Why I don’t like romance books…. | Rant

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m going a post which I haven’t done in a while and I thought I would do it.

Romance books is a genre that is popular and when you are a girl it is mainly the genre you are expected to like. Most books that are published are romance books and everyone loves them expect for me. I hate romance books. Now to add onto the statement because I’m not saying I hate books with romantic storylines, I am saying that I don’t like romance books where romance is the main storyline. They can be fun trashy books that I read but I don’t really love them as much as I love other books. I should probably say this now before I go on I’m not bashing anyone for liking romance books or anyone who writes romance or is in anyway a part of romance books. This is just my opinion. I will also be talking about topics such as abuse and unhealthy relationships so there is a warning for that as I feel like that should be discussed. I’ve thought about making this post for a while as I’ve felt this way for a while now but I decided to do it after recently reading a romance book that anger me every much. I’m also doing this because I want to discuss things that are in romance books now a days that I feel like people are overlooking or isn’t being said loud enough and should be changed.

With that said let’s get started.

Reason #1: The books tend to lack plot

If you follow me on goodreads which you can here then you should now that ever I read romance books a lot of the time I complain about them never having a plot. A lot of the time that is the case. Sorry but for me whether or not people get together isn’t really a plot for me. I mean it can be an interesting plot point if something else is the main focus such as the world is being taken over or if you find out you’re a part of a race called Shadowhunters or it’s a Dystopian society or one of the characters is dealing with a mental health problems or other real world problems. With romance books where the only thing to continue the story is the couple’s relationship isn’t really a plot. In books like the After series where the whole point of all the books is the relationship of two characters who continually break up and get back together. Some people may like this but I don’t. You can have something going on in the story other then whether or not two people are getting together.

Reason #2: Girls hating on Girls

This happens a lot in romance books, in some books it’s a little better as times have changed but I still come across this books. I wouldn’t call myself the best person ever and in past moments I have judged women on somethings and when I look back on my life I regret that because it is something I don’t stand by anymore and I don’t like it when I find this in book. Yes people can get jealous sometimes but just because a girl is interested in a guy that you like or because they are dating someone doesn’t mean that you have a right to judge them. They are allowed to be with whoever they want to be or do whatever they want to do and you have to be okay with that and not judge them. An example of this is in Anna and the French Kiss where Anna judges every girl that flirts with St. Clair and hates his girlfriend even though she has never met her nor has his girlfriend done anything bad to her. If you have your main girl hating someone have it be not be for slut shaming. Or why don’t we not have girls hate on each other? Female friendships are amazing so let’s just have more of those!

Reason #3: Boys being controlling over girls

Again jealousy is a thing but telling your girlfriend that she cannot hang out with other guys or do things in her life. She is her own goddamn person! Yes we want to protect the people we love but controlling their lives so that they are only focusing on you isn’t okay and that’s really abusive. Judging them for their decision is also not okay. Yes in a relationship you need to be honest but you also have to be there for them. So instead of telling them how they shouldn’t have done that and been stupid, how about you comfort them and support them. That’s the right thing to do! In Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian *does a lot of terrible things tells Ana what to do and gets mad it her when she doesn’t listen, forbids her from hanging out with her friends. In After We Collided, Hardin judges Tessa for kissing another guy even though they weren’t together and she wanted to move on from their relationship. He also makes her feel bad when she goes to hang out with Zed and excuses her cheating. If you are so insecure about your relationship that you have control your girlfriend then you probably don’t deserve her.

Reason #4: Unhealthy relationships

A lot of the times in romance books the relationship are unhealthy. The relationships are unhealthy as they lack trust, one of them is controlling and jealous, they break up and get back together. A lot of time they fall in love so quickly which is so annoying. Not really can the relationships with the main couple be unhealthy the characters can also have unhealthy relationships with their friends. They get mad at their friends when their friends get mad at them for real issues and their friends end up say sorry when the main character should be the one saying sorry. If it is the case that the best friend follows the stereotypical where she dates more then the main character usually slut shames that friend or makes fun of them for their choices. In the end the characters usually give each other and everything is happy even though it should have been brought into question as if they should have forgiven each other as they all did and said some bad things.

That’s it for this weird rant. I’m sorry if I offend you in any way. This is just my opinion and this was in no way a personal attack on you. It is just how I feel I thought it would be an interesting post. I hope you enjoyed this post and look out for more coming soon! What are some romance books you guys like? What is a genre that you don’t like? You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Reasons Why You should Read Stoker & Holmes by Colleen Gleason

Greetings Earthling! Today I’m telling you why you need to read the Stoker & Holmes series by Colleen Gleason! These books have honestly become of my favorite things ever. I have now placed them on my favorite series list because they are that good!


What is this series about?

This is a Young Adult steampunk series that takes place in London, 1889 and follows Alvermina ‘Mina’ Holmes, the niece of Sherlock Holmes, and Evaline Stoker, the sister of Bram Stoker and is also a vampire hunter. Together they try to solve mysteries and stop supernatural things from happening. It is wonderful, amazing, and so much find to read.

Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you’re the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood. And when two society girls go missing, there’s no one more qualified to investigate.

Now fierce Evaline and logical Mina must resolve their rivalry, navigate the advances of not just one but three mysterious gentlemen, and solve murder with only one clue: a strange Egyptian scarab. The stakes are high. If Stoker and Holmes don’t unravel why the belles of London society are in such danger, they’ll become the next victims.

I’ve been in love with this series for a while and I want others to read it so here are all my reasons for why I think you should read it.

1. It follows Mina Holmes who is Sherlock Holmes’ niece. I love her and I will protect her with my life.


2. It also follows Evaline Stoker who is the sister of Bram Stoke and she is a vampire hunter. She is basically Buffy and deserves to be loved!


