cinnamon roll right there! He is only a chipped tea cup but I love him!! And he was probably like a baby when this curse happened so whoa. Every time he appeared on the screen, I almost started crying because one watching this film makes me emotionally unstable and he is just so adorable. His mom is the best and really kind. She can see the best in people and that is something that I really like about her. Also tale as old as time is a great song! I love it!!!

They really help the story with Mrs. Potts being that character that sort of guides everyone and Chip is just that character that everyone loves because he is really cute!

I also love Lumiere and Cogsworth.


They are most of the humor for this film and I love it. You guys need to watch this film and love as much as I do. If you have already watched it then go and watch again. Watch million times! Do you guys love this movie? If not then what the hell is wrong with you? This movie is fantastic! GO watch it! and reread it! Because it is just the best and the new film comes out next year so get on it! I love it. I hope you enjoyed this review. I post review, rants, and other stuff one this blog once every weeks. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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Greetings everyone and today I’m talking about Beauty and the Beast *this isn’t really a review this is just my fangirling!

So Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite films ever. I watched it all the time when I was little. I had a Belle ballgown that I wear everywhere seriously I’m not joking. I still like to pretend that I’m Belle. Basically the only thing that Belle and I have in common is that we like blue and yellow and books and have brown hair. Beauty and the Beauty and the Beast was my all time favorite movie and it still is. If you don’t know what Beauty and the Beast is then where the hell have you been!

This is a film came out in 1991 and the best disney movie ever but that is my opinion *it’s disney everyone thinks their favorite one is the best.  It follows a girl named Belle who loves books and everyone likes that she and her dad are really weird. One day her dad goes out into the woods and after some event that happened, he is in prisoned in a castle and Belle goes looking for him. She discovered that he is being held by a beast and she makes a trade  with him for her father’s freedom. Then her and the beast fall in love and other stuff happens and it’s wonderful!

I hate how people are always like say like the bad boy and good girl ships are basically like Beauty and the Beast. Those ships have people who are just like ‘how could you pick like your family over me? don’t do that’ and they acted like on and off again douchebags. Beast or Adam on the other hand isn’t that great in the beginning but after he and Belle both give each other a chance the two start to fall in love. And when Belle finds out that her dad is sick, he tells her that she should go to him. He loved her and he had to let her go because it was the right thing. It’s not like that in those romance novels where the two are forced together. I mean he gave Belle a library guys! LIBRARY!!!! THAT IS JUST SO ROMANTIC!

Don’t even get me started on the side characters. Adam became the beast after a curse was placed on him and everyone else in the castle so he became the beast and everyone became objects. We’ve got Mrs. Potts and her son Chip who is the cutest thing in the whole freaking world. There Lumiere and Cogsworth who are so funny. Then we have a lot more characters. You know that they are great after they stick by a man that got them cursed after so many years.

 Guys this film has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s how great it is. I’ve always wanted a live action version of this film. Like a real live action version not some random take on it. I mean Cinderella has like over thirty different live action films, come people pick a different princess. We have had different retellings of it that are live action but none of them left me satisfied *i will never be satisfied.

Until now! If you haven’t heard but you probably we heard, we are finally get a live action version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens aka Hermione Granger and Matthew Crawely!


I remember when they announced this like million years ago and I was so excited!! Unfortunately that was in like 2012 or something like that because Harry Potter had finished so the fact she was in it made me so happy and every year since I hoped and prayed that they would release something and this year I almost gave up but then they released the teaser trailer!!!!

This was released in May and I made a draft for it but I didn’t post it because I think it was like finals for me. Nothing else was released but then we got pictures and posters and then we finally got the full trailer.