3. It’s a steampunk novel that takes place in London, 1889 which is so cool


4. It had two badass female leads who fight together and not against the other


5. Each book has its own mystery but they are connected and wonderful and it’s soooo good!


6. Then there is Ambrose Grayling (my boyfriend) who I love and is amazing and stands up Mina!


7. Then we got Dylan aka my cinnamon roll


8. Other characters from Sherlock appear and even Bram Stoker


9. The books will leave gasping for air and begging for the next book


10. Colleen Gleason’s writing is fabulous! She not only makes you fall in love with two wonderful leading ladies but she is never predictable with her stories


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Reasons Why You should Read the Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty

Greetings Earthlings! So I read a lot of books that a lot of people haven’t read and I decided to start a series talking about these books and why you should read them. I will be starting with one of my now favorite series Lock and Mori by Heather W. Petty.

What is this series about?

This series is about James ‘Mori’ Moriarty who is a teenage girl and lives in London with her brothers and her abusive father. She goes to school where one day she meets Sherlock Holmes. When a murder happens, the two make a bet to see who can solve it first but then as more the mystery unravels, the closer Sherlock and Mori get and the more she keeps secrets from him.

*yeah that kind of sucks so here’s the goodreads summary

In modern-day London, two brilliant high school students—one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James “Mori” Moriarty—meet. A murder will bring them together. The truth very well might drive them apart.

Before they were mortal enemies, they were much more…

FACT: Someone has been murdered in London’s Regent’s Park. The police have no leads.

FACT: Miss James “Mori” Moriarty and Sherlock “Lock” Holmes should be hitting the books on a school night. Instead, they are out crashing a crime scene.

FACT: Lock has challenged Mori to solve the case before he does. Challenge accepted.

FACT: Despite agreeing to Lock’s one rule—they must share every clue with each other—Mori is keeping secrets.

OBSERVATION: Sometimes you can’t trust the people closest to you with matters of the heart. And after this case, Mori may never trust Lock again.

I have reviews for all three books which you can read here, here, and here. I’ve been in love with this series for a while and I want others to read it so here are all my reasons for why I think you should read it.

#1: It’s a Sherlock Holmes Retelling that takes place in modern day London


I don’t know about you but this is enough for me to get into a book. In fact that’s mainly why I picked up this book.

#2: It follows James ‘Mori’ Moriarty who is a female version of Moriarty and the main POV of all the books


It’s a gender bent origin story of a villain! How can you not what to read it??

#3: It follows her becoming the villain she known for and it doesn’t involve a man. She is driven by protecting her brothers


#4: Sherlock is one of the most caring boyfriend ever in YA. As he can see what’s happening and tries to do what he thinks is best for her so she doesn’t become a villain


#5: Mori doesn’t take shit from no one and does her own thing (even though it may not be right)


#6: They really care about each other which makes everything more heartbreaking


#7: Another characters appear like John Watson and Mycroft


#8: The writing is beautiful. Heather does a wonderful job creating these characters and showing what’s happening in Mori’s mind


#9: It shows that sometimes we do bad things to protect our families even if it means hating ones we love


#10: 10. It will break you emotionally and leave you crying


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After We Collided by Anna Todd Review!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m reviewing After We Collided by Anna Todd!



F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

“Just because he can’t love you the way you want him to doesn’t mean he does’t love you with everything he has.”

I wasn’t going to review this book because I didn’t think I had a lot of opinions on it but then I started my goodreads review and I wrote like four paragraphs and I still have somethings to say about it. Because it’s this book is so terrible and it’s been a while since I reviewed a book I hated. In case you are wondering ‘ Grace didn’t you read the first book? Didn’t you like the first book?” Yes two both questions. But just because I liked the first book doesn’t mean I have to like the rest of the books. If we are being real I don’t even like the first book anymore. I honestly debate about whether I even like that first book and it’s mainly because the relationship in these books is really terrible but they are more characters and a lot more scenes where the characters are likable.

So this book takes place right after the events After and Tessa is super upset that Hardin *still not used to that awful name only dated her as a bet. Hardin continually tries to win her back despite the fact that she wants him to leave her alone and he does it in the weirdest and creepiest ways ever. Tessa needs to get her car fixed and Hardin just takes without telling her. He also follows her, calls her, and whenever he screams at her a lot. He still gets super jealous even though they aren’t together. When Tessa is drunk and she drunk calls him, he goes to her hotel room and sleeps with her even though she is drunk and he is sober. When she wakes up, he keeps telling her that she wanted him and that he didn’t take advantages of her but I’m like Hardin you did. Yes Tessa said she wanted you but she was drunk and you were sober and you slept with her knowing that if she was sober she wouldn’t be sleeping you so you did take advantage of her.

I would just like how to say that I have no problem with big books but then thing about big books is that THEY CAN ONLY BE GOOD IF SOME FUCKING HAPPENS IN!!! Lord of Shadows is a big book and it is a big book that I love with all my heart but stuff happened  in that book *that book also had people i cared about. This whole book is Tessa and Hardin fighting, having sex, making up, fighting, breaking up, fighting, having sex, making up and it’s so annoying. There is six hundred fucking pages of all that. Their first break at the end of After which continues into this book last about hundred pages. This book as a lot of flaws the main one is that between the relationship is the main problem because it’s toxic. Super toxic. The beginning of this review has some great examples of why they relationship is toxic but I’m going to give you so more examples. For one Hardin is so super jealous. Even when they aren’t together he is still jealous like the scene after where they slept together when she is drunk and he is sober they are getting along but then suddenly she mentions that last night that she kissed someone and he flips out.

He is the worst! Hardin even tells her a lie just to hurt her and I’m like I know that you are hurt but you guys weren’t together so you have no right to act like such an ass. He leaves without telling her and goes out and hangs out at some other girls apartment and Tessa gets into a car accident looking for him. When she finds out that he went out and was at someone else apartment, he keeps saying how hurt he is and he does this all the same fucking time. Tessa was in a car accident, she is hurt physically and emotionally and you are saying you are hurt right now are you fucking kidding!

The characters aren’t the best. Tessa tries to be a strong heroine but a lot of time she isn’t. Hardin is one of my least favorite male leads I’ve read in a book. Sometimes as this book as chapters in his POV I would feel bad and think he was growing as a character but then he acts like an ass and we are back to square one. The character Zed is made to look like a villain even though he is just trying to get Tessa out of this relationship as all Hardin does is betray her and treat her like she is beneath him. He is does care about her and he loves her which he admits but he is trying to get her out of this relationship because he sees that it is unhealthy and abusive and Tessa literally says that everything Hardin has done is her fault which is not true. Landon continues to be my favorite and he is in like less then five percent of this book.

The sex scenes are so bad I couldn’t even read them. I tried to but the writing is so cringing. Half the time they have sex in public places or with people around and you have to wonder don’t they see? There is a scene where she leans back onto her desk and lifts her skirt and they have desk against the desk and it was bad. You have to wonder how can’t people see them. I mean she is an intern there is no way she has a private office and don’t people work around her? It just didn’t make sense. Maybe it was explained I didn’t may attention during any of the sex scenes because they are the same and badly written. Also I don’t like romance books.

Look this book has its flaws and I wouldn’t say that I loved it as I’m not a romance lover. I don’t know if I’ll continue this series unless book three is on sale or I somehow get a copy for free. I’m not saying it’s bad I mean at some points I was weirdly interested in the story but then Hardin would do something stupid and over react and Tessa would cry and I wonder how these two haven’t realized they need to break up?  Also is no one talking about the fact that the author took a line from Wuthering Heights and people are now crediting her for that line. Just me?

“Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same”

Speaking of Wuthering Heights this book really wants to be Wuthering Heights as both the leads are compared to Catherine and Heathcliff but hey AT LEAST WUTHERING HEIGHTS WAS INTERESTING!!! The author also really wants Hardin to be like Will Herondale which isn’t possible honey. There is one Will and you can’t replace him!!!! Will Herondale would throw up if he saw you. Will Herondale had a reason for pushing Tessa Gray *a good heroine because he was scared that he was going to kill her because he cared about her. Hardin just pushes Tessa away because he is insecure and he is abusive and he is such an ass. I think I like the first book more even though I didn’t really enjoy that book either as like this one it’s about six hundred pages long and nothing happens!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I should see the movie when it comes out because that would be one fun review.

Also the slut shaming in this book is terrible. Why do we always have to turn girls against each other to cause drama? Seriously? Can we just stop? It seems as if in romance books if you aren’t a virgin you are the bad guy or a whore and if you are a virgin everyone will love and you are an idiot which either of those things are true. I’m going to say this which is that as long as you are comfortable, being safe, and have consent when it comes to sex then that is okay. It just annoys me. Why do we have to put girls against each other? We should be fighting together but not against each other. Let’s write romance books with healthy relationships, good storylines, good characters. Okay? Okay. Writers let’s stop slut shaming, stop abusive relationships, stop making girl’s lives change when they met a boy.

Look this book is terrible. It’s one of the worst things I’ve read this year. The relationship is super unhealthy and this book is so fucking long and nothing happens other then them fighting and having sex. But I got what I wanted out this book. I wanted a read that I didn’t have to focus on and read easily, something that I knew I wouldn’t love but I wouldn’t hate *but i do hate it. Have you guys read this book? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Yes I just read that | Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James review

Hello Everyone. Today I’m reviewing Fifty Shade of Grey by E.L. James.






F: Wasn’t a good read and a was a waste of time. Characters were dulled and annoying and so was the plot line.

“Why don’t you like to be touched?”
“Because I’m fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia”

Yes. I read this book. I read this book because I’m doing a post about romance books and I thought to myself maybe I should read the book that has the biggest controversy about the relationship. Before I start this review I would just like to say that I do not support anything in this book and if you claim that I support anything in this book then fuck you. I went into this book, not knowing what to expect. I mean I know details about this book such as the relationship, the names of the characters, the fact that this was a Twilight fanfiction, and the fact that is about ‘BDSM’ and it does not show BDSM correctly. I didn’t know if I was going to hate because there have been a lot of series that I thought I didn’t like but I ended up liking them. That wasn’t the case with this book.

Fifty Shades of Grey has a lot of flaws and they are really hard to ignore. I tired but I just couldn’t get like it. I listened to the audiobook *fun experience by the way and I read the book because I had to go back and take my notes. Even though this book is terrible the audiobook is funny because the narrator sounds so done with everything and sarcastic and I found it really funny. For a while but then it gets more terrible as it goes along and I wanted to die! In the beginning parts of this book are funny like the writing, the fact that it is a lot like Twilight, and the way the characters but then they come up some many times that it gets old and I’m wishing that it was more original content and that writing wasn’t so shitty and that the characters were better!!!

For the people who don’t believe when I tell them it’s Twilight fanfic then you clearly haven’t read this book. You’ll see in my notes which are listened at the bottom of the review then you will see me talk about Twilight a lot *you will also see that I will get angrier because this book is terrible and that is because it’s basically an aged up, modern versions without vampires, Twilight. They don’t even try to change it. Maybe it’s because I read this right after I finished re reading Twilight so I see more of the comparison but I still. At first it was funny but then I got annoyed about how unoriginal it is. It’s bad. While reading this book I had this thought which was how come people make a bigger deal about this book then they did Twilight? It’s basically like this Twilight takes place in a fictional world while Fifty Shades takes place in the real world. Twilight has vampires and werewolves and it can be as stupid as it wants to be and that’s okay because it’s fictional world. Fifty Shades on the other takes place in the real world and when it does stupid shit, it offends real people.