I’ve watched sooooooooooo many times. I watch it in the mornings and when I get home from school. It just makes me sooooooooooooooooo happy. When those notes start playing in the beginning, the tears just start flowing. Emma looks so great as Belle and Dan looks like he is going to be a great beast. Gaston also makes an appearance in the trailer he is being played by Luke Evans and he looks like he is going to do a great job being  him. Josh Gad is in this film and he is Le Fou and Emma Thompson is in this as Mrs. Potts so Harry Potter reunion. We have Gandalf as Cogsworth which is so cool! We also have Ewan McGregor who was from the Star Wars prequels as Lumbiere.

I’m so excited for this film. It comes out next year so you know I’ll have a review for it. I’m hoping to go and rewatch the original film and make a review for it. And then watch it again because I love it soo much! I hope you enjoy this little fangirl post about a movie that is really close to my heart. Do you love this film as much as I do? Are you excited for the film in 2017? I don’t know if this posting three times a week thing is going to work because  I’m behind already on banking up post. I post review, rants, and other stuff one this blog once every weeks. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.


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It’s more then a kids movie! | Zootopia Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing Zootopia, the new disney film that came out in March and is coming on DvD on today! WARNING!! SPOILERS!!


Rating: + A: Perfect movie with get characters and fantastic plot line.

Zootopia is a film starring Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps and Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde. The film takes place in a world where animals lived and walk around like humans. The teaser trailer explain this better so watch it here. It follows Goodwin’s character, Judy, has she solves a case to prove that she can be a real cop even though she’s a bunny. Judy teams up with Nick, a fox voiced by Bateman, and the two deal with much more then the original case.

I saw this in March and I’m just getting around to reviewing it because they film is now coming out for buy and rent. If you haven’t seen this film yet and I would be surprised if you haven’t because the film made a billion dollars worldwide and beat Frozen, Disney’s reining champion since it’s release in 2013 the film’s opening weekend, then you have to have to go see this movie. The film also as 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

This film was more then any movie kids movie ever. Even though it’s marked a kid’s movie, is Disney film, and the trailers made it seem like it was nothing but a kid movie. But it really is much more. The movie’s main theme is prejudice, which is a problem that we really deal with today. In this world, there’s predator and prey and prey in this story aren’t believe to be tough.

Judy, the main character, is a rabbit who has alway dream of being a cop. She is alway being told that she will never be able to be a cop but Judy never let’s stop her dreams. Judy finally graduates from the police academy, goes to Zootopia where she is station but there she still isn’t taken seriously as a cop and gets assign as meter maid.


On the job, she mets Nick, a fox who makes her feel worse about her place. Judy still stays at her job but she soon gets her boss to give her a case about six missing animals and she has 48 hours to solve it. After finding that Nick met one of the missing people, Judy threatens Nick by telling that if he doesn’t help her then he will be arrested for tax evasion. The two find out that there’s much more going on because all the missing animals are now going savage.

The story deals with a lot of stuff like prejudice, friendship, drugs, and stereotypes but we do get some humor in mix but not a lot because the story wants to focus on the story. and because of that I loved it. It was so different from all theses other movies out there. I mean I’m not too surprised on Disney going different ways like Frozen was breaking down all of Disney’s stereotypes and other so we had to know that Disney would be breaking down more things with more films. I don’t think we all thought it would happen so soon.


I honestly love this film. It’s got great humor, great characters, a fantastic storyline, and so many messages. I loved it more then anyone else in my family like only me and Kit Kat *she’s my little sister i love her she’s amazing check her out here seemed to enjoy this film. I love this film so much the moment I got out of theater, I was already checking out that tag on tumblr.

I had also began shipping Judy and Nick because seriously I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just shipping everything. I also cried watching this film and I never really cry a lot read or watching stuff. Again that clearly says something.

This movie is amazing and you all to go to and watch this film. It’s out on DVD and Blu-ray  today so you can go buy it or rent today. I went bought two books and this film and I re-watched again and I cried again. It’s so good, just go and see it and love because it’s amazing. If you did see Zootopia what did you think about of it? Did you like as much as I did?

I’m trying to post at least once a week and hopefully I keep that up. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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