With Twilight you can’t offend vampires they aren’t real but Fifty Shades makes BDSM look terrible and bad and the thing is BDSM is real and people do it. E.L. James makes BDSM look abusive which according to the research I did on BDSM it isn’t. In real life if you do BDSM both parties are into it and they probably aren’t going it because they have mom issues, they are most likely doing it because they want to get off. Ana isn’t into anything that happens in this book, I mean she gives consent which matters but she is only into Christian. Also you cannot force what you are into onto anyone. Just saying. There are also some lines where there is slut shaming, homophobia, and it sort of felt at moments it tried to erase asexuality. That may have just been me but at some moments it sure felt like that.

Let’s talk about the characters for a second. Ana is basically a fourteen year old girl. She acts younger then she really is. I’m not kidding. She is basically a teenage girl dreaming about getting fucked by a guy. How am I supposed to believe that she is 21? There is one scene where she is talking about how she has never gotten drunk before and the statement is the thing I have a problem with as some people don’t like drinking or don’t drink at all but the way it’s write makes it seem like Ana is a young girl under the drinking age going out with her much older friends. She acts like a teenager in her first relationship for the first half of the book. It’s so annoying. Ana is also really judgmental about the people in her life like when she sees her friend dancing with a guy she just met and she starts thinking about how Kate barely knows him and how she needs to go tell her to be safe and that she is stupid because she is going to get her heart broken. Her friend is a grown woman who can take care of herself and she allowed to do whatever she wants. She is even judgmental towards her mom at some points and it’s just rude.

I also had a hard time believing that she was an English Major or that she was smart as she knows she has the interview but she just doesn’t do anything research. We don’t know when Kate got sick or when she asked Ana to do the interview but still I imagine at some point she has time to look up who the hell she is interviewing. She uses the word subconscious incorrectly like she uses to talk about this voice in her mind that sort slut shames her or tells her the things that Christian does isn’t cool. That’s not what subconscious means!!!

“My subconscious is furious, medusa-like in her anger, hair flying, her hands clenched around her face like Edvard Munch’s Scream.”

A lot of the reasons I hate Ana is because of the writing, mainly the writing is why she is such an awful character. Let me just tell you though I wanted to punch her in the face because she is just the worse. She knows everything that Christian is doing is stalkery and creepy and she just brushes it because he is hot. You are probably thinking that I’m just overreacting but I’m not. It’s a thing. She also gets mad at him a lot and just continually goes along with him and she is so annoying! Ana is also turned on by almost anything Christian does. They touch fingers at one point and she acts like she just had an orgasm. There is a scene where she uses his toothbrush and she talks about how she feels naughty and how she loves how the brussels feel against her teeth and I’m just sitting here reading this thinking about HOW PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK AND FIND IT HOT!!!

Christian is mainly the worst part of the book, I mean the writing is also really bad. He is so abusive and controlling and I hate him so much. He completely ignores what Ana wants. He buys her things that she doesn’t even want them and his reason for doing so is simply because he can even though really he is just trying to use his money to win her over. The book tries to give him this hard back story so that the reason is like this makes it okay but it doesn’t. Yes what happened to him is terrible but it doesn’t make up for what he is doing. He also barely has understand of what BDSM is like which is mainly the authors fault for just going off a small summary of what BDSM is. He is such an ass. I wanted to kill him. At least Edward was sarcastic. All Christian does is tell Ana what to do and gets upset when she doesn’t listen to him even though she hasn’t even signed that stupid contract yet so she doesn’t have to do anything that he tells her to do. *ahhhhhh

Let’s talk about the writing because it is where the book gets most of it’s flaws from. Sometimes when a book has something wrong with it, I can look over it because of either other characters or if the writing is good but Fifty Shades of Grey did not have good background characters or good writing. OR A PLOT! It’s just them having poorly written sex. And this book is like 500 pages long. Nothing happens in those 500 pages and the writing so super bad. The book repeats a lot of sentences and phrases even though it doesn’t need to. DO you know many times I read Ana say either Oh my, Control Freak, and that was so hot. There is one line where it says that Christian’s pants are hanging off his hips ‘in that way’….. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? There is also a lot of details given that aren’t need such as the fact that Christian has long fingers which you probably think ‘Um.. okay that’s just a character description authors do that all the time’ and yes they do but do they say this almost every other page???? Because this book does!!! Other details that aren’t need are Interstate Five which is mention more then once. The book tries to be sexy but that doesn’t happen as from terrible lines such as this one.

“I want you to become well acquainted, on first name terms if you will, with my favorite and well cherished part of the body. I’m very attached to it.”

I started laughing so hard when I read that line that my sister had to ask me what was wrong. There is another thing that bother which is the fact that Christian’s mother is happy to figure out that he isn’t gay…… which just adds to the fact that I already thought this book was homophobic. The Are you Gay question was already bad enough but EL James had to go a head and make this book more homophobic then it needs to be. Homosexuality isn’t a joke for something for you to make fun and fuck you for thinking that was funny. Just to add on the terribleness that was the book, Christian doesn’t let Ana pay for things then because he is the man and the man has to do these things and when she tries he excuses of robbing him of his masculinity……. I HATE THIS BOOK!!!

Let’s just talk about it the relationship in the book, it’s not healthy and it is super abusive. He tells her want to do, he controls her life even before they got together, he makes her feel bad for stuff that isn’t even her fault. To the people who will reply that it’s just BDSM well you are wrong as Ana isn’t into it, she is into him which is different. He puts her though so much pain and she isn’t into it, she just wants to have sex with him. That is not okay. I HATE THIS BOOK!!! WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT! This book is terrible. It is so terrible that I can’t find the words to describe how bad it. Honestly one of my worst fears is that someone young will read this book and believe that this relationship is healthy. Have you guys read this book? If you have what did you think? Did you like it? I hope you guys liked because I thought it was great. I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to look out for more coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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– Oh boy

– Bella?

– Pretty sure she didn’t decided this but okay

– As tribute?

– oh poor you! you have to drive!

– Like a chicken coup?

– Rosalie?

– Wow such important information

– Do you hate her? Do you love her? I can’t tell

– What a jump… a really weird jump to the next scene

– How is that funny?

– She went from funny to sad in like two seconds… girl needs to learn how to make fun of herself better

– You could have just asked

– Is this supposed to be funny?



– Edward?

– I know this is a real thing that people say but it does not fit here

– I think he is mocking you but okay

– Didn’t you try to do some research?

– Okay book you can’t just say that this girl is shy and then have you sassing this guy just like that

– Girl you have no idea

– Kinky

– Has he been doing that the whole time and the book just never mention it?

– Kinky

– I don’t know anything about business but I don’t believe any of this

– Kinky

– Are you like a sixty year old man? What is with that reaction?

– Again hard to believe this

– Is he smiling? Could we not just say that?

– Then are they really your friends?

– Girl you could have said no


– so he smiles but it’s not a real smile????

– Aren’t you supposed to be smart? Doing research on anything is like a basic thing to do and as an english major you should know this

– Again you can stop yourself from saying this shit! Also is this supposed to be funny?

– Has no one said your name before?

– Did she not say that already?

– You never have to do anything you don’t want to do

– I really want to react to this line because it’s really dumb but I can’t

-Again you could have said no!

– You did that before?

– What does this book have against blondes?

– There wasn’t even any humor here before

– Okay you are both lying! That was the most awkward thing I have ever read

– Dude she was being sarcastic 

– Literally all she talks about is how uncomfortable he makes her feel weak and uncomfortable how is this a good relationship??

– Did she just orgasm at their fingers touching?

– Because nothing says sexy like exchanging names

– Did it just start raining or was it raining the whole time?

– Honey you just met, all he did was talk down to you, and make you feel uncomfortable that is not love!

– Again weird jump to the next and a little unneeded

– If he makes you feel this way THEN WHY DO YOU DATE HIM????

– Yes focus on the negatives


– Okay this is the second time you’ve mentioned this interstate and I’m beginning to think it’s a secondary character

– Girl you are driving!

– Focusing on driving! You know what I don’t care 

– Because he is 107 years old… wait this isn’t twilight?

– Interstate 5 is my favorite character

– I thought freshmen had to live in dorms? Did she know Rosalie I mean Kate before she went to college?

– Okay who saves pajamas for just certain parts of their life? I would wear these pajamas all the time!

– This is a weird friendship


– 107 years old
– Something tells me he’s been 27 for a while….

– Weird jump: a trilogy

-You know who else worked at a hardware store??? Bella Swan

– Weird scene jumping: jump strikes back

– Who the hell talks like this!!!

– Weird scene jumping 5: jumping back into actions

– Seriously? Not it’s not that hard

– Your heart races a lot you should go to a doctor

– She isn’t even pretending like this girl isn’t Bella

– Because you know as women we see one good looking man and suddenly bam we’re in love!

– My eyes hurt from rolling them so much

– *cough* homophobic *cough*

– Another weird jump…. great

– That was the first night I dreamed about Edward Cullen I mean Christian Grey

– Can there just be a smoother way of opening a new scene???

– Renee? Also is she shaming her own mother?

– You got that from I’m fine!

– Charlie?

– I hate the fucking scene jumping just start started a new chapter

– Jacob?

– The writing is so bad

– This is so problematic I can’t

-Even though I hate her I can relate to this sentence

– You keep using this word and I don’t think you’re using it right

– Sure Jan

– I hate this book and I’m only on the second chapter

– Sure Jan

– Because the book can’t just say Christian Grey smiled


– I mean he is clearly stalking you but okay

– Okay……

– Because he is stalking you

– Again with that word!

– Is this some kinky foreshadowing thing?

– This is a normal question but she is acting like she just told him her deepest secret

– Trust me you’re not funny AT ALL

– The author write like one so it fits

– Weird description

-Why does always introduce her best friend like a million times?

– What’s a lost look?

– Mike Newton?

– Is everyone possessive about this girl?

– She finds the weirdest things attractive

– Pretends to be shocked

– Yes because he is stalking her!

– Unlike you she did her research

– No means no

– How is that sexy?

– I don’t know! How are you into this?

– Well that’s one way to describe a sex dream

– Yay weird details I don’t care about

– Someone is extra

– Seriously?

– Really? It’s not think you haven’t said that a million times!

– Is this into hands?

– I do not understand this friendship

– Jacob….. Edward

– Because that’s nice

– No means no!

– George Takei

– Girl you were shipping this like a couple pages ago

– Yes you don’t support the relationship because you think she should stay human… wait this isn’t Twilight?

– The writing is so bad

– I mean no one says you have to get coffee

– How did they met? Because she said that they had been living in that apartment for all four years and normally freshman live in dorms? I’m so confused

– I don’t believe that

– Why would you think that?

– I mean same though

– Smooth

– What’s with this girl and fingers?

– No she shouldn’t 

– Because he can’t read her mind…. yes I know this isn’t Twilight but come on!

– We have ready talked about this

– She is really judgmental

– How is this supposed to be funny?

– I honestly can’t tell if she likes her mother 

– *cough* Carlisle and Esme *cough*

– *cough* Emmett and Alice *cough*

– Again with the smiling

– What?


– Just because he doesn’t have a girlfriend doesn’t mean he is gay

– How did you get over here so fast? I mean was that some version of the car stopping scene from Twilight???

– You shouldn’t be my friend omg this is so Twilight I can’t!

– It was an adrenaline rush you can Google it

– Sure

– He wanted to turn her into a vampire Rosalie!

– Do you ship them? You were telling her not to see him and now you’re like he likes you? Stop flip flopping!

– what

– I mean this is a weird way of describing dreams! Am I the only who feels this way? Is it just me?

– she acts younger than she is

– Thank you for repeating that

– Really? Because at some points it doesn’t seem like that

– Good point

– You’ve said that so many times

– Did we just have a scene where she goes to the bathroom??

– I hate you

– What

– If she said No Way Jose that would have made the whole book

– Girl you haven’t done anything wrong

– Emmett!!

– It’s so hard for me to like this character

– What

– No! I did not sign up for slut shaming

– What way?

– There is so many things wrong with this sentence but most importantly I don’t think that means what you think it means

-That doesn’t mean it’s okay

– What if I’m the bad guy?

– Stop treating her like a two year old

– She isn’t your property

– Kinky

– No

– Omg no!

– Please don’t make me read about this girl masturbate

– You are such a shitty friend

– I think she was you ass!

– Can you just be original for two seconds?

– You don’t need to know!

– Obviously it just said it in the line before

– Jesus Christ

– I hate the writing

– Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

– You are so stupid

– Didn’t you already say this line?

– Sure

– Yeah that’s your name

– Emmett

– Jesus Christ

– Yes thanks for that information

– Yeah what

– Stupid

– He is trying to be nice

– Hahahaha how is this supposed to be cute?

– You are so stupid

– Sure

– Okay book let me give you a lesson. According to the internet he can’t do this. A dominant can’t just chase after someone and make them a submissive, That is a wrong. Also a submissive has to be into BDSM which she is not

– They are the same person

Shut up

– I have a hard time believing any of this

– Okay she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to

– *looks up like jim from the office*

– You are such an ass

– Good question

– oh come on

– Dude

– she is not into it!

– I laughed so hard I started crying

– Of course she has my name

– You are the worse

– Dude she is not hungry

– I hate you

– I know the fact that he was abused is supposed to make him look better but it doesn’t excuse his behavior

– If he forces her to eat one more time…

– Insert Twilight joke I’m too lazy to write

– She is making it sound like Ana is special

– Really?

– Tone? Dude this is an email

– What

– Jasper

– No

– Interstate 5

– Omg Carlisle

– Alice

– Thank you for repeating that for 100th time

– This is not romantic

– No

– Really? Mom if you’re reading this please be nothing like the mom in this book


– No he doesn’t

– Ummm okay

– Stop

– You aren’t asked

– Yeah thank goodness


Grace’s Reaction to Love, Simon Trailer!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about my thoughts and feelings about the Love, Simon trailer!

*warning! I talk about both the trailer and the book so spoilers

So it’s out in the world and I have a lot of things on it! I have never done one of these before and I probably won’t do it again as I don’t really watch trailers anymore. Trailers give me anxiety about movies I’m really excited for and I get really scared and I like about them until I get really bad aches. There have been a lot of Books to Movie Adaptation in the works this year and I’m excited for a lot of them including this one but I watched the trailer because I wanted to even though I knew I shouldn’t and now I have a lot of anxiety!

Let’s just start with the whole trailer in general. Well it’s a good first trailer, it gives you a feel for the characters and the story without giving you a lot of information on them. Literally the only thing that you really learn about anyone is that Simon is gay and he is in high school that it’s! Which is good. You can’t give away the plot in the whole trailer or then no one is going to go see it and it’s also trailer #1 so when more trailers come out we will probably get more and I need more! I thought the straight people coming out scene was funny with their parent’s reaction. I’m guessing that’s like a fantasy scene in Simon’s mind. There is also like a clip of Simon almost kissing someone under the mistletoe and is that a fantasy thing too? Or is that something that is happening? I’m confused! And that’s thing with this trailer, it has confused me!

I mean I did like it and I’m excited about the movie but it has confused me to the point where I had to write a blog post about it! We see Simon looking at Bram and then Bram is kissing someone and he seems upset about it. What was that? I’ve checked like five times on IMBD and it says that it is Bram so like what the fuck is happening!! I know it’s just a trailer and it’s hasn’t given us a lot to go on but if we are following the plot of the movie then you might what to be a little better at keeping secrets!

I probably just need to calm down and wait for the next trailer. Becky Albertalli if you are reading can you tweet me everything is going to be okay. In fact can everyone just tweet me everything is going to be okay. This is a short post but it was never going to be long in the first so. I hope you enjoyed this really random post and make sure to look out for different and a little more sane posts coming your way soon. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Marvel Avengers Book Tag!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m doing the Marvel Avengers Book Tag!


I didn’t create this tag and I don’t know who did but I love Marvel and Superheroes and books so I wanted to do this.

Iron Man


Your Favorite First Book

I love Iron Man but I watched the movies in the wrong order. My parents showed the first movie to my sisters and then they showed all three of us the second one and then we all went in saw the third one and I’d saw all the other Avengers movies. I finally watched it pretty recently and I did like it. First books in series aren’t always going to be the first because they are opening up the universe and the new world we are about to explore so they take time but their are some good ones. I’m going to pick Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.


This book is just great!! I loved this book so much more than City of Bones and Clockwork Angel. I have a review on how I feel about it here. Lord of Shadow is about to come out as I’m writing and it’s probably already out when this post comes into the world! I’m so excited!! Another good first book is Alice in Zombieland. Damn that was the best one in the series.

Captain America


A Book that takes place in a different time

Captain America is my favorite. I love him so much! Chris Evans is just so gorgeous and I love him as the role of Steve Rogers. I don’t read a lot of books that take place in a different time period. I don’t know why, I don’t know why I just don’t find a lot of them or know of any of them so it’s not something that I read a lot of right next to science fiction. I have read Outlander, the Infernal Devices, and technically Harry Potter takes place in a different time. I think I’m going to pick Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson.


This book if you couldn’t guess is about the yellow fever and it follows a girl named Mattie and her life during the time of this and how she deals with it. It’s a really great book and I love it and I love Laurie Halse Anderson, her books are like damn! I would recommend this book to everyone because it’s so good.



A book character that you like more after they were casted

I love Thor and I love Chris Hemsworth. I didn’t really want to see this movie at first but then my family was like it’s so good and I’ve come to adore Thor and all the characters and Loki and these movies! Whose excited about Thor: Ragnarok? I AM!!! It took me awhile for me to decide what to pick for this question but I finally realized that my answer is Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy.


Draco Malfoy is terrible character well the choices he makes are terrible. He is a good boy that was forced into a life that he didn’t want. Now if I had read the books first then he would have just thought he was a spoiled brat but watching Tom Felton bring this character to the screen helped me understand what he was going through this and he made me love him more.



A book that you love but isn’t really a popular read for others

I love Hawkeye. I was so scared that he was going to die in Age of Ultron because they introduce as to his family and when his wife was like be safe and I was shit he is going to die but he didn’t! I’m going to pick to Sherlock inspire stories that I love and I couldn’t decide which one I should do so I’m going Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty and the Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason!


They are so amazing and so wonderful and I love them so much. I have review for both Lock and Mori books here and here and I have reviews for Stoker and Holmes here and here. If you haven’t read these books yet then go read them because they are so amazing and wonderful and I need the final books right now because I need to know what happens!!

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch


A Book with a Sibling Duo

Okay so is Quicksilver coming back for Infinity Wars because I kept seeing stuff saying that he still is alive and is returning? Can someone just clear this up for me? Thanks. I don’t know who else there is to pick besides Fred and George from Harry Potter.

fred and george.jpg

I love them so much and they are just so amazing and the death in Deathly Hallows breaks my heart and AHHHHHHHHH!



A villain that you love and you can’t help but be attracted to

I love Loki. I love him so much. I’m so excited Thor 3 because I know what the title means and the trailers look great. I’m having a hard time picking this one because I can’t be a attracted to a lot of villains because they do such horrible things. I’m gonna go with Hideo from Warcross by Marie Lu.


I don’t know if he counts as villain but his motivation at the end of Warcross can be called villainy. I don’t know. I don’t feel attracted to any book villains right now. Because like I said before so many villains do terrible things and I stop loving them after that. Like Tate from American Horror Story, everyone loves him but he’s done such terrible things that I don’t like him.



A Book I’ve been meaning to read

Like every book in the world I feel like. I do have answer for this and it’s pretty shameful and the books I’ve been meaning to read are Six of Crows and Shadows and Bone! I’m sorry! I’ve been meaning to read them and every time I get them I just start reading them and then I give up on them. I plan on reading them soon but I’ve been saying that for awhile now.

The Hulk


A Book you can’t talk about without getting angry



DISHONORABLE MENTION: 13 REASONS WHY! I hate these books so much and I get so mad every time I talk about them. Same for 13 Reasons Why.

Black Widow

black widow.jpg

A Side Character that You wished had their own Book

I mean I wish I got a whole series about Harry Potter’s parent when they were at Hogwarts but everyone wants that so. How about Dorian? Because Chaol got a whole book about him so why I get he get one? I love Dorian he’s my favorite! I guess so many people wouldn’t like that because I feel like everyone loves Chaol and I don’t really like him that much.

And that was the Avengers book tag! I tag you guys to do this if you want to! More reviews and other fun things are coming out soon so look out for that! You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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Let’s talk about the Wayward Sisters!

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about my concerns for the Supernatural spin off, the Wayward Sisters! *this is going to give me much hate but let’s just do it


Supernatural is a show that is has been on since 2005, has twelve seasons, is very popular, and is one of my favorite moments so the fact that it is getting a spin off should not come as a surprise. A spin off was going to happen and it was going to be called Bloodlines. They filmed a backdoor pilot episode but it didn’t work out in the end. Fans have been asking for a show about these girls Alex, Clarie, and Jody since they were all showed living together and a little before that. I wanted one and now we are getting one which is giving mixed emotions.

I am excited for this because I love these characters and I show about them could be great but here’s the two problems I have with it which is the writers, the network, and the Supernatural fandom. I’m going to tell you a story about a wonderful and fantastic show called Class I have a review for it here. Class is a story with a lot of diversity, great characters, a fantastic storyline, and was created by the great Patrick Ness. It was amazing and it was a spin off to Doctor Who a very popular show. Unfortunately Class did get treated well. By the Network and by the Doctor Who fandom as the network wouldn’t advertisement and the Doctor Who fandom wouldn’t watch it because it wasn’t Doctor Who. I’m telling you all this because I’m scared that the same thing will happen to this show as one CW isn’t the best network.

I’m scared that it won’t treat it fairly because it won’t be like Riverdale or Supernatural or it will expect higher views. And I say probably expect higher views is because I scared that the Supernatural fandom will treat it like because I’m sorry the Supernatural fandom is toxic and sexist to basically a lot of the female characters. Being a toxic fandom is common in very big popular fandoms but Supernatural us a very mean group of fans. They are sexist to any female characters and so are the writers and they are mainly mean to them because they don’t want them to have any chances of screwing Destiel. Guys you need to chill!!!! Give these characters a chance and the writers of Supernatural aren’t better and I don’t really want them writing this show. They’ll mess up it and we won’t get a good show.

That’s all I have to say but moral of the story is: let’s treat this show right, give it a chance, and just chill for millisecond. Are you guys excited for this show? Are you guys going to watch the show? And are you going to watch all the episodes and not just the ones with the Supernatural boys? Let me know! I’ll probably watch them if I have time. But right now I’m mad about Supernatural right now. I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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13 Reasons Why TV SHOW review / Rant | Epic Adaptations

Greetings Earthlings! Today I’m talking about the hit Netflix tv show based off the book by Jay Asher which is my July book of the month!


If you don’t know, I’m doing a book club called Epic Adaptations where every month I pick a book that has a movie adaptation and I review both the adaptation and the book. If you want to know more about it then click out this post here and if you want to read about my thoughts on the book then click here to check that out. If you like 13 Reasons Why then you shouldn’t read this review because you probably won’t like it.

So if you remembered from my review of the book then you should know that I don’t really like 13 Reasons Why the book and if you want to know then go read read my review of the book. I wasn’t looking forward to this show even before I re read the book, I still wasn’t looking forward to this show. Then it dropped and it trended on Tumblr for like a week and I went to school and everyone was talking about it. It was the new thing. I tired to give it a shot and I got like two minutes in and then I stopped because I didn’t like it. It just wasn’t close to the book in anyway. Now that I have re read the book and I’m doing this so I have watched the show and I don’t like it either. It just wasn’t good. I only really liked Clay and hell sometimes I didn’t even really like him at some points.

I can’t do a non spoiler part because I just have to rant about everything so if you haven’t watched this you have to leave because I’m going to spoil you in this.



OKAY! So where the hell do I began? The first episode was good which surprised. It was pretty close to book besides some thing like making Hannah and Clay friends and giving more flashbacks and I didn’t hate it. Liked that it made them friends because I thought it would have been better for their relationship. I’m thinking my rating will be like a high 90% but then episode to rolled around and my rating and my liking dropped. It dropped like every episode.

Okay that’s start with the fact that Tony is like Hannah Baker’s freaking secret agent. He was being really weird and mysterious and it was annoying as hell. I didn’t like his character. His only purpose in the book was for Clay to steal the walkman from him which Clay does in the show but then Tony just shows up everywhere like some old guy that appears in fantasy movies to give warnings and inspirational messages and I found it so weird! I didn’t really like his character because for one like I said before he was weird and one that’s literally all he is around for. His character is only for being that and that’s it nothing else so you don’t get to learn anything about him that would make him interesting. Guess the fact that he’s a secret agent is what makes him an interesting character but I didn’t it like that.

Another thing I didn’t like which was something I was half way looking forward to was us getting a closer look at all the characters. We never met any other characters besides Clay and Hannah in the book of 13 Reasons Why so when I watched Christine’s review of the show she said that we get a closer look at the characters who have tapes and Hannah’s parents. The other characters that have tapes in this story suck. They aren’t great people and they for the first couple episodes they are going after Clay because they don’t want the tapes to go to Bryce who raped Hannah and is the worst out of all them. I’m like why you guys all still friends? You know what he did what the fuck are you guys doing? None of them are interesting and the story is trying to get me to connect with them but I can’t. We one don’t know a lot about them or see them in any scene where they are doing something good. I liked Hannah’s parents because they are going through something that is hard to go through and it’s probably the only thing that is shown well on this show.

Can we talk about the weird dream sequence with Hannah’s mom killing Clay? What was that? I mean I would understand why he would have that if he had listen to his tape and then had met up with Hannah’s mom and had that dream I would understand but he didn’t so what was the point. Also if you are going to make Clay and Hannah closer then they were in the book why is Clay saying that they weren’t close! What was that! They are clearly friends! Also can we talked about the fact that Hannah doesn’t even die the same way! In this she gets in the bath and cuts her wrist but in the book she takes pills. Why did we need to make this change? To make it more dramatic because that doesn’t look go on Netflix or the people who run the show. You literally changed her death to make it more dramatic.

Also they shouldn’t have add the suicide or the rape scenes to the show because it can trigger people and they knew. The people went to therapist and specialist to figure out how they should do these scenes and they were told not to do it because people would be triggered and they completely ignored that! The message is still the same for this show from the book which is that love can heal depression which I don’t agree and they have this whole thing were Clay feels guilty about Hannah because she said that he could have saved her if he loved her. I have two reaction for this which is no not true she has no right to tell him this because it’s not true. It doesn’t work like that. And two this boy cared about you so much. Yes he could have been a better friend at some points but he loved her. THIS SHOW MAKES ME SO MAD! I need to stop. Okay we were done! This show started out really well but with every episode I liked less and it got less accurate.

Accuracy: 43%

The character names were right, the people on the tapes were right but I didn’t remember Justin being on there twice. It wasn’t that close to the book and I won’t be watching it again. I didn’t have a fun time watching this. It was boring it has the same messages as the book which I didn’t like and the show runners did somethings that I didn’t agree with which is why I’m giving it a D.

Rating: D for being really boring

I’m not giving it an F because I do think that the acting is great and I did enjoy that first episode so I don’t think can give it an F. I didn’t enjoy it and I wouldn’t watch it again because it felt longer then 13 freaking episodes! Also WHY IS THERE TO BE A SEASON TWO! WE DON’T NEED A SEASON TWO! *sighs to calm down Okay I’m done. For now at least. I’m not going to watch season two because it probably has nothing to do with the book and can we talk about how weird it is that Netflix renewed this but canceled Girl Boss, Sense 8, and the Get Down. What the hell? I have a poll on Twitter to decide what book I should read next for Epic Adaptations so if you could please check that out.


Right now it’s between The Handmaid’s Tale and Still Star-Crossed and I can’t decide so please help! I don’t know what post is coming up next but look out for it. I’m so glad I’m done reviewing this show. Have you guys watched this show? What did you think of it? Did you like or did you hate it? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to look out for more coming your way. You should follow my book club here and other social media links. I posted rants like this once a week every week. Look out for more reviews and other random posts. Like, Comment, and follow for more rants like these! Also make sure to follow my social media links.

